Why does Netanyahu prolong war? We will kill everyone, he says.

Co-accused General CQ Brown Jr., USA chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is with Co-Accused Joseph Biden’s Defence Secretary, co-accused Lloyd Austin now in Israel as accused Benjamin Netanyahu deliberately, again, increases the number and intensity of atrocities in Gaza, attacking hospitals, schools, residences and killing over 100 civilians in the first hour and twenty minutes these co-accused were present in Israel. Israel’s theory is that the increase of atrocities spiking during a visit from the partner countries in the Gaza genocide shows that these partners support the genocidal events because as Israel’s President Isaac Herzog says, “there are no innocents in Gaza”.

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A canvass of relevant sources doesn’t expose a clear answer to the question, ‘why does Netanyahu prolong the slaughter of civilians in Gaza’, but a study of the hidden world of Netanyahu has a glaring response.

Netanyahu has been unable to get a promise from the Israeli Department of Justice that his generous plea agreement achieved by what some would call blackmail, will not be trashed by a jurist and Netanyahu banished by the bench to prison for the rest of his life which in fact is a most likely event say the legal scholars.

What Israel is doing in Gaza to the Palestinian civilian population Photo credit: Mearsheimer.Uchicago.edu.
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The Supreme Court and most of the judges in Israel despise Netanyahu’s dictatorial rule and his self-claimed impunity for crimes against the State of Israel, say numerous female clerks whom FPM.news has canvassed privately.

Repeatedly the Israeli Department of Justice is showing Benjamin Netanyahu his yet-to-be executed plea agreement on criminal charges for crimes against the State of Isarel including bribery, corruption and embezzlement worded in the lingo of the Israeli criminal code. Netanyahu has drifted and delayed throwing the prosecutor out of his office screaming words to the effect, “you can’t touch me now—we are at war. Don’t you even care about the 40 beheaded babies and the thousands of women who were raped by those animals from Palestine? Your hands are dripping with Israeli blood.”

“I have lowered all the restraints. We will kill everyone we fight against. We will use every means.” (Yoav Gallant) But including the death by sickness and starvation, and the bombed to death and buried in rubble, Israel has killed an estimated 100,000 deaths, mostly women, children and in particular, the elderly who are dying in droves due to illness and starvation.

The war must go on, or Netanyahu is disgraced further and with his Cabinet, Netanyahu is doomed to life in prison. There is no turning back from genocide, no defence for genocide if proven, and no redemption for ethnic cleansing. “This winter will end Gaza if there is no ceasefire,” say many medical experts and biostatisticians.

“We will kill everyone we fight against. We will use every means.”

According to Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society Partners Against Disease, “the biostatistical data coming out of Gaza is skewed by Hamas toward the warring matters but we see clearly that Israel’s nonmilitary slaughtering of the population has now since a month ago a much greater toll than the military violence,” said Dr. HArris from Singapore.

“Israel has destroyed over one hundred thousand infrastructure objects including, sewers, bridges, purification plants, desalination plants, power substations, buildings, water reservoirs, sanitation facilities and more. Garbage trucks have no fuel. Toilets have no pipes. Bathtubs have no water. Sewage grows in the streets and when I say ‘grows’ I mean that the worst pathogens known to mankind are in some kind of pathogen-growing-greenhouse where they can reproduce freely and hunt for hosts,” said Dr. Harris who stressed the need to emphasize the growing threat of starvation and diseases that are now on a path to killing most of the occupants of Gaza.

“The emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy,” says Israel.

100,000 Buildings destroyed in Gaza and 110,000 casualties including reported missing and presumed dead, supports the claim.

U.S. political scientist John Mearsheimer comments to al Jazeera on Israel’s ‘punishment campaign’ against the civilian population in Palestine.

He tells al Jazeera host Steve Clemons that murdering hundreds of civilians daily and starving the rest is a “punishment campaign” and “should be unacceptable to decent people all over the world”.

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