Trump/MbS Abduct, Murder "Enemy of the people"

Theory of a Crime: America & Saudi are Co-Accused

Donald Trump is part of a crime chain of informed and perhaps unintentional but likely intentional collaborators in the murder of Jamal Kashoggi.

Saudi intelligence sources critical of the splintered leadership of Saudi Arabia, concur.

Regardless, Trump, for two years, has campaigned with extensible assaults coming even from the President of the United States in the Oval Office, worsening by month, inciting rancour and violence against journalists.

Donald Trump has marginalized women journos to the point of dangerous extremism, a risk that was realized last week with the rape & murder of Journo Viktoria Marinova.

The result has been a massive increase in the deaths of  journalists. Putting the facts together, future historians will likely say for example that Trump led the attack against the Capital Gazette which killed five very decent people. The same applies to Jamal Khashoggi.

by Micheal John, Writer | Editor

First Lady Melania, joined by White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner and Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump, participate in the arrival ceremonies, Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the Royal Court Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Official White House Photo Shealah Craighead) A Dangerous Family Affair — First Lady Melania, joined by White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner and Assistant to the President, his wife Ivanka Trump, participate in the arrival ceremonies, Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the Royal Court Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Official White House Photo Shealah Craighead)

A Family Affair

Saudi Arabia’s official intelligence infrastructure is disowning attacks on Jamal Khashoggi or that there was any official Saudi operation to extract Jamal Khashoggi although it had been discussed.

Trump chortled a rehearsed line when asked about Khashoggi: “it’s in Turkey, and it’s not a citizen, as I understand it,” was his stumbling answer.

Donald Trump has shown a propensity to look at people as either useful or disposable (Read some of his tweets.) which might explain why, as required by law, the USA did not warn Mr. Khashoggi that he faced a clear and present danger.

Unequivocally the US intelligence community knew of the threat sufficiently to commit it to paper in briefings on Saudi Arabia according to numerous public domain reports including the Washington Post and the New York Times, and also confirmed through sources.

MbS had reached out to Trump about Jamal Khashoggi a few times between September 2017 and the end of August 2018 according to US sources familiar with Saudi Arabia.

Mohammad al-Otaibi must have thought he won a lottery.

On September 28, the Consul General of Saudi Arabia to Istanbul Turkey, Mohammad al-Otaibi, was in a position to earn credit with MbS when he learned that Jamal Khashoggi was inside his consulate that Friday looking for documents he needed to facilitate his remarriage. An appointment was set for 2 October in phone conversations while Kashoggi was present in another room.

Khashoggi was Not a Diehard Activist against MbS

One of the things truly notable about Jamal Khashoggi, no matter what the Washington Post may tell you,  is that Khashoggi has never until 2017 been a friend of Saudi human rights defenders. In absolute terms, Khashoggi has been quite the opposite.

But Kashoggi shifted teams (any decent person would on the evidence of the Crown Prince’s conduct) and history speaks to the fact that in the world of despots, an about-face will get you killed. It did.

Trump and MbS have similar bad Character

Apart from their collusion to together commit and then whitewash a violent massacre of children in a school bus on 9 August 2018, the two have exhibited total lack of empathy for any part of the human race.

Saudi Arabia’s new Leader is much like Donald Trump. Paranoid, dictatorial, abusive, misogynistic, rich, unscrupulous; and MbS is a bully too.

Like Trump MbS cannot tolerate being told he is wrong or to be criticised in any manner. Above all he cannot fathom those he has taken into his circle of trust turning against him. Boom. He explodes. Read his background.

Because Jamal lived in Virginia, MbS Reaches to American Friends

The line of communication to Trump was through Jared Kushner and the purpose of the communication was to inject the whisper of a pending action against Khashoggi and a test of the reaction.

The Washington Post and the New York Times have reported that their sources close to the gathering process of this type of information confirm that that US intelligence groups had information to say that MbS  was planning to lure or abduct Khashoggi back to Riyadh to face allegations of wrongdoing in his critical reports since September 2017 when he sought exile in the United States.

Signals intelligence experts from a sideline nation have revealed some additional information to what has been published by the Washington Post and the New York Times. Many sources which are typically well-briefed are confirming the two papers’ reportage.

Trump and MbS: Murder of elderly, children, womenConspiracy of Cowards (Art: Rosa Yamamoto)

The Discussion With Trump in Advance of the Crime

Melissa Hemingway reports that before 28 September a discussion arose about Jamal Khashoggi in the White House. This dialogue was inspired by a chain link communication from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MbS) who said he contemplated luring Jamal Khashoggi back to Riyadh and holding him accountable for alleged crimes against the state.

Donald Trump is on the record inspiring violence toward Journalists. He says the Press is the “Enemy of the People”

The perception among authoritarians is that Donald Trump will not admonish or penalize state actors for abducting or killing journalists. This was checked by Feminine Perspective Magazine, asking sources close to authorities in Israel, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and the United States. But deeds, speak.

