Civil society challenges antivaxxers.

Video: Civil society Challenges the dangerous AntiVaxxer ‘beliefs’

The correlation between lowered vaccination rates and increased infectious disease, is unequivocal.

Measles can lead to brain damage and death. That is why vaccination against measles is so important.

According to Texas Health and Human Services, “Immunization is the only way to prevent measles. Measles vaccination is required for school entry in Texas.”

Sadly, the antivaxxer movement, calling on a retracted publication, in February 1998, presenting mistaken information that suggested MMR vaccines can cause autism, has brought measles back to America.

Christoffer van Tulleken, writing in “The danger of journals being seen as substitute regulators,” explains, “We might expect The Lancet to be cautious when it comes to papers on COVID-19 or vaccines. In the summer of 2020, they published – and then retracted – a major COVID-19 study based on a flawed dataset. They made a similar mistake on a 1998 paper, fraudulently linking the MMR vaccine to autism, which contributed to huge increases in measles rates around the world.

“Clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare,” citing the British Medical Journal.

“Science is at once the most questioning and sceptical of activities and also the most trusting,” said Arnold Relman, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1989.

“It is intensely sceptical about the possibility of error, but totally trusting about the possibility of fraud.” Never has this been truer than of the 1998 Lancet paper that implied a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and a “new syndrome” of autism and bowel disease.”

by Melissa Hemingway and Sharon Santiago

Participants benefit from vaccine trials because of the close watch on their health status, something most people do not normally receive. Participants benefit from vaccine trials involving thirty-thousand test cases, because of the close watch on their health status over many months, something most people do not normally receive past the first 15 minutes after being vaccinated. “That’s the biggest incentive for me, because I want to be vaccinated and enjoy the extra follow up health care,” said one vaccinee.
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Vaccines work despite what some journals have mistakenly implied in the 1990s, concludes the vast majority of medical practitioners and 100% of all immunology scientists around the world, says the World Health Organization.

The disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2 has plagued the United States, the epicenter of the disease, where antivaxxers are destroying the country according to the US President Joe Biden and many epidemiologists. The USA is a long way from achieving 95% vaccination levels for its population.

COVID-19 has an estimated global count of 11,944,664 excess deaths based on current projection scenario by 1 December 2021, according to the IHME.

Civil Society global group decides to take on the Antivaxxer movement and try to save the lives of its members.

The Asian regional directors of global civil society RINJ Foundation met on the weekend and decided to launch an information campaign to challenge antivaxxers around the world.

“The antivaxxers are causing huge numbers of deaths by tying up vaccines sitting in storage units, and also they are spreading fear among the credulous, uneducated masses of undeveloped nations through social media,” explained Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for RINJ Women.

A new video on YouTube explains the position of the four-million strong organization.

“Without required vaccinations, you (no matter who reads this), might not be alive. Vaccinations have ended smallpox, polio, tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, Rubella, Hib, measles, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, rotavirus, mumps, chickenpox and diphtheria,” said the CEO of the organization.

An anti-vaccination caricature by James Gillray, The Cow-Pock – or – The Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!
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“While America and some other countries grapple with their antivaxxer movement, vaccine doses are sitting in storage as their expiration dates approach. This dilemma is depriving poorer countries of vaccines and prolonging the epidemic according to the World Health Organization and the UN Secretary General,” said Katie Alsop, a founding director who spoke to the meeting on Sunday via Zoom.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday called for deeper international cooperation to address global health crisis, and reduce poverty and inequality.

Civil Society takes on Antivaxxers. Watch the video.

Civil Society takes on Antivaxxers. Watch the video.
Photo by Melissa Hemingway.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Video below: Dr. Noni McDonald, professor of pediatrics, infectious diseases at Dalhousie University, explains how vaccines work.