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Micheal John [O’Brien] is a writer and our editor-in-chief.

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Micheal uses his first-name signature to avoid technical hiccups an apostrophe will cause. Disambiguation is a primary aim of this biography because of the enormous size of the O’Brien Clan and the propensity of Irish families to name their first born, “Micheal” (Gaelic spelling).

A writer for numerous publications. Micheal is  Canadian-born and also a Citizen of Ireland (European Union).

by Sharon Santiago  with files from a Guest Author

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Micheal O’Brien, Editor-in-Chief FPM.news

A former Maclean Hunter writer/editor/publisher in Canada (13 years) Micheal, with a group of his journalist peers, bought the Aerospace and Defence publishing group of Maclean Hunter (MH) & continued to publish for another 15 years.

Among his books were a series from the early 1980s through 1988: “Canada’s Aerospace Industry, A Capability Guide.” This server may be a little faster to load the entire publication: Canada-Aerospace-Industry-A-Capability-Guide-1988-eng-Auth-Micheal-OBrien

MPRM Group owned and published some of MH’s science, technology and business periodical properties after Maclean Hunter met its demise in 1993-4 when a predatory takeover by Rogers ended the 100+ year-old publishing giant.

“Maclean-Hunter was acquired in 1994 by Rogers Communications. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved the transaction, but required Rogers to divest itself of some of Maclean-Hunter’s individual assets to alleviate concerns about concentration of media ownership.” Wikipedia

Even though he graduated into a CEO quality function in medicine, Micheal continued to write. In all he covered over 15 wars and visited most of the 7 continents.

Following the start of the 2nd Gulf War, Micheal’s era as a war correspondent ended abruptly in July 2004 after seeing the wrong that was done to Iraq in the second Gulf War.

Inspired by what he learned wearing scrubs and nursing his second child Shane for much of the first two years of the youngster’s life at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, Micheal helped the Canadian Warplane Heritage organize annual flypasts up University Avenue past the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

He went on to work as Director of Operations and chief administrator of several private hospitals and surgery clinics.

FPMag Editor Micheal John O'Brien and Esther Tailfeathers, Member Board of Directors The RINJ Foundation Toronto, December 2013 FPM.news Editor Micheal John O’Brien
and Esther Tailfeathers, Member Board of Directors, The RINJ Foundation, Toronto, December 2013


Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Micheal is an avid member and financial contributor to Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to support the integrity of journalism in every corner of the globe.


Micheal wrote numerous medical proposals for the government of Canada Department of Health and the Ontario regulatory sector.

He helped found numerous clinics and Hospitals and left the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as its Full-Time Director of Operations in 2015 to complete his Doctoral degree in Public Health.

Micheal is a licensed Commercial Fixed & Rotary Wing Pilot since early twenties and maintains a current license for both.

CFFPE Skywriting Aircraft Micheal John O’Brien at the controls of Skywriting Aircraft CFFPE flying past the Toronto CN Tower. Photo Credit: Hugh Thompson. Chase plane pilot, Nick Daniels of Leggat Aircraft Limited, Buttonville airport, Ontario Canada.

Micheal has published eight books about the Canadian aerospace and defence industries and participated in dozens of industry conferences.

micheal john O'Brien Micheal John O’Brien

Micheal is an avid Advanced Amateur Radio Operator (HAM, VE3OLG).

Micheal served on the Board of the Canadian Young Astronauts program.

He served as the President of the Toronto Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) for eight years and is currently a life member of AFCEA in the United States.

Micheal has extensive experience in the medical health field (he stipulates that he is a public health administrator and not a practitioner) and has opened numerous successful clinics, pioneered and achieved certifications for multiple new medical facilities and medical technologies. He continues that work today.

Editor Micheal John, 29 March 2013 setting up for inspection by Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada) Editor Micheal John, 29 March 2013 setting up for inspection by Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada) (CPSO)  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


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Micheal John

Writing Background

Maclean Hunter
News, columns, features for:
Aerospace & Defence Technology,
Aerospace Canada,
Canadian Aviation,
Maclean’s Magazine,
TIME Magazine,
Radio and TV projects.
Various newspapers and periodicals, special and general interest.

