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Why is Trudeau Suckling Trump? Meng Wanzhou case is Weird.

Canada’s economy, Justin Trudeau’s career and his Liberal Party are all seriously threatened by US President Donald Trump. by Melissa Hemmingway, Senior Staff writer The Botched and Illegal Kidnap of Meng Wanzhou Firstly, Sabrina (Wanzhou) Meng  is the chief financial … Continue reading

Canada disgraced itself in Meng Wanzhou Case [In-depth Feature]

Editorial Prelude Feminine-Perspective: Nations like Canada must not encourage nor conduct attacks on women in order to punish or extort from male family members of that woman. Claiming “America made me do this” is no excuse. FPMag advances a counter view … Continue reading

Meng Wanzhou Kidnap is Political. Trump in Control. Canada in danger.

Despite politicians’ zeal to control borders and maintain their power, ordinary people often marry across borders, shop across borders, live & work across borders & communicate across borders. They will embrace 5G. That is a Canadian constituent’s imperative. Unfettered access to … Continue reading

Five Eyes on: Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Meng Wanzhou.

Canada was tricked into kidnapping one of the most important 5G technology women in the world:  a recipe for disaster. Donald Trump – Justin Trudeau. From the ridiculous to the sublime in the age of reason (artificial intelligence). Art: Rosa, … Continue reading

Canada Should Release Sabrina Meng Wanzhou

…or suffer consequences of being duped into a war with China for  kidnapping a women cherished by China’s elite. Free Sabrina Meng Wanzhou. America requests that Canada arrest on 1 December a woman who is the daughter of a Chinese … Continue reading

Meng Case is Sovereignty Issue. Trudeau abdicated to Trump.

Kidnapping star female executives from the boardroom of any company is wrongful, Canada. China has canceled orders to Canada for canola, pork, soy beans, peas and other food commodities. China hasn’t cut off Canada yet. China is just being strict … Continue reading

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