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COVID-19 Statistics - Ship List ~ COVID-19 Infected Vessels

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The Ships at sea.

This is something FPMag's researchers and editorial department struggle with. There are over 100,000 crew members aboard sea-going Cruise Lines according to insurance companies and Cruise Line company officials. These persons are in effect exiled by their nations. Countries don't want them. Their health status is unknown but suspect. Concomitantly there are dozens of vessels with one or two known cases their nations are working in repatriating. Their status data is reported as part of the nationality of the patient. We show you those that are not listed anywhere else but aboard and attached to the ship as an independent non-nation entity, a 'conveyance'.

The Ship List (71) Cases | Deaths | Recoveries

Navy: USS Theodore Roosevelt116811155
Navy: Charles de Gaulle1081__
Ship: Ruby Princess85222830
Ship: *Diamond Princess71214698
Ship: Disney Wonder238__
Ship: Celebrity Apex2240224
Ship: Costa Atlantica148_148
Ship: Greg Mortimer128__
Ship: MV Horizon125_125
Ship: *Grand Princess1227115
Navy: USS Kidd96__
Ship: MV Artania89485
Ship: MSC Seaview86_86
Ship: Ovation of the Seas791_
Navy: USNS Leroy Grumman52250
Ship: Celebrity Flora48__
Ship: A Sara45__
Ship: River Anuket45__
Ship: Costa Fascinosa43340
Ship: MS Roald Amundsen40__
Ship: Voyager of the Seas39237
Ship: Costa Luminosa363_
Navy: Chevalier Paul35__
Ship: Symphony of the Seas31130
Navy: ROCS Pan Shi31__
Navy: USS Tripoli24__
Ship: Celebrity Solstice201_
Ship: Adventure of the Seas19__
Navy: USS Ronald Reagan16__
Ship: Oasis of the Seas14311
Ship: MS Zaandam1349
Ship: Costa Favolosa131_
Ship: World Dream12_12
Ship: Coral Princess123_
Ship: Ship: Celebrity Eclipse1028
Navy: HNLMS Dolfijn8_8
Ship: Black Watch8__
Ship: Pride of America7_7
Navy: USNS Mercy7__
Ship: MSC Bellissima6__
Ship: Braemar5__
Ship: Mein Schiff 39__
Ship: Norwegian Breakaway312
Navy: USS Essex3__
Ship: MSC Preziosa2_2
Ship: Seven Seas Navigator2_2
Ship: Silver Shadow211
Ship: Marella Explorer II21_
Navy: USS Boxer2__
Navy: USS Nimitz2__
Navy: USNS Comfort2__
Ship: Costa Magica2__
Ship: Liberty of the Seas2__
Ship: Celebrity Infinity2__
Ship: Paul Gauguin2__
Ship: Monarch110
Ship: MSC Splendida1_1
Ship: Norwegian Bliss1_1
Ship: Sun Princess1_1
Navy: USS Carl Vinson1__
Navy: USS Ralph Johnson1__
Navy: USS Coronado1__
Navy: Leopold I1__
Ship: Costa Victoria1__
Ship: Mein Schiff 1
Ship: Westerdam1__
Ship: MSC Armonia1__
Ship: Carnival Valor1__
Ship: Majesty of the Seas1__
Ship: Riviera1__
Ship: Carnival Freedom1__

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