U.S. students stand their ground: Stop the Genocide. Leaders! Start listening to your people.

Leaders of major nations are more involved in power struggles for complete control, rather than leading citizens whom they seek to desensitize to the suffering of minorities.

“Arguably, Scholz, Biden, Macron, Netanyahu, and Sunak have gleefully murdered tens of thousands of women and children in Gaza for what? Did they just want to show us all they are willing to kill even our kids in order to have their own way about everything? That is how kids are seeing events,” says an outspoken high school student council president who is a teen, but still a minor child, hence will not be identified.

It’s an instructive moment listening to our child leaders. How must it be for children, watching live TV showing the slaughter of Gaza’s kids by these men? We asked but our interviewee burst into tears as her focus switched to memory-stored images that she explained, “never seem to go away”. She was particularly impacted, she said, by a group of kindergarten five-year olds suffering badly from a school bombing, as they lay on the cold floor of a hospital. She has a five-year-old sibling she adores so this slammed home an overwhelming empathetic feeling, she explained in her own words.

It’s also particularly instructive listening to the best and the brightest of our university youth. What they are saying is also needing attention. They say killing the other side’s women and children is not the way to solve disagreements. These youth seem very perceptive.

Columbia Gaza solidarity camp

Columbia University students’ ‘Gaza Solidarity Encampment’ in the USA. Photo by عباد ديرانية – used by FPM.news under Creative Commons license.

Demonstrations against the Gaza Genocide have erupted across the world including student protests at universities in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and Yemen.

During the pandemic, we all observed behaviours where male leaders ignored the wise counsel of our few female leaders and instead united other men to compel a collective compliance among the people.

This taught us about male leaders that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look at Biden, Netanyahu, Macron and Sunak. They have become killers of women and children. This cannot stand. These men must be prosecuted for their complicity in Genocide.

Throughout the pandemic, nations led by women demonstrated exceptional leadership, achieving the most notable records in preventing deaths from COVID-19. This is a verified and unequivocal fact.

Police eject student protesters at UCLA.

Police fire flash-bang grenades toward student protesters at UCLA. Image credit: Live capture of telecast by Al Jazeera. The AJ network has delivered exceptional coverage of the events in Gaza and related developments since 7 October 2023, at a tremendous cost to the lives of some of the most hardworking and committed TV journalists ever to appear on camera.

Anger and frustration among the young are worrisome but their words are soft, calculated and meaningful. Future historians may say they were a guiding light for a world on the wrong path: “stop abusing us; stop putting your self-interests above those of the people; and stop your killings.”

The Biden Administration condemns this message as it contradicts the conduct of the Biden administration. Biden is directly calling these people names like ‘Jew haters’. But reportedly half of them are Jews, but who is counting? Biden has always tended to demonize those who disagree with him.

“Certain student leaders at George Washington University have expressed the opinion that neither Biden nor Trump should hold leadership positions in America,” says Monique Deslauriers who is the RINJ Women executive director in the United States. Monique has been speaking to her GWU contacts about university students protesting worldwide.

“Biden is a killer of children. He has explained off his murders as casualties of war but there was no war. Gaza genocide is a slaughter of the unarmed, the undefended,” one young woman told Ms. Deslauriers by interrupting a conversation to get her point across as conversations with students became animated.

“Biden supplies the weapons to kill tens of thousands of women and children, weapons worth many $billions of dollars killing many thousands of innocents no matter what obfuscation is coming out of his mouth.

“Biden does this while spreading horrific lies about an imaginary ghoulish enemy that raped imaginary women and chopped up imagined infants—all lies as were the things that the Nazis claimed about the underground resistance in WWII-France. These are outrageous lies about a group of people, the Palestinians, who for 76 years have lived under a brutal, murderous apartheid that was invented by the Unites States, I am ashamed to say,” added Ms. DesLauriers as her cell-phone recording of the conversations ended with a dead battery.

As all this distraction takes place, Netanyahu and his fanatical Cabinet are planning a massive military operation in Rafah.

The young people in our lives are the first to raise a significant public warning. As they speak, male-run governments bash the students’ heads with batons, throw flash bangs and spray toxic substance into university students’ faces. And Netanyahu continues his plan to invade Rafah, ceasefire or no ceasefire.

In Gaza our leaders killed over 25 thousand women and children almost as if with their own bare hands, so proud are they.

In seeing these acts we know that with few exceptions, the world has very bad governance by men today.