2 months & 10 million COVID-19 cases but love is in the air. The pathogens will not win. An FPMag solidarity feature.

The score for human solidarity versus the SARS2 virus is not good for the humans. The despicable sack-of-RNA is winning.

In two months there have been ten million new cases of the pandemic disease COVID-19 and six hundred and thirty six known reported deaths translating to at least a million deaths counting those that were never marked as COVID-19 because the deceased never saw a doctor.

The number of extraordinary deaths above normal around the world is alarming. In a year or so when the day comes that the world learns the full extent of destruction of this current pandemic, it will be a gobsmacker of a day.

A solidarity feature by Sharon SantiagoMelissa Hemingway, Rosa Yamamoto, and Micheal John

Unemployment around the world has reached epic proportions say the experts. The numbers are so high they have lost meaning but they point to a need for human innovation at the base of communities. It’s happening with new products, new shapes, new shades, new sounds in a new creative world where people in solidarity have bean given the time to think, and to love, more.

But regional conflicts range from warship stand-offs in the South China Sea to skirmishes at nuclear facilities in Iran.

Civil unrest has led to riots all over the world with a strong focus on banning racial segregation and discrimination. There has been a powerful drift toward improving the human condition. Change is in the wind and the air is cleaner.

But the world has lost many of its wisest community members, our seniors. Perhaps it is time that the youth has their time to shine.

Welcome Home

As an angel, John Lewis, got his wings, 5,000 sailors from San Diego are rebuilding their loving families after six eventful months at sea.

During that deployment a global pandemic by a ferocious coronavirus slammed a Nimitz class aircraft carrier infecting over 1000 of her sailors and specialists.

America’s future once again lies on the shoulders of a few. But let’s face it, if these are the few, then America is on good shoulders. Buck up, USA friends. Fight this virus. Wear your mask.

For Specialist Seaman Shaaoreyiea Brown, hugging Specialist Seaman Kayla Marshall in the bottom right corner of this image below, both sailors from Shreveport, and each assigned to a different vessel, 9 July was a good time for a long overdue reunification.

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Airman Alex Tate, from Harrisville, Tenn., kissing his wife in the montage below, is holding his newborn baby at Naval Air Station North Island on 9 July, 2020, thanks to the U.S. Sailors manning the navigation bridge as the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) arrived at Naval Air Station North Island.

USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to Naval Air Station North Island (San Diego, California), 9 July, after a six-month deployment.

Two eventful months in the SARS2 pandemic of 2020

Photo credits: Petty Officer 3rd Class Zachary Wheeler, Petty Officer 2nd Class Alexander M Corona, White House Photo by Pete Souza, Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag 

Welcome home.The past two months have been an emotional time.

  • Global lockdowns opened up to a skirmish.
  • The death of an epic human rights legend ( Farewell, John Lewis. Thank you, sir, for the good trouble.)
  • The pandemic ordeals of thousands of sailors aboard CVN-71.
  • The reunification of families split by a pandemic. Ten million cases of COVID-19. What next?

Friends have died. The Human Race has lost too much to not need some rethinking on how to build human solidarity.

2 months and 10 million more COVID-19 cases 23 May 2020 to 23 July 2020.
Two months and 10 million more COVID-19 cases
Fred Harris (RINJ Foundation and The Nurses Without Borders)  and Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Combat soldiers wear masks. You? Who is the Wuss? You?

Here is the 1860-N95 which works for street-wear: read  1860S N95 Particulate Respirator Spec Sheet

Here are some pictures taken of some of all of our hero friends by some of all of our hero friends, frontliners all.

Frontliners wear masks. Protect them as they protect you by wearing your mask. Frontliners wear masks. Protect them as they protect you by wearing your mask. (Photo by US Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Luke Wilson) Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine]

The picture and its story: Kuwait, Specialist Zachary Fossum, a military working dog handler with the 16th Military Police Brigade, from Fort Bragg, NC, and Capt. Jon Drake, officer in charge of Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Veterinary Services with the 994th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services Support, assist Maj. Tiffany Kimbrell, a veterinary surgeon with the 994th MDVS, during a video call to Iraq for a virtual check-up, on 15 July, 2020.

This telemedical check-up is the first of its kind for veterinary services between separate bases in a deployed environment opening new windows to better assist deployed personnel.

Stop American children becoming expendable. Await a vaccine.

Back to school choices. The best one is wait for a vaccine. Back to school choices could include waiting for a vaccine in areas where community spread is still an issue. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


A book that compassionately explained why.

A global menace in the White House was the revelation by a sincere niece who had loved in the wake of an uncle’s  troubled childhood. Failure to bond led to psychopathy and brought a liar and a con artist to the leadership of a now failing nation, one with fr too many weapons of mass destruction.

The malignancy of a troubled mind in the US White House is generating a plethora of behavioural antigens that have the world’s leaders tied up in anxious conflicts.

China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, and their allies are teetering on the brink of war with the United States and Britain thanks to the malevolence in the White House. It’s a problem that must end soon.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Book Release 14 July: “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”

“Child abuse is, in some sense, the expectation of ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’,” writes Dr. Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and the daughter of Donald Trump’s now deceased but alienated in life time Brother. “Donald directly experienced the ‘not enough’ in the loss of connection to his mother at a crucial development stage.

“… Having been abandoned by his mother for at least a year, and having his father fail not only to meet his needs but to make him feel safe or loved, valued or mirrored, Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life.

“The personality traits that resulted – displays of narcissism, bullying, grandiosity – finally made my grandfather take notice but not in a way that ameliorated any of the horror that had come before.”

Mary Trump’s book is Available from Amazon Books

Donald Trump is edging daily toward world war. If he cannot be leader of the free world there will be no more world?

Some pundits suggest Donald Trump may refuse to leave the White House if he should lose the 3 November election. Others think he will start a war and postpone the election.



The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Groups are conducting dual carrier operations on the South China Sea, 6 July 2020. China has warned U.S.A. not to conduct any further military escalation. Both sides have escalated and are headed toward war. The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Groups are conducting dual carrier operations on the South China Sea, 6 July 2020. China has warned U.S.A. not to conduct any further military escalation. Both sides have escalated and are headed toward war. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Cody Beam) Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The picture and its story. As a teaching nurse at St. Louis University in the Philippines puts it, “from Santiago Island looking out to the Paracels, one might wonder what there is to fight about. The sea has become somewhat polluted and while there may be oil and gas underneath, who needs it? Burning fossil fuel is ruining the Earth, creating an imbalance that is killing species that only leave behind their monstrous virus loads mankind has no idea how to manage.”

Collective leadership replaced with central authority. Representing 55 minority groups in one country called China. Collective leadership replaced with central authority. Photo Credit: Xinhua.

Imagine China’s frustration being accused of doing exactly what the United States has been doing for years, spying on everyone and interfering in every nation’s affairs.

The two toughest months for humanity from a Feminine-perspective


Great news! Twenty Two Women Leaders and Three Male Leaders are the best and the brightest in the world, fighting the pandemic in solidarity with any nation that joins them.

These are extraordinary times because in actual fact, the world has never had such amazing leaders before. Yes, there are some horrid patriarchal governments led by men with no conscience, no empathy and moreover they embrace crime a violate the human condition in every possible way. But given the courage of conviction of the women who have stood up to these evil monsters, the future is not hard to see with the extraordinary change that has begun.

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany)
  • President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia)
  • President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina)
  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed (Bangledesh)
  • President Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania)
  • Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • President Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)
  • President Atifete Jahjaga (Kosovo)
  • Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Denmark)
  • Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (Jamaica)
  • President Moon Jae-in (South Korea)
  • Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek (Slovenia)
  • Prime Minister Sibel Siber (Cyprus (North))
  • Prime Minister Aminata Touré (Senegal)
  • Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Norway)
  • Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma (Latvia)
  • President Catherine Samba-Panza (Central African Republic)
  • President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (Malta)
  • Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz (Poland)
  • President Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan)
  • de facto President Carrie Lam (Hong Long)
  • Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand)
  • President Halimah Yacob (Singapore)

Regional Leaders Who may become the USA Vice President.

FPM.news has no favorite, and no inside track, but picked three extraordinary women in the news over the past few days for bad or good. Each woman is an extraordinary leader and more than that, their names our children will all come to know in the years ahead. This is important.


A change has begun and the “Tide Is Turning”


Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Detroit Michigan gets a visit from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist

The photo and its story: Detroit Michigan gets a visit from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist. Official Photograph. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

A breath of fresh air yes, but her amazing calm may lead a nation by example.

Gretchen Esther Whitmer, the 49th governor of Michigan. Possible Democratic Party Vice-Presidential Candidate under violent attack by Trump

An able captain in a perfect storm: Jacinda Ardern levels SARS2 at least once in the past two months.

Beat the virus. It can be done.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine


SARS2 took our oldest seniors & the death rate appears to slow. Very few of the older seniors are left alive.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Brazilia Fall 2019 A strong and stable relationship between China and Russia is based on pragmatic ideals and may be a beacon to the world.
Perhaps countries having between them nothing but racism and emotion should not be wasting their time with business relationships and trade deals until they resolve festering hatreds derived from bad leadership that caters not to the people of their country but to tirading billionaires seeking conflict in which to sell weapons. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru

Wash your hands. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway. Wash your hands, wear a mask and stay home.