Biden planned this proxy war in Ukraine since Obama. A war with nobody in charge except Putin. Do you like it?

Forward: Joe Biden claims to run this war as “leader of the free world,” he says, but he is only a silly old man propped up in an empty suit of old bones controlled by the Pentagon. The Ukraine civil war is not easy for the casual observer to decipher because of massive foreign interference wherein the USA gradually  assumed control over Ukraine and destroyed its future with more war and unthinkable amounts of American weapons being used by its puppet leader of Ukraine to destroy Russia, oddly enough. This American ploy to weaken Europe and weaken Russia seems to be working but America lost every war it started or failed in every military intervention it prosecuted. The current matter has only one foreseeable outcome on its current contraindicated path and that is global thermonuclear warfare.

There are no good guys in this atrocious bloodbath. Readers must not allow themselves to be thus fooled. As journalists, we must say that most everything we are told, is a war lie. What we see, we believe we know and share. Every player has an agenda and most are bloodied. None have the colour of right. It is an exasperating chapter in the failure of human development, death of the philanthropist Europe, and totally failed global values.

by Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine and Micheal John at large

“American Narrative on the US war in Ukraine is fraught with lies echoed by fake journos as in CNN. Truth is not hard to find if one looks for that, but most Americans don’t.” says an Irish journo in Ukraine who does not want to be identified because: “I want to get out of here, alive,” she says.

“Tell the Yanks to tune al Jazeera for international news coverage. Their brains are so filled with lies it may be a long road back to reality but al Jazeera is real and true journalism, and that may help,” she added.

These leaders lie

These leaders lie and their nations’ media does not call them out. One of the most fibbed sneaky deal between countries is AUKUS which is aimed at bringing nuclear weaponry into the ASEAN Nuclear Free Zone. As al Jazeera reported, “French President Emmanuel Macron has accused Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison of lying to him while negotiating a submarine deal with Washington and London that sidelined Paris.” White House Official Photo.

“CNN is a Biden-Democrat pit of fake journalism, most like a pre-consumer protection era grocery store tabloid. CNN’s endless hours of drivel commercial content interrupted with sketchy exaggeration-style worst-bathroom-accident tacky entertainment pretending to be news coverage. CNN suggests China may never un-shutter its doors and windows now closed in highly USA-criticized zero-COVID-19 mitigation regime. Then there’s the political stabs at CNN’s apparent competitor, the Republican Party where Fox News featuring overweight sloths that grew to fall out of their trees to become comfy couch-dwellers attacks its competition, the Democrats. It is shame on us, the electorate, who has allowed these fights over who lies the most in order to own our lives,” says Monique Deslaurier, executive director for the RINJ Foundation in America.

“Three things are worrying me about what Ted Turner initially created that has now become a fear-mongering town crier of false alarms and promoter of death and violence:

  1. “COVID is still massacring Americans while CNN refuses to wear masks;
  2. “The European war Biden and CNN are promoting energetically is growing more and more dangerous at 100 seconds before midnight; and
  3. “CNN is struggling to make the mid-term election about Republicans stealing Democrat rights to kill babies using abortion-on-demand as a form of birth control. But science on birth control has come along way since Roe-vs-Wade back in the decade of the Kent State Massacre when America was really big on killing its babies, especially when they protested America’s wars. “28 National Guardsmen fired their weapons at a group of anti-war demonstrator kids on the Kent State University campus, killing four students, wounding eight, and permanently paralyzing another.”

“I am worried about my fellow Americans. There is growing poverty, despair, desperation and more drug overdose deaths each day than ever before in our beautiful country’s history. COVID-deaths have now reached between one million counted during failed testing regimes and 1,325,535 (CSPaC ) estimated total COVID-19 deaths including unreported likely-cause excess deaths. According to projections of IHME, calculation of excess deaths is higher than what CSPaC is showing,” said Monique Deslauriers in a Zoom interview.

“Hopefully CNN’s propaganda is not what the Disinformation Governance Board operated by the USA Department of Homeland Security is intended to enforce,” added the women’s rights activist.

“It’s all based on alarms,” she added. “Alarm: Validimir Putin is insane. Alarm: Russia has no right to blame Nazis for the 27 million Russians massacred in WWII. CNN accidentally almost tripped into the realm of being a Holocaust denier.”

