When leaders failed us & lie 5.6 percent of COVID cases die

CDC Says America to expect 20,000 more deaths in the next 21 days.

FPMag asked epidemiology researcher and computer scientist Fred Harris to explain what the recent CDC estimates mean. Mr. Harris leads a team in preparing the foremost COVID-19 data report in the world.

“The CDC is predicting 20,000 additional deaths in the next three weeks. That number is low for sure. It is this simple. There are roughly 1.2 million American unresolved cases of COVID-19 in the United States. These are cases where the patient has not died and has not recovered. The current death rate of confirmed cases is 5.6% hence there will be 67,200 deaths from the current cases. With a rate of infection at 21,000 per day on average, and that could change either way, there will be another 1,120 deaths per day once those cases have matured to about 28 days. That’s the statistical reality of this disease.” said Mr. Harris.

CDC Offers Considerations for Events and Gatherings.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Considerations for Events and Gatherings. Photo Credit: Twitter Video Capture. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Signing a waver is not enough. Follow these globally accepted precautions against coronavirus adopted by the CDC and the WHO.

As the United States heads into a large political weekend Feminine-Perspective Magazine shares reasons why everyone, that’s every person on Earth, must

  1. wash their hands before and after touching anything,
  2. don’t touch their face without cleaning hands first,
  3. wear an N95 mask if available especially for vulnerable members of the population or at least a three-layer cloth mask, and
  4. maintain social distancing of two meters or more.

Wash your hands says the CDC

Wash your hands.

Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway
Washing hands can keep you healthy and prevent the spread of respiratory infections from one person to the next. According to the CDC: 
Germs can spread from other people or surfaces when you:
Touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
Prepare or eat food and drinks with unwashed hands
Touch a contaminated surface or objects
Blow your nose, cough, or sneeze into hands and then touch other people’s hands or common objects

Video: The World Health Organization Advice on Wearings Masks

Video: Here is how to wear an N95 (Medical) Mask

Look at what has been happening in the United States. It may be the worst public health disaster in world history.

U.S.A. (pop. 332,803,287)

  • CoV19 Reported Cases: 88,626,717
  • Current Reported Deaths:(CFR: 1.18%): 1,035,598 CSPaC.net estimated actual: 1,306,663
  • Cured: 84,708,599
  • Beta experimental: All time reported + unreported asymptomatic people maybe not sick, not immune, but possibly infectious and including the many people who have had several mild or asymptomatic infections: 483,949,290.02
  • 145.42% of the USA may have been infected or even reinfected including reported + estimated unreported mild and estimated asymptomatic (483,949,290.02) human infections, some of which may not have been ill in their first course of the disease, but could have spread the disease.
  • 1.18% is USA current Case Fatality Rate (CFR) &
  • 0.27% is estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
  • 1,306,663 estimated total COVID-19 deaths including unreported likely-cause excess deaths. According to projections of IHME, IHME calculation of excess deaths is slightly higher than what CSPaC is estimating.
Rest of the world excluding USA.
  • CoV19 Cases: 461,702,585
  • Deaths: 5,337,963 | 1.16%
  • Cured: 442,817,813
  • Reported + estimated all unreported 3,043,321,040

Note: Total statistics for the United States do not include these offshore territories. The US Military is included as if it is an offshore territory, not reported as continental USA data but as USA overall totals and included in world totals. FPMag evaluates these separately for many reasons.

Continental US87,513,4341,035,598 | 1.18%83,996,871
+US Military661,831688 | 0.1%628,967
+Guam51,588371 | 0.7%50,622
+Puerto Rico 360,8134,544 | 1.26%329,886
+US Virgin Islands20,878118 | 0.6%20,550
+Northern Mariana Islands11,75935 | 0.3%11,589
+American Samoa6,41431 | 0.5%5,958

The American Epicenter including ALL Territories has 17.51 % of global 'active' cases (2,876,764 USA (incl territories) / 16,429,329 Global), people infected with COVID-19 now.

Abundant proof that vaccines are working, an observation derived from unrelated data analysis.

As the epicenter we look at continental USA together with US territories and without. The significant decline in Case Fatality Rate (CFR) in the continental United States particularly, during 2 0 2 1, since vaccines became available, is believed to be due to vaccination rates and is abundant proof that the vaccines are working.

In order to avoid letting countries that refuse to report the sum of case recoveries, thus skewing global calculations, Burundi, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Britain, most provinces of Canada, Ecuador, FaeroeIslands, Falklands, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mongolia, Laos, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, South Korea, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain and Sweden 'recoveries' are estimated based on the current reported global recoveries as a percentage of all cases. (([reported recoveries]) divide (550,329,302 [Global Reported Sum of All Cases] less 29,905,095 [France Sum of Cases] less 901,739 [Ecuador Sum of Cases] less 12,734,038 [Spain Sum of Cases] less 8,171,396 [Netherlands Sum of Cases] less 2,515,769 [Sweden Sum of Cases] less 3,617,629 [Peru Sum of Cases])) = 96% a coefficient which is then adjusted according to the number of cases in the past 30 days and the new coefficient is applied to the sum of each of these nation's cumulative cases to estimate the missing recoveries data. In the case of France some additional hospital-sourced recovery data is factored.

All USASum of CasesDeathsRecoveredActive
Continental USA87,513,4341,035,59883,996,8712,480,965
USA+territories88,626,7171,041,35484,708,599 2,876,764


See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

See also IHME Estimates for America.

Every Face Has A Name

Every Face Has A Name

Global COVID-19 Cases

Global COVID-19 Cases

254 Locales report 550,329,302 COVID-19 cases of which there are 16,429,329 active cases, therefore 527,526,412 recoveries and 6,373,561 fatalities.