Lectures and Public Speaking:

Financial Post Conferences: 8-years, moderator, speaker, panelist
Maclean Hunter Management Training Seminars: Lecturer
York University: Guest Lecturer
University of Toronto: Guest Lecturer
Various Ontario Secondary and Public schools: Guest Lecturer
Aerospace Industries Association of Canada: Plenary Speaker at AGM’s
AF Communications and Electronics Association: Guest Speaker
Canada/Israel Council Board of Directors Guest Speaker annual meetings
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Guest Speaker
Canadian House Of Commons as Member of Parliament 1988  1234

“Media analyst”

Television and radio appearances for: CTV’s “Canada AM”, CBC’s “The Journal”, CKO Newsmagazine, CBC Radio’s “As It Happens”, Standard Broadcast News, News Radio, and numerous Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto radio and TV stations.

Various awards

citations, decorations and commendations received including citations from local Mayor, Prime Minister, business-related organizations and sports organizations.

Special Interests:

Long distance runner. – a member of the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union, Micheal has participated in Ontario provincial, Canadian national and international cross country and long distance road races at various events around the world. His longest race was eight miles when he was 14.

High School Newspaper Writer, Editor

Youth years and Scouting. As a child Micheal was involved in Canadian Scouting and Rangers from the age of 6 to 17. (2nd Richmond Hill Troop, Ontario) He left scouting as a Queen’s Scout at the age of 17 to pursue his education. He was tutored by Scout Master Bill Smith (VE3 FDX) in electronics and Amateur Radio Operations and became VE3OLG.
Micheal earned his Saint Johns Ambulance Class C (CPR) Rescuer certification, serving as an EMS rescuer at a an early age. Working as a rescuer he became interested in hospital administration.

Micheal John O'Brien Canadian Commercial fixed and rotary wing pilot Micheal John O’Brien Canadian Commercial fixed and rotary wing pilot

Micheal John O'Brien Specialty AIr Services June 1974

Micheal John O’Brien in Aviation: President Specialty Air Services

Aviation (Commercial Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot YZD/YZC 155425 since late teens)

Community Services (Children’s sports, Civic Improvement, Canada Day Committee, Cancer Society etc. as a young adult.)

Motorcyclist and Racer – Off road motorcycle racer in Alberta. In Ontario a rider and contributor to the 1993 MOTC revision of the Motorcyclist training and test syllabus.

Many years a volunteer for the Ontario “Ride for Sight” founded in 1979 for a Maclean Hunter Colleague, Jim Bentley whose wife suffered Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) .

Licensed Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3 OLG

Musician (guitar, vocalist )

Micheal John O'Brien Micheal John O’Brien is (RuffianAngel.com)

Licensed as a Private Law Enforcement Investigator since 1990 to satisfy statutes related to the conduct of rape crime investigations.

Past Toronto President AFCEA – Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Member, Various trade and professional organizations.

Video: Editorial on the so-called “Freedom Convoy” which among other things caused the extensive harassment of Canadian nurses in Ottawa.

Video: Civil society takes on the Antivaxxer movement. Get vaccinated against all high-risk infectious diseases if you are a medical practitioner and learn better how to care more for yourself and your patients.

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Contact Information

Micheal John O’Brien
3219 Yonge Street, Suite 119, Toronto M4N 3S1 ON CA
Email: [email protected] or Contact Form
Global SmartPhone: Signal = +1 647-739-927


  • Physician at birth: Dr. John Herbert Deeth
  • First Home: 31 Mervyn Ave
    Toronto, ON M9B 1N1, Canada


The spelling “M i c h e a l” is not a mistake. This spelling is Irish (Gaelic spelling). As a Canadian-born son of an Irishman, Micheal was entitled to Irish citizenship which he claimed. The government ID with the correct spelling is shown below. This biography intends disambiguation of the Editor’s name. — Sharon

Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency The correct spelling of Mr. O’Brien’s name is Micheal.  Micheal John O’Brien, Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency

Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency The spelling of the name ‘Micheal‘ is Gaelic. Micheal John O’Brien, Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency

Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency Not a typo. On the spelling of Micheal’s name. Micheal John O’Brien, Staff Identification in case of Travel Emergency

Arms of the O'Brien family.