“Making Ms. Deslaurier’s case, CNN reporters say they are furious that Russians captured food grains stored in regions the military of the Donetsk People’s Republic has retrieved in the Donbass and shipped to Syria. The wheat worth thousands of dollars for the 1,500 tons of grain from grain elevators pales in value to the tens of billions the USA alone is pouring into the region since 2014 to kill ethnic-Russians living there. But according to a World Food Programme (WFP) statement, about 12.4 million people, some 60% of the Syrian population, are now hungry, desperately food insecure and do not know where their next meal will come from, hence they desperately need this small reprise from starvation. Stupid is what stupid says?,” asks Dale Carter, RINJ Foundation security director and political scientist currently in Kiev overseeing her organization’s functions in that country.

“America is really in the Kybo drawing the G7 into its smelly potty” says feminist political scientist.

” I worry that Joe Biden’s election promise of ‘decency, unity and national healing’ was a fraud. Biden is bringing the USA to the brink of nuclear war and if anyone thinks 9/11 was bad, imagine losing all of New York City or Washington DC,” commented Ms. Dale Carter in the Zoom call.

“The civil war in Ukraine has been raging since 2014 and America’s Joe Biden has been interfering incessantly against the millions of Russians in Ukraine,” she said.

The referenced civil war is in the ethnic-Russian regions of Ukraine along the Russian border. Much of this area is called “the Donbass” or in parcels, the Luhansk Oblast and the Donetsk Oblast, later, after May 2014, the Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics because they became fed-up and separated from Ukraine like Quebec has often threatened to do in Canada.

“Ukraine broke out into civil war in 2014, with the Russian absorption of Crimea and with the restlessness and attacks of Russian militias in eastern Ukrainian regions such as Luhansk and Donetsk. The violence took over 3000 lives, and an additional 296 died during the accidental shooting down of the Malaysian commercial airliner in mid-July of the year. Keys to understanding the tragedy and outlining steps for the future
include a focus on authoritarian leadership, ethnic conflicts, and the role of outside powers. Victor Janukovych exemplified the authoritarian leadership style after his election in early 2010. The event that initiated the demonstrations in Kiev was his decision to stop working towards potential membership for Ukraine in the European Union and his acceptance of the Russian offer of $25 billion in assistance. This decision activated the key ethnic conflict in Ukraine as well, for he represented the Russian minority in a nation with an ethnic Ukrainian majority. Reactions by outside powers were immediate, as Russia provided support for the separatists in both Crimea and eastern Ukraine. At its Wales Summit in early September, NATO set up a new Rapid Reaction “Spearhead” Force of 4,000 troops, a move that followed relocation of troops from Italy to the Baltics
and Poland. Thus, authoritarian leadership, ethnic conflict, and mobilization by outside powers constituted the key elements of the crisis as well as the items needing attention by the political community in the future,” writes James W. Peterson and Sarah Kuck in Civil War in Ukraine: Ethnic Conflict, Authoritarian Leadership, and Outside Involvement

“Mariupol, for example, was part of the Donetsk PR government’s responsibility until 2018 when with American help, the Azov neo-Nazi regiments of the Ukrainian Army took back the Azov Sea city,” explains  Alona Adamovich, an ethnic Russian-Jew born in Ukraine and since 2013, working for The RINJ Foundation in the Donbass region.

“The Donetsk People’s Republic as well as the smaller L:uhansk republic has been under America/Ukrainian attack for eight years. All the while America built up the Ukrainian military from 30,000 troops to over 250,000 troops with the goal of fighting Russia on Ukraine territory [translated],” Alona added in writing,

“When 60,000 Ukrainian and American backed militia troops were amassed at the Donbass contact line, Putin amassed conscript troops in Russian for training exercises. They conducted training exercises,” the Ukrainian woman said.

“Biden and the American-appointed NATO head Jens Stoltenberg, unelected by the world, brought war to the world when they ignored Putin’s plea for talks to resolve the eastern expansion of NATO. the ongoing shelling of the Donbass and the massive military build-up of 60,000 plus troops by Ukraine at the Russian border (Donetsk contact line),” said Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock when asked for comment.

“In fact, Biden, calling Putin names and insisting Mr. Putin could and should not be allowed to remain in power had pushed Russia to war. Putin finally acknowledged that Russia was doomed by the massive American build-up in Ukraine and the encroachment of NATO on Russia’s borders,” Mr. Baldock added.

Biden seems to be the US President who wants to kill Vladimir Putin. Russian security around the Russian head has never been higher according to a source close to the information, and numerous attempts on the President’s are forbidden topics. That was the most FPMag was able to obtain from this normally data-voluminous and knowledgeable source on this troublesome topic. The person  wishes not to be identified, as always.

Long-time Donbass journalist Roman Kosarev reported Wednesday from Donetsk City on recent cluster bomb attacks.

In the following documentary, what these attacks as reported above mean to EMS and other medical workers.