Biden cheats voters to appease corporate election donors. An editorial chat with Americans

Dear Americans. You are at war against Russian-speaking people of Ukraine since 2014 and now you make war on women and children in the Gaza part of Palestine.

All of this has followed the fiasco of losing the war in Afghanistan to the Taliban.

American sales of weapons and munitions has resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Ukraine has seen a reduction of 7 million people, with many having fled the country or lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the wealth disparity in the USA grows as the ruling class prospers from the sale of weapons and munitions and the general populace faces economic challenges, cheated out of the surge in weapons revenues, actually paying the cost of their purchase and distribution around the world.

Additionally, the country’s infrastructure, including bridges and railways, has become increasingly dilapidated and unsafe because the nation’s wealth is donated to countries that launder the money back through the military industrial complex leaving nothing for brick-and-mortar infrastructure renewal projects.

“Well,” says Dale carter, the RINJ Women security director, “we agree that American politicians are on the track to removing all the Palestinians from the Gaza strip. It is a completely uninhabitable strip of real estate. We are familiar with the tactic America and Israel are using, since it is one of many we have often investigated.”

“If behaviour,” she added, “is to be relied upon as an indication of motive, men seem to believe the best way to wipe out an ethnic group is to kill the women and kids first, and there will be no more of that ethnic group before long. That’s a trick ISIL has used as well as Boco Harem and other extremist terrorists. America is no different. Ask Julian Paul Assange,” said Ms. Carter.

“It’s come down to the right to life of women and kids in Gaza and many other parts of the world—the enemy is America, its weapons, and its surrogates,” Ms. Carter added.

An editorial by Micheal John and Melissa Hemingway with a forward by Dale Carter.


America's war against children.

The Gaza Genocide campaign of the USA and its surrogate Israel is killing mostly children. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Israel’s most effective method for killing women and children is the dropping of 2,000 pound American bombs into dense family apartment buildings during the day to kill small children and their mothers. Watch the video.

Meanwhile, analysis by Forensic Architecture, suggests Israel has carried out at the least, 80 separate attacks on humanitarian aid convoys and workers in Gaza since January. Israeli forces are systematically targeting food and medicine. Concomitantly, at least 37 violent attacks on civilians seeking that humanitarian aid, all near the Israeli-controlled checkpoints on Salah al-Din Street and al-Rashid Street, have taken place in February and March.

Historical accounts of genocide in various locations show that women and children are often targeted first, both at home and in communal areas such as water points and food distribution centers. Men typically face death in combat or are forced to abandon everything and escape the conflict zone. They may assimilate into new cultures, marrying women from different ethnic backgrounds, leading to the rapid disappearance of their original identity.

We know of three ethnic groups now vanishing. So yes, this American/Israeli method is effective in exterminating an ethnic group of people but that makes Americans “scumbags” to most of the world. Oh sure, the British and some other European nations are following the American example, but the USA is in the lead—a full partner in the Gaza Genocide.

If a person incites genocide or becomes complicit in genocide, they could become a target for criminal prosecution, but it is more likely that just their leaders will be indicted. Too many perpetrators and too few prisons are making this genocide too difficult to move on swiftly. America has vividly threatened the judges, prosecutors, investigators and staff of the International Criminal Court with violence if the ICC continues its work investigating the Gaza Genocide.

American government people kill humans all around the world directly and indirectly to make money from weapons sales for themselves. It’s American politicians’ biggest business—selling weapons and munitions.

It’s going to hurt America. Joe Biden has managed to isolate America and increase its number of enemies.

At least three times Biden has stopped the progress of a ceasefire in Gaza which resulted in allowing more time for killing the women and children in Gaza.

The numbers of women and children killed by these moves has climbed steadily. America has been blocking the United Nations to give Israel armed forces and their American forces advisors time to complete the genocide in Gaza.

Since killing massive numbers of people no longer works as a method of solving America’s problems, the USA has no methods for survival unless the country turns over a new leaf and develops a new paradigm—one that includes peace, caring, sharing, tolerance, forbearance, cooperation and communication.

Allocating funds to other nations under the condition that it facilitates substantial arms sales to countries such as Israel and Ukraine is believed by some to result in financial returns for politicians. It is also suggested that their election campaigns may benefit from such dealings. Meanwhile, taxpayers are left with the financial burden and the choice between leaders who may not inspire confidence. As for relocating to Canada, despite perceptions of high living costs in the USA, one might find the cost of living in Canada to be a significant factor as well.

American car manufacturers are also known for their kickbacks and election campaign contributions. They are reluctant to compete with China, which invests significantly in research and development. The Chinese excel at constructing vast technology projects that are truly astonishing.

President Joseph Biden has stated that China is attempting to provide American consumers with low-cost, high-quality electric vehicles. In response, he plans to implement significant tariffs to prevent these inexpensive imports, which may result in American automakers contributing to Biden’s political campaign and party. Consequently, taxpayers and car purchasers might bear the financial burden.

The American government has been very corrupt while mining the USA population for the gain of politicians and their benefactors.

Dismissing the idea of obtaining an affordable, high-tech electric car is now a consideration. U.S. industrial pressures have led Biden to hinder the import of attractive products from China, thus deterring the industry from advancing superior and more economical green vehicles. It is a common belief that Americans excel when presented with genuine competition and encouraged to surpass their limits.

Voters can walk, says the Biden gang of crooks—‘we are getting our cash’.

This further drives American consumers deeper into debt. Why? Because they pay for all this.

Trying to squeeze more money out of the American citizenship for more expensive, less efficient home-brew American electric cars in a non-competitive environment stresses the national pocketbook and cuts into consumer spending.

More and more Americans are living from pay cheque to pay cheque according to polls.

Angry? We are too. Your money is being used to slaughter tens of thousands of women and children. And you are killing us too—our humanitarian workers.

We don’t know the exact numbers because every day somewhere across Ukraine and Gaza many more are buried in the rubble where nobody finds them. The numbers you have heard are reported by medical workers who arrange for burials, but the hospitals in Gaza are mostly wiped out, so people die in place—most victims of your bombs don’t go to the hospital.

Americans have paid billions of dollars to kill women and children in Gaza and the world hates your guts.

What can Americans do? Run for office? Protest? Leave? Pray to God? That last one is the problem in the first place. You are killing off a race of people because they are Arab Muslims.

If the human race is going to surge ahead, it will not be with the help of any God or any religion, it will be on the basis of benefitting from mankind’s achievements. Lately there have been none—just better ways of killing or hurting each other, foolishly, in the name of God.

Get out on the streets and support your youth demonstrating against Gaza Genocide instead of watching them get the hell beat out of them by thuggish cops as your tax bill rises and the politicians and bureaucrats get richer—and more women and children die in Gaza.

That’s just one idea. But in all honesty, from the tip of the Mediterranean Sea, your situation, you the ordinary American people, look as hopeless as the mess here. And your country made that bloody mess. Stop it.


The butchers of Gaza

Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine