Biden must resign and support President Harris. Editorial

This is awful. Biden is so stupid he has America backing a massive genocide in Gaza over a false claim of decapitated infants. A closer look at the charismatic sociopath Biden reveals he has always been a liar.

It may seem far-fetched but President Harris could change the entire political landscape and fast. Biden needs to step down or face being removed by the International Criminal Court in a de facto sense. Genocide is no joke. Also, the Republican Party is so screwed up by Trump and by internal divisions that it is not fit to govern a boy scout troop let alone a country. Biden is handing the 2024 election to the Republicans, which ever ones are left standing after the lawfare ends. Biden must go. Now. Photo by Chuck Kennedy / Biden for President.


Biden hasn’t fully learned how to feign empathy.

Biden playing the ‘Jew-hater’ rabble-rousing-tactic is too 1950s. Protesting Gaza Genocide is not antisemitic, its humane.

Biden and Netanyahu planned a false flag operation and fed stories to the world population of two scores of beheaded infants and raised the level of lies to false-rape claims in a crescendo setting back women’s rights for justice over two hundred years.

How? False rape claims taint the global jury pool and also taint jurists. The public starts to believe all rape-claims are false. It’s a fact, RINJ Women, say. They attend thousands of rape trials all over the world.

What Biden and Netanyahu have been doing with their lies is encouraging serial rapists to commit their crime with impunity.

When a claim of rape is made, evidence has already been gathered and proof of the crime is a certainty. All that remains is verifying the identity of the criminal and that is why immediate forensic rape kits are essential to winning cases. There was no mention of that reality in Netanyahu’s and Biden’s BS stories for their false flag operation. There was not one forensic rape kit conducted in Israel for 72 hours after any moment of 7 October 2023.

America is guilty of Genocide in Gaza.

Genocide is a crime against humanity that America has always got away with. Making that possible, Biden persecutes people like Julian Assange. But in this day and age, genocide is not tolerated and everyone with a smartphone is a citizen journalist on public social media.

To a new extreme in bullying, the White House is attacking the best and the brightest of the American population, the country’s university students and many professors who protest Biden’s dragging them into genocide complicity.

And now America is giving 95 billion dollars to the most corrupt jerkoffs (under Zelenskyy and Netanyahu) on the planet and that includes Biden in indirect kickbacks and some 26 billion to Netanyahu to kill more women and kids in Gaza.

Death is the new normal of life in Gaza

Death is the new normal of life in Gaza,” says Behar Abbasi in Rafah today. Photo is a file item from last week.  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Public Policy that has America accused of Genocide in the Courts

Fetching election campaign funding by altering public policy in favour of the Israeli-controlled donor is Biden’s mistake. We are talking billions of dollars.

Biden has never been any different—altering public policy for a buck is his mantra.

The way Mr. Biden to this day trades public sympathy for the death of his first wife in really questionable car accident circumstances shows an exploitive manner of thinking that doesn’t seem to have any bounds. The guy is the quintessential sociopath who has learned to feign empathy but like most APDs misplaces his timing, his actions and his words.

Politicians who corrupt the nation’s institutions in opponent warfare is becoming common.

A pervasive issue is the employment of state and national justice systems to combat political adversaries from the White House. Throughout his career, Joe Biden has been accused of abusing power.

American politicians are cheering for the deaths of Arab women and children. It seems like they would sell their own mother for a few thousand shekels to help fund an election campaign. Addicted to power?

Here is a new reality, America. Wake up. Killing women and children for any reason is wrong. It will end your empire.

To change direction, you need to get rid of Biden and install Harris ASAP. This will block the Republicans who are completely lacking in sound public policy ideas. It’s not about Trump. It’s about intellectual bankruptcy.

A crisis of Foundering Leadership

This is one crisis you cannot kill your way out of, America. Get rid of that fool in the White House or you won’t survive the next 20 years or less. It’s come to that. The end of the empire is near.