GMT 2022-06-29 05:46

Data reported should be in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in each locale as their governments report daily or from time to time. All data researched and published by The RINJ Foundation and partners in CSPaC.

©The RINJ Foundation 2020-2022-06-29T05:46:25Z #Singapore-SK-HUK-77
RINJ is with Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19.

SARS2 Update 2022-06-29 05:46 GMT

  • Global Population: 7,903,501,966
  • 254 Regions reported 550,329,302 cases
  • 16,429,329 cases active
  • 6,373,561 people reported killed by COVID-19
  • 1.16% is current Case Fatality Rate (CFR)
  • 527,526,412 survived COVID-19
Beta Technology Global Estimates
  • 38.51% of all humans (3,043,321,040) have been infected
  • 0.63% Global estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
    (influenza is .1% or 6 per 100k (2019))
  • 19,113,990 Total deaths (CSPaC.net estimated actual) including errors, unexpected deaths with pneumonia indications with no history, and unreported likely-cause excess deaths such as people who never went to a hospital but had COVID-19 indications but never tested.

See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

USA (88,626,717)
  • 145.42% of the USA may have been infected including reported + estimated unreported mild and estimated asymptomatic (483,949,290.02) persons, some of whom may not have been ill in their first course of the disease, but could have spread the disease.
  • 1.18% is USA current Case Fatality Rate (CFR) &
  • 0.27% is estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
  • 1,306,663 estimated total COVID-19 deaths including unreported likely-cause excess deaths. According to projections of IHME, IHME calculation of excess deaths is slightly higher than what CSPaC is showing.
  • See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

    The American Epicenter has 17.51 % of global 'active' cases (2,876,764 USA / 16,429,329 Global), people infected with COVID-19 now.

Below: CSPAC estimated 2022-06-29 03:58 GMT COVID-19 data for India.

EPICENTER-2: India (43,436,433)

*Reported by India but understated.

Note: India's reported death sum and cured data are widely seen among epidemiologists and biostatisticians as unreliable. For example, 3,045,220 is CSPAC estimated sum of deaths while India reports 525,047, creating the largest discepency in the world. India might only report hospital tested cases. Sources among hundreds of nurses and other medical practitioners provide a picture that in summary concludes most cases never present in a hospital especially in northern provinces where health care is less available and utilization is low anyway because of poverty, hence most people die at home in India. This theory could explain discrepancies between reported data and algorithmic estimates.

India reported:43,436,433525,047114,294
India estimates:240,203,4743,045,220490,335

Data collected and reported by: Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19

The Watch List

Over 1k Watch List (of nations/territories) | History

South Korea18,349,75624,5370.1%17,793,703
South Africa3,993,004101,7452.5%3,879,002

Nations/Regions With No Active Cases 2022-06-29
Happy Travels.

Cook Islands101
Guantanamo Bay202
Marshall Islands18018
Pitcairn Islands000
Saint Helena11011
Sint Eustatius202
Summer Olympics 208650865
Vatican City29029

The Ship List (71) Cases | Deaths | Recoveries

Navy: USS Theodore Roosevelt116811155
Navy: Charles de Gaulle108100
Ship: Ruby Princess85222830
Ship: *Diamond Princess71214698
Ship: Disney Wonder2381237
Ship: Celebrity Apex2240224
Ship: Costa Atlantica1480148
Ship: Greg Mortimer1281127
Ship: MV Horizon1250125
Ship: *Grand Princess1227115
Navy: USS Kidd9600
Ship: MV Artania89485
Ship: MSC Seaview86086
Ship: Ovation of the Seas79178
Navy: USNS Leroy Grumman52250
Ship: Celebrity Flora48048
Ship: A Sara45045
Ship: River Anuket45045
Ship: Costa Fascinosa43340
Ship: MS Roald Amundsen40040
Ship: Voyager of the Seas39237
Ship: Costa Luminosa36333
Navy: Chevalier Paul3500
Ship: Symphony of the Seas31130
Navy: ROCS Pan Shi3100
Navy: USS Tripoli2400
Ship: Celebrity Solstice20119
Ship: Adventure of the Seas190129
Navy: USS Ronald Reagan1600
Ship: Oasis of the Seas14311
Ship: MS Zaandam1349
Ship: Costa Favolosa13112
Ship: Coral Princess1239
Ship: World Dream12012
Ship: Ship: Celebrity Eclipse1028
Navy: HNLMS Dolfijn808
Ship: Black Watch808
Navy: USNS Mercy700
Ship: Pride of America707
Ship: MSC Bellissima606
Ship: Braemar505
Ship: Mein Schiff 3909
Ship: Norwegian Breakaway312
Navy: USS Essex300
Ship: Silver Shadow211
Ship: Marella Explorer II211
Navy: USS Boxer200
Navy: USS Nimitz200
Navy: USNS Comfort200
Ship: Costa Magica202
Ship: Liberty of the Seas202
Ship: MSC Preziosa202
Ship: Celebrity Infinity202
Ship: Seven Seas Navigator202
Ship: Paul Gauguin202
Ship: Monarch110
Navy: USS Carl Vinson100
Navy: USS Ralph Johnson100
Navy: USS Coronado100
Navy: Leopold I100
Ship: Costa Victoria101
Ship: Mein Schiff 1
Ship: MSC Splendida101
Ship: Norwegian Bliss101
Ship: Sun Princess101
Ship: Westerdam101
Ship: MSC Armonia101
Ship: Carnival Valor101
Ship: Majesty of the Seas101
Ship: Riviera101
Ship: Carnival Freedom101

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Data provided by FPMag and Partners including The Nurses Without Borders