11,000 Children in US Concentration Camps

The RINJ Foundation Women are demanding that the US Administration stop separating children from their mothers at the US borders with Mexico and Canada. An official  complaint has been filed with the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner. The US Administration has been urged to return the confiscated children to their families. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month announced this new policy on April 30 and on or about May 7.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

It is one thing to say you are just following orders but it is another to follow a bad order that leads you to commit a felonious crime. The persons who physically remove children from their families commit an assault under the US Code and a violation of human rights under multiple international statutes. That would imply that the legacy of POTUS and FLOTUS (who has publicly supported this policy of her husband in somewhat dodgy terms) will be as “criminals“. If you have followed an order for the aforementioned child abuse, you will be a criminal too. Let’s see if you are convicted. Or do you only commit crimes for which you will not be held accountable and you feel you have impunity in this case?

Parents of migrant children endangered in unstable homelands seek asylum in the USA. Under Trump policy children are confiscated from parents (says Jeff Sessions) and often abused (says ACLU) and lost by Homeland Security/ORR (says HSS’s Steven Wagner). This is a Trump deterrence to future migrants says Trump CoS John Kelly. Trump policy confiscated 658 migrant children in 13 days of May. Where are the children?

All families of confiscated children should pursue a course of action that entails gathering as much information as you can during your process. Make notes. File criminal complaints against any person you have seen touch your child.

America has totally lost its sense of decency.One of the nicer US Concentration Camps for Migrants – McAllen, Texas

1500 Migrant Children Confidcasted from mothers This is where the luckiest kiddies live. It’s an abandoned Walmart. Read about and see the video below telling how a US Senator tried to gain access to a child detention center in Brownsville, Texas area but he is ejected by armed police. Photo: Twitter@mannynyt

Trigger warning: you may find some data here or linked from here disturbing as they relate to children abused by the US Administration. All efforts are being made to fix this issue. You can help too. Talk to us.

Donald Trump’s misogyny forbids him to know this, but if 100 mothers were in a room and a terrorized baby screamed out for help, 100 driven women would  fly into action and do whatever it would take to rescue the baby. 
Ladies, get to your feet. The baby is in terrible trouble. Donald Trump (again). We need to fight The White House for the safety of children and their families.

We Recently Looked at the West, now to Texas…

According to officials from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of Family and Child Protective Services, the deep south of Texas has its share of some 11,000 children held in 17 States where they are housed in tent and building facilities. They can’t keep up with the numbers of children being confiscated from parents in their area of the US/Mexico border and will assign new areas for the detention of the children. They seem overwhelmed yet care in Texas about the children being confiscated by the Donald Trump creepy policy of punishing migrants by confiscating their children.  In one facility, 1500 children are sleeping on the floor of a 160,000 square foot Walmart store. This facility has numerous infractions filed against it by State oversight agencies.

According to one of the workers (who is a RINJ Foundation member who asked not to be identified), the children at the old Walmart store are not typical of what is happening. Somehow the facility made the news because Walmart, like Donald Trump, is renowned for racist conduct and for exploitation of migrant children and their families.

The children at the Brownsville Walmart are mostly adolescent and in good spirits as they explore the options and resources made available to them by the private company Southwest Key Programs which has like many others been contracted by the government in this high poverty region.

The teens are happy now because they are not on the road. They are unaccompanied alien children in the majority and they do not know what will happen to them but are glad to have three square meals per day.

On the other hand, recently there are a growing  number of  young children whom workers have been asked to keep out of sight when visitors come through on the rare occasion.

She says the little ones show no interest in activities nor eating. They just cry.

  • Our member says that she has been dealing with distressed young children but is limited in what extras she can provide. (“I try not to cry, and I show them love but nothing can replace their mamma.”)

  • Some have been taken from their parents and are now re-classified as unaccompanied alien children. She believes there is an incentive to this UAC classification.

  • It is next to impossible to track the thousands of parents to whom the children belong so the private contractor prefers the UAC class of children.

  • The private contractors get more money from the government for a UAC.

  • In some cases the end recipient of children in the guise of foster homes, pay money for the children.

Note: Our source specifies that she is not a management person but works as a health care provider. She is a certified EMS worker and relays what she sees and hears (hearsay)  from children, management and fellow workers of which on any given day there may be 500 or more present for each shift. 

 US lawmakers and media alike have accused Donald Trump of using his ‘family separation’ policy to extort considerations from the legislative bodies. Trump himself has fed this line with one of his tweets:
Trump Tweet


US Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon attempted to gain access to a concentration camp for children in Brownsville, Texas. He was ejected. Video: Facebook/ JeffMerkley.


The Trump Administration is trying to tell you Illegal entry into the USA is not worth it... you will lose your children.


Complaint: UN Human-Rights Commission Letter re Confiscated Children of Migrants (USA) Complaint: UN Human-Rights Commission Letter re Confiscated-Children of Migrants (USA)

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