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Staff Writer and Asia Pacific Editor. A medical practitioner specialized in treating GBV patients.

Behar Abbasi

Behar Abbasi was born in Nineveh, Iraq and graduated from Mosul University in 2013 at the age of 29 with a Masters Degree in Medical Science (Nursing).
She has worked in Aleppo Syria as a surgical nurse trainee and later as a Registered Surgical Nurse.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Severe malnutrition in Yemen is the hallmark of American sanctions in many countries.
Behar Abbasi

In 2014 Behar returned to Mosul and took her ACLS course and at the same time Joined the RINJ Foundation working part-time at a women’s clinic, mostly working as a midwife but also learning and practicing as an STI nurse.

It wasn’t until 2018 after taking an advanced course in English that she tackled the job of writing articles for Feminine Perspective.


In her own words:

What is most important to me today is finding peace and safety for women, children and their families in Yemen.


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