Botched Kidnap: Jamal Khashoggi's Murder

Saudi Arabia Must Step Up & Own the Events of 2 October

The world now knows what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, a human-rights defending writer. The amalgam of mainstream media reports yields an accurate summation of what Feminine-Perspective sources indicate happened to the enlightened academic. Blanks will hopefully be filled in by the Turks.

Saudi Arbia's Consular Office in IstanbulSaudi Arabia’s Consular Office in Istanbul. Photo Credit: Behar Abbasi

by Micheal John, Writer | Editor

Information from Turkish investigators plus scuttlebutt from intelligence operatives who know some of the Saudis on the 15-member Saudi-Istanbul kidnap team, are together revealing.  This third party information however is hearsay that proves nothing beyond a doubt.

With that warning we share to our readers what we have been told by people integrel to events who prefer to stay in the shadows of a very nasty crisis (heads may roll as a result of a monstrous Saudi Arabia screwup).

The Saudi Arabia Screwup

Feminine-Perspective sources with connections to (MbS) insist that Donald Trump through channels was given advanced notice that Trump’s friend the Crown Prince intended to waylay Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, in violation of Turkish law, and bring Jamal Khashoggi indirectly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia via Cairo.

One of the unlikely coincidences of these times is that while Saudi Arabia is spending hundreds of billions of US dollars on arms deals with American manufacturers that support Donald Trump and the US-backed  slaughter that is taking place in Yemen, US relations with Turkey have run chilly just as Saudi-Turk relations have also tanked.

There are numerous other issues at play in the region which have enhanced these tensions. It is no less true that both Saudi Arabia and the United States have deliberately violated Turkish sovereignty with both (likely unlawful) acts and insult.

Scurrilous Conduct of Unscrupulous Leaders

Observers are being quoted saying the US and Saudi have joined Russia and North Korea in participating in scurrilous state-sponsored attacks on individuals while assailing sovereign rights of other nations as was done to Indonesia and Britain by the DPRK and Russia when they killed or attempted to kill individuals their leaders decided they did not like.

Trump, according to sources familiar with this information, was given time to object between the afternoon of 28 September and the early morning of 2 October 2018.

Trump didn’t object.Trump  still doesn’t object. 

 Trump said yesterday that, “I would not be in favour of stopping a country from spending $110 billion — which is an all-time record — and letting Russia have that money and letting China have that money.”  (Trump  refers to the bombs and other armaments Saudi Arabia buys from the US to aid its killing of thousands of Shia Muslim civilians in Yemen.)

Crown Prince Bin Salman said this week,  “I assure you that the reports that suggest Jamal Khashoggi went missing in the consulate in Istanbul or that the kingdom’s authorities have detained him or killed him are absolutely false, and baseless.”

Saudis Botched a Kidnapping when Mohammad al-Otaibi played ‘Doctor’

Feminine-Perspective sources have maintained since 2 October, that Jamal Khashoggi was the victim of an extraction attempt. That would have been a risky and less preferred undertaking for operatives who would face a sizeable Turkish security infrastructure that is skilled at overseeing the comings and goings of persons of interest.

Our sources did not at first ascribe the bumbling incompetence of the Saudis as is now appearing to be a complication, and thus an otherwise-inexplicable set of distortions. Or they preferred not to believe the worst speculation.

An Apparent Fool Plays Doctor

Consider the possibility that Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has not heard a truthful report of the incompetent bungling of the Khashoggi arrest team. (Jamal Khashoggi Was to be Whisked out of Turkey)

Sources allege Consul General of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad al-Otaibi is guilty of administering a ‘conscious sedation’ benzodiazepine drug (like maybe Midazolam, or Midazolam-fentanyl dosed similarly in strength to a rape drug) to Jamal Khashoggi.

Under the influence of this type of drug, Jamal would experience no agitation or alarm. He would be pliable, cooperative, unable to resist. He could be disguised to look like another person and walked through the brief oversight given to transients coming and going by private jets like the Gulfstream IV in which he would likely have been whisked away to land eventually in Saudi Arabia.

That is a very serious violation of Turkish law and an extreme insult to the country’s diplomatic hospitality in an era wherein state-sponsored assaults and assassinations on foreign soil have annoyed every member of the UNSC making headlines world wide.

Jamal Khashoggi had an adverse reaction?

Normally intravenous support plus oxygen must be available and administered on symptomatic indications to a patient when a pre-anaesthetic or a conscious sedation is used to reduce agitation and anxiety during angioplasty or endoscopy procedures, for examples. The drugs make the patient calm and pliable. You can pretty much do what you want to the patient without them moving a muscle in protest. Or they can go into a coma.