The Capital Gazette Massacre on June 28 got barely a reaction from Trump while colleagues across the country cried their hearts out.

Gone but not forgottenMaryland: Capital Gazette Massacre on June 28 — The victims were identified as Rob Hiaasen, 59, a former feature writer for The Baltimore Sun who joined the Capital Gazette in 2010 as an assistant editor and columnist; Wendi Winters, 65, a community correspondent who headed special publications; Gerald Fischman, 61, the editorial page editor; John McNamara, 56, a staff writer who had covered high school, college and professional sports for decades; and Rebecca Smith, 34, a sales assistant hired in November. Photos: Sun Media and the Baltimore Sun

The White House decision to not interfere with bin Salman’s mission was advanced by security advisor John Bolton.  Talking point focus would be “He is not an American Citizen”.

“He is not an American Citizen,” is not valid excuse to not warn Mr. Khashoggi

Since September 2017, Mr. Kashoggi was in the midst of applying for American Citizenship but was admitted to the USA in a limited fashion. His plan with fiancee Hatice Cengiz was to live between Turkey and the United states.

MbS Was Reported to be Livid at Khashoggi

Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, head of the forensic medicine department at the Saudi interior ministry

Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, (the clean-up guy) head of the forensic medicine department at the Saudi interior ministry.  ( (

Between 28 September and 2 October MbS sought to vent his anger at Mr. Khashoggi.

Finally, a subset of the House of Saud now running the country under MbS in a brutal manner, put together two teams including this man (Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi) who has the unique skill of chopping up bodies into small pieces for disposal. He is a clean up man in this mission.

Chronology of the Murder

2 October at  3:13 a.m., a general aviation flight carrying nine Saudi officials from various departments arrived at the general aviation side of Ataturk Airport in Istanbul having departed from Riyadh,  according to their manifest, clight plan and the Turkish news outlet Sabah. The aircraft type was a Gulfstream IV registered to the corporate owner of Sky Prime Aviation Services, Riyadh.

2 October at 1:14 p.m., Jamal Khashoggi, leaving his fiancee at the sidewalk, entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to attend a preset appointment with a consulate clerk. Little did he know that clerk had been told not to return after lunch break.

2 October 4:49 p.m., a second Sky Prime Aviation Services flight reported on final. It apparently carried six Saudi officials to Ataturk Airport.

2 October 6:20 p.m. the latter flight departed Ataturk for Cairo enroute to Riyadh.

2 October 10:46 p.m., the first G-IV departed Istanbul for Dubai.

3 October 01:10 a.m. approx., Hatice Cengiz, Mr. Khashoggi’s fiancee departed the Consulate area after waiting over 11 hours, to go to her hotel.

3 October, 05:34 a.m. Feminine Perspective reported Jamal Khashoggi was missing. (Trump, King Salman, we want our people released.)

13 October – Mr. Khashoggi, on the evidence and on statements of the Turkish investigative authorities, is presumed deceased. No remains are yet recovered, but that could change at any minute.


Assembled from bits of video, here are the all the two-team members.

Warning: these are presumed to be armed and dangerous suspects of a Crime against Turkish and Internmational LawWarning: these men are presumed to be armed and dangerous suspects in a crime against Turkish and International Law. Source: Turkish Media Outlet, Sabah.

Some Recently Murdered Journalists

Name Organization Date Location Type of Death
Bernard Maris Freelance January 7, 2015 France Murder
Bernard Verlhac (Tignous) Freelance January 7, 2015 France Murder
Christopher Iban Lozada DBXF Prime Broadcasting Network October 24, 2017 Philippines Murder
Daphne Caruana Galizia Running Commentary October 16, 2017 Malta Murder
Elsa Cayat Freelance January 7, 2015 France Murder
Georges Wolinski Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015 France Murder
Gerald Fischman Capital Gazette June 28, 2018 USA Murder
Jamal Khashoggi Washington Post October 2, 2018 Saudi Arabia (Consulate) Murder
Jean Cabut (Cabu) Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015 France Murder
Joaquin Briones Remate March 13, 2017 Philippines Murder
John McNamara Capital Gazette June 28, 2018 USA Murder
Larry Que Catanduanes News Now December 20, 2016 Philippines Murder
Moustapha Ourrad Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015 France Murder
Philippe Honoré Freelance January 7, 2015 France Murder
Rob Hiaasen Capital Gazette June 28, 2018 USA Murder
Stephane Charbonnier (Charb) Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015 France Murder
Wendi Winters Capital Gazette June 28, 2018 USA Murder

Data assembled by  FPM  from various trade associations to which FPM journos belong.

By Numerous Evidence, the crime is connected to MbS

Two of the men who were on the team that was sent to Istanbul, Turkey to kill Jamal Khashoggi are members of the bodyguard team of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MbS) .

