Mariupol Video Situation Report

The video “Mariupol”  is a pictorial story by humanitarians of what has been happening in Mariupol, Donetsk PR. No drama, no bias other than antiwar, and unfortunately, no hope. “We are just saving the lives that can be saved,” said the head nurse of an underground medical clinic for women.

Video: Mariupol From the perspective of terrified women operating basement birthing clinics, a women’s shelter, a 7-bus medivac, and general liaison to the outside world. 19 April, 2022

“This time I do not know if we will wake up in the morning. [translated] Our security detail is afraid that some very dangerous weapons will be used to flush out the maybe 1500 militia and NATO fighters in the Azov steelworks,” said Alona Adamovich,  RINJ Foundation regional director since 2014 in Eastern Ukraine. She had taken over running the operation of the RINJ birthing clinics and women’s shelters in Mariupol for The RINJ Foundation.  Her staying in Mariupol followed a catastrophe wherein the local person in charge was raped and killed by Ukrainian Nationalists. She was speaking to Medical Director Dr. Nassima al Amouri in Syria via shortwave radio relay. Regular communications in Mariupol are non existent.

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Alona’s message was read aloud to a RINJ Women humanitarian administrators conference in Delhi, India where operational planners were discussing the what, where, when and why of their responses to the  current global women’s security crisis which in the past ten years has lowered the ratio of women to men in the human race; caused hundreds of millions of young men to be in the position of never being able to find a female partner in their peer groups; security crisis that has dramatically increased violence toward women and children; caused widespread starvation or just general hunger and disease; and tipped the scales in favour of a run-amok Mother Nature in the fight for safe housing for millions of families versus rampant climate change.

Every citizen lost in the once beautiful city of Mariupol was loved. “Every citizen lost in the once beautiful city of Mariupol was loved,” say the 16 brave women medical workers left behind in Mariupol by their own choice. Photo credit: Source supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“We lose so many patients, I am afraid I cannot have my heart broken any more by losing more of our staff and friends, so maybe it is better if we all go out like a light in the night, if the Russians use a nuclear bomb or chemical weapons to get to the 100 feet deep tunnels over there in the Azov steel factories,” Alona had said to Nassima.

The last medivac bus and the EMS crews had left Mariupol on the weekend under orders from Russian commanders who had said there will be a total one week curfew in Mariupol, nobody comes or goes.

The Russians were passing out literally tons of food boxes and jugs of drinking water to the people of Mariupol.

“Every bus was jammed to overload, heading out to rail stations, to a clinic in Donetsk or direct to the patients’ destination, either a refugee camp or family,” explained nurse and EMS driver Lana from near Donetsk PR.

“I just drove with my teeth clenched. Saying bye to Alona this time walloped me in the stomach. I was weird. I hit two Russian checkpoints, a DPR checkpoint and a Ukrainian checkpoint. Everybody was very nice. For what ever reason I could barely talk. I was sad. I had a bus load of seniors who were all fresh bandaged  at the ‘clinic 4’ before we departed. I got triggered when a very kind Russian soldier came into the bus and asked me if we had everything we needed. He had a greying beard so I figured him to be about 40-ish. He wore a wedding ring so I guessed he has family. We had no running lights or interior lights for fear of air attack but he was using his half-covered flashlight. I heard him say ‘excuse me, I am sorry to intrude’ and he blessed himself. I sobbed again. OMG I keep sobbing. The soldier took out a candy bar and a pack of cigs and offered them to me. I kissed his hand and said ‘no thank you, I hope you will be with your family soon’. As I drove down the road in the dark, I wept quietly in the dark for my friends back in Mariupol. None of us know what is next,” said Lana in the recording Dr. Nassima al Amouri had made of the conversation.

19 April drone video of Mariupol

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