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Abortion is Medical Procedure not Criminal Matter

“Kudos to New Zealand’s parliamentary petitioner, Aimee Wilson, for recognizing this important fact of reality,” says Michele Francis of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s group that has emphatically stressed that “government must get out of wombs“. “Induced abortion is … Continue reading

India: Female Infanticide is not Abortion, it is MURDER

India has a suspiciously low proportion of females in its population. It also has a preposterously high rate of human trafficking, forced prostitution, and violent rape. Every year another 54 millions of men in India are born who cannot marry. … Continue reading

Trudeau is playing deadly abortion card. He is cavalier about killing women and babies.

Exercise control over your body and Don’t become Pregnant. In 2019 the world does not need more children. Each woman should have no more than 2.1 children to maintain the current population. Mom-to-be must be stable, healthy and be able … Continue reading

Start talking Contraception instead of Abortion, Trudeau.

Beware the fools of politics. Canada has unwittingly forced teens to use Abortion in lieu of Contraception Warning: No matter what you read here you are urged to consult your own personal physician for all medical advice relating to your … Continue reading

US Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Tears

America has global women in tears. A controversial bill died in the US Senate this week. It was sponsored by Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE). It dealt with the outcome of a failed late term abortion where the baby is accidentally … Continue reading

Induced Abortion: USA men who make policy lack medical moxy.

Mike Huckabee is correct on most of what he says when he describes in an interview a baby from the time of conception being an independent life. by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective: Many of the Trump Administration’s values on abortion are … Continue reading

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