The US national security adviser, John Bolton, appeared to cast doubt on Turkey’s version of events surrounding Khashoggi’s disappearance, suggesting that, because Turkey and Saudi Arabia had been historical foes, another “operation” may have taken place.

At the time of Mr. Khashogi’s deathFPM was aggressively pursuing other stories related to civil rights in Saudi Arabia after trailing numerous alleged Islamic State war criminals into that country and establishing a series of connections.

Meanwhile in Syria and Iraq, parent organization RINJ Foundation had since 2012 established a solid relationship with some Turkish military components and some very high levels of contact in the Turkish government diplomatic corps.

While considerable anxt exists between the groups over a gender equality issue, there is an ‘agree-not-to-agree‘ rapport outside of that issue. Concomitantly mutual respect has been earned in many spheres. In the case of the Jamal Khashoggi matter, the Turkish National Intelligence organization internally known as the MiT has always rendered the most accurate of intelligence on its own matters. Presently the Turkish authorities say they have been working with a Saudi team.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told the BBC he feared such disappearances would happen more regularly and become a “new normal”.

FPM and all of Civil Society urges that the parties in Saudi and the United States answer the following questions.


These Revised Questions must have Answers//

  1. From the time Saudi Arabia became responsible for the personal safety of invited consulate attendee, Jamal Khashoggi, on 2 October, 13:14 hrs local time in Istanbul (4330 Beşiktaş), and explaining the audio recordings of events nearby the Consul General’s office from 13:20 to 14:30 hrs. localtime  what exactly happened to Jamal Khashoggi?
  2. Jamal Khashoggi is an American resident and journalist. He lives in the USA. He writes a regular column for the Washington Post. Did Mohammad bin Salman ( MbS) tell Donald Trump or did Trump know by other channels that the Crown Prince would launch an aggression against the American journalist?
  3. Donald Trump relies on Mohammad bin Salman‘s Saudi Arabia for many billions USD in arms sales for the American economy and financial support for the Republican Party’s current election campaign. The two men are close. That may be why Trump whitewashed the slaughter of dozens of children on 9 August with his bomb, his guidance, his targeting, and an American-made Saudi airplane with a US-trained Saudi pilot. Will Trump also whitewash the disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi? (Ed. note:  Every time Trump opens his mouth on this matter he looks like a conspirator to murder.)
  4. Will the global community now finally join Civil Society and press the ICC to hold Mohammad bin Salman accountable for the busload of children he and his American friends massacred on 9 August?
  5. For months The RINJ Foundation a Canada-based Civil Society NGO has warned the globe in every way possible that human rights in Saudi Arabia and throughout the region of its influence have taken a dive. In fact, Saudi Arabia led by MbS, as a sole leader, is responsible for many thousands of civilian deaths and a litany of war crimes and human rights violations. Will the UN Secretary General backed by a majority of General Assembly members urge for a halt to the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia?

According to Melissa Hemingway who has been lobbying on behalf of The RINJ Foundation for the release of several imprisoned women and men activists whom the Saudis have threatened to kill, “this does not imply a good outcome for the women activists we want freed from Saudi Arabia.”

Women human rights defenders imprisoned in 2018 by Saudi Arabia

  • Israa al-Ghomgham
  • Samar Badawi
  • Nassima al-Saadah
  • Hatoon al-Fassi
  • Loujain al-Hathloul
  • etceteras

Men human rights defenders also imprisoned in 2018 by Saudi Arabia

  • Aziza al-Yousef
  • Nouf Abdelaziz
  • Mayaa al-Zahrani
  • Ibrahim al-Modaimeegh
  • Abdulaziz Meshaal
  • Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi

While those who have followed or covered this story are not especially hopeful of a good outcome, it still has not fully sunk in that Jamal would have been killed as the Turks accuse the Saudis, on 2 October. The only response we have been able to obtain from the Saudis is that Mr. Khashoggi came and went on 2 October. We have been unable to contact the actual clerk we believe Mr. Khashoggi would have attended in Istanbul for the purpose of obtaining a completed divorce.

Jamal’s file is not closed.

Women are Urging for the release of human rights defenders from Saudi Prisons

By Unknown - Loujain Alhathloul via OTRS system, CC BY-SA 4.0, University of British Columbia student (Canada) Loujain Alhathloul  (dob 31 July 1989) Photo By Submitted – via OTRS system, CC BY-SA 4.0

This is Israa-al-Ghomgham and the Saudis want to kill her because she demonstrated on behalf of Shi'ite Muslims but Saudi population and the House of Saud is Sunni Muslim This is Israa al-Ghomgham. The Saudis want to execute her because she demonstrated on behalf of Shi’ite Muslims but Saudi population and the House of Saud are Sunni Muslim. She has been imprisoned in harsh conditions for 33 months. If the House of Saud beheads this women, Feminine-Perspective predicts the eventual end of the House of Saud. (Photo Credit: Screen capture from Saudi TV)

Feminine Perspective