Nurses in Syria to US Troops: Godspeed and thanks.

Putin, Erdogan, Rouhani and Assad want the US Troops out of Syria because the next war episode will be gruesome scorched Earth. It makes sense for the small number of American ground forces to leave most ground positions. Iran alone has nearly 100,000 troops under control including about 10,000 Lebanese Hezbollah. It has vowed to kill every American-looking person in Syria.

The Iranian ‘militia’ members are “the worst crazies on Earth,” say nurses who have travelled all over Syria with displaced groups of civilians.

“They treat everyone like non-human and they fight with hatred,” says one particular medical-NGO worker.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine Perspective Magazine, Senior Staff Writer

US Not Leaving Syria: 16,000 Airstrikes and Climbing

US Deir Ezzor Region Military Base, Photo Credit: Tech. Sgt. Caleb Pierce

US Bombing attacks and support for Coalition will continue 16,000 Airstrikes and Climbing — Bomber readies to attack Syria. Photo Source: AFP – file photo. 


Her name is Grace and she is a young Syrian-Canadian nurse practitioner temporarily assigned to work as a surgeon’s assistant near the city of Idlib. She replaces a woman who is in Yemen seeing patients while doing ground work assessing a future hospital. Grace is acting as in-country spokesperson for the Syria group.

Grace works for an organization based in Canada called The RINJ Foundation. She has been in the Middle East since 2012. Her home was once Aleppo but now she lives temporarily an hour south by car.

The two-woman surgical team plus several others are assigned to a local medical NGO. They came from the Deir Ezzor area (a place called al-Mayadin)  six months ago where they had been based in their own clinic unit since they left Mosul, Iraq in the spring of 2017. They had gathered from various destroyed parts of the city during the war and holed up near district Tammuz 17 in Mosul on the west side of the Tigris River making ready to evacuate.

Others from their group in Dier Ezzor were recently evacuated following a catastrophic attack and are located and now hosted in an old clinic in Gaziantep where much of the focus is on the health care for refugees. Many will make their way home from Turkey for the holidays.

US Not Leaving Syria: 16,000 Airstrikes and ClimbingRandom photograph, patient seeing visitor at Idlib Hospital ward in outbuilding. Photo Credit: Submitted


US Not Leaving Syria: 16,000 Airstrikes and Climbing

March 2018 Map of ISIS presence in Syria. Data: Medical Crews in Syria. Art: Feminine Perspective Magazine

Grace says that the Donald Trump announcement of American Forces leaves everyone confused. “Which ones are leaving?”, she asks.

There is a wide assortment of US military and paramilitary operators in Syria from the North West to the South East regions of the country, notes Grace.

“They will be missed. We are planning some goodbyes but it’s early. Some of the nurses have BFs among them. We will learn more soon enough but you should tell everyone they should be proud of the American teams in Syria. We love them. They have been very good to the people. We don’t want them to leave but this is not their home so they should go home and be happy knowing we are grateful to them for everything,” says the nursing team spokeswoman.

That’s the thinking for now from Syria. “Godspeed and thanks”.