Arms of the O’Brien family. Gules three lions passant guardant per pale Or and Argent. The O’Brien Family Coat of Arms Thanks to: Garaidh O Briain

Heraldry was brought to Ireland with the Anglo-Normans in 1169 A.D. The Irish nobility began adopting this type of heraldry during the next couple of centuries. But Ireland was not void of heraldic symbols of its own.

Various annals tell of Irish kings and their banners with symbol and color descriptions that existed before the Anglo-Normans came. But these symbolic banners were not hereditary.



Some fun History for this member of the O’Brien Clan

Barbara Joan O’Brien (born Jefferis), born 1932 to Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis and Winnifred Phyllis Jefferis (born Lee).
Arthur was born on January 1 1905, in South Africa.
Winnifred was born on August 16 1911, in England.
Barbara had one brother: Ian Douglas Eggar Jefferis .
Barbara married Edward John O’Brien .
Edward was born on June 19 1921, in Letteree, Dromore, Tyrone, Ireland.
They had 6 children.
Barbara has passed away.

  • Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis was born on 1 January 1905 in South Africa.
  • He was the son of Robert Percy Jefferis and Caroline Jones.
  • Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis was baptized on 5 February 1905. One of the sponsors was his maternal uncle, Alfred Jones.
  • Some time after Arthur’s birth, his mother left Robert Percy in South Africa and travelled with the two children to England, according to family hearsay, for her or Ivy’s health. In England the family stayed with Robert Percy’s family. Caroline remained in contact with Percy and returned to South Africa with the children for a while until 1914. On their return both Ivy and her mother worked in munitions factories.
  • At the age of 26 years, 5 months and 24 days, Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis married Winnifred Phylis Lee on 25 June 1931. The marriage was registered in the Brentford District in the June 1931 Quarter. She was 19 years old and living at 152 Valetta Road in Acton. Arthur was living at 99 Speldhurst Road in Bedford Park and was a radio and motor engineer.
  • Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis enlisted in the Military on 3 June 1942. He had a heart murmer which prevented him from going into service but he served in the home guard until 31 December 1944. He worked as a tool room fitter and turner for His Majesty’s Underwater Weapons Launching Establishment in Bournemouth (West Howe) from 16 April 1942 until 8 Sep 1945.
  • He was ill with diverticulitis and also suffered from a twisted bowel which required a colostomy. He had suffered from digestive problems for a long time and was a vegetarian. He wrote to his mother from Canada to say his “indigestion is not cured yet quite. I really live on milk here. We take 3/4 gallon a day every day. In spite of fairly hard work have put on weight.”
  • He and Winnifred Phylis Lee immigrated to Canada on 23 January 1948. They flew via Trans-Canada Airlines since it had the shortest waiting list and Ian was sick with pneumonia. Arthur was listed as a fitter and turner on his passport.
  • Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis and Winnifred Phylis Lee lived in Toronto. They rented a bungalow with the landlord occupying a bedroom and a kitchen. The bungalow was three miles from Islington on the Humber River. Arthur’s first job was only a few minutes walk from his home at Dayton Rubber Company as a maintenance mechanic at $1 per hour.
  • In 1967 he was a real estate agent for Roy Burton Real Estate.
  • Arthur Jefferis and his son-in-law Edward O’Brien formed Auto-By-Auction at 163 York Street, Toronto (Auto and General Auctioneers, Valuators). Arthur also worked for Acme Screw and Gear at the time.
  • Arthur Douglas Eggar Jefferis died on 10 February 1973 at age 68. He died of emphysema from smoking.