The pharmaceutical monograms for midazolam describe coma, hypoxic events,  and unconsciousness  as a risk of regular dosing but especially overdose. Those effects are exacerbated when other factors exist like mixing medications or alcohol. Drugs like this should only be administered by a specialized medical practitioner (most often an anaesthesiologist which is a doctor who specializes in human sedation) in a clinic or hospital environment to a known patient, and only after all contraindications have been investigated.

Jamal probably was in a high state of anxiety from the outset. There was no clerk available to handle his matter for which he had an arranged appointment since 28 September.

Theory: Jamal was ushered to the office of Mohammad al-Otaibi, the Consul General.  Jamal was given tea or coffee, laced with a drug.  The effects are present within minutes. Jamal was overdosed.

It is even possible that an antidote was administered by injection (flumazenil?) which may have even killed Mr.  Khashoggi. In any case we are told that he had an unexpected reaction and an eventful afternoon was about to begin at a consulate that had been emptied of staff since lunch time. Turkish civilian workers gladly took the afternoon off with pay.

Mr. Khashoggi was removed from Mohammad al-Otaibi’s office around 2:30pm in an unhealthy and possibly critical condition. Plan B was put into place. Numerous sources now say that a human remains disposal effort was conducted thereafter.

Inadvertent drug-induced Coma ends goal of Khashoggi’s placid exit through Istanbul’s General Aviation Area?

It can be a game of Russian Roulette randomly administering a sedation to an elderly patient (approaching 60) who may have consumed some alcohol for lunch or used a prescribed pain reliever; maybe takes anti-angina meds; or antihypertensive medications (high blood pressure).

With a capture-or-kill mandate the Saudi extraction team was faced with a target needing hospitalization and the probable arrest of over a dozen Saudi Arabia nationals would be more or less caught in the act of administering a detectable quasi rape drug. Add to their angst their probable worry about the wrath of their shot-caller, a ruthless Crown Prince who might behead every person on the team and then some.

  1. The killed Jamal and disposed of him.
  2. Without an autopsy, the forensics of Jamal’s death will never be known exactly.
  3. Turkish authorities say they will probably resolve this matter and plan to do some digging, literally.

These Revised Questions must have Answers//

  1. From the time Saudi Arabia became responsible for the personal safety of invited consulate attendee, Jamal Khashoggi, on 2 October, 13:14 hrs local time in Istanbul (4330 Beşiktaş), what exactly happened to Jamal Khashoggi?
  2. Jamal Khashoggi is an American resident and journalist. He lives in the USA. He writes a regular column for the Washington Post. Did Mohammad bin Salman ( MbS) tell Donald Trump or did Trump know by other channels that the Crown Prince would launch an aggression against the American journalist?
  3. Donald Trump relies on Mohammad bin Salman‘s Saudi Arabia for many billions USD in arms sales for the American economy and financial support for the Republican Party’s current election campaign. The two men are close. That may be why Trump whitewashed the slaughter of dozens of children on 9 August with his bomb, his guidance, his targeting, and an American-made Saudi airplane with a US-trained Saudi pilot. Will Trump also whitewash the disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi? (Ed. note:  Every time Trump opens his mouth on this matter he looks like a conspirator to murder.)
  4. Will the global community now finally join Civil Society and press the ICC to hold Mohammad bin Salman accountable for the busload of children he and his American friends massacred on 9 August?
  5. For months The RINJ Foundation a Canada-based Civil Society NGO has warned the globe in every way possible that human rights in Saudi Arabia and throughout the region of its influence have taken a dive. In fact, Saudi Arabia led by MbS, as a sole leader, is responsible for many thousands of civilian deaths and a litany of war crimes and human rights violations. Will the UN Secretary General backed by a majority of General Assembly members urge for a halt to the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia?


Civil Society demands release of the following persons who are human rights defenders imprisoned in 2018 by Saudi Arabia

  • Israa al-Ghomgham
  • Samar Badawi
  • Nassima al-Saadah
  • Hatoon al-Fassi
  • Loujain al-Hathloul
  • etceteras

Men human rights defenders also imprisoned in 2018 by Saudi Arabia

  • Aziza al-Yousef
  • Nouf Abdelaziz
  • Mayaa al-Zahrani
  • Ibrahim al-Modaimeegh
  • Abdulaziz Meshaal
  • Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi (Until learning otherwise, he was in the care and custody of Saudi Arabia since 1:14PM local time, Istanbul, Turkey.)

Saudi Arabia is no longer a kingdom but a brutal dictatorship. Additional background follows:

September 2018

August 2018