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Venezuela May Exhibit all Sicknesses of America [Editorial]

Despite all the hope in January when Interim President Juan Guaidó, the speaker of the Venezuelan national assembly emerged as a constitutionally delegated interim president, Venezuela status is SNAFU.   by Micheal John No matter how clever the neighbourhood kids … Continue reading

Venezuela is now highly morbid.

Nicolás Maduro’s belly and face grow fatter as Venezuelans become skin and bones. Canada has ended its diplomatic relationship with Venezuela because the Maduro junta has refused to renew visas for Canadian officials. The United States envoy and accused war … Continue reading

Into crime too deeply, Nicholas Maduro Cannot Solve the Venezuela Crisis. [Editorial]

The Venezuelan National Assembly is the last remaining bastion of democracy in Venezuela. It’s leader is Juan Guaido and hence he is the national leader according to the constitution of the country, in the same manner a parliament works. The … Continue reading

Trump: Russia doesn’t want to get involved in Venezuela. (But Russia is involved.)

“Spin this any way you want, Maduro must leave Venezuela or spend the rest of his life in the slammer for the crimes he has committed,” says Michele Francis, a nurse working in a hospital run by a faith-based group … Continue reading

The flag is about to drop on Maduro Junta in Venezuela

Jurubith Rausseo (27) wanted to be free. Nicolás Maduro Moros killed him yesterday at his home city of Caracas. He died in the operating room. This is how it is going in Venezuela. People are in  the streets clamouring for … Continue reading

Good people of Venezuela should flee the country.

Venezuelans who can make it to safety outside of Venezuela should go. Sadly, that is the truth that must, in all honesty, be told. You can’t get water, medicine, food? Flee. You can’t find safety from looters? Get out. You … Continue reading

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