Don’t kill North Koreans.

Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea (more accurately, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK)) may be a ‘cockroach’ as much of the world sees him but the people of North Korea are the same, beautiful, hard-working families you would find in the south–except that they are very sad.

Mr. Kim is, on the evidence the world has seen, a ruthless, murdering cockroach who has been hard to kill even by the geriatric power-base of Pyongyang. He is a deviant-minded, intelligent, kleptocratic, despotic, calculating leader for the flag of North Korea and the Kim legacy. Mr. Kim is not for his people.

Nobody is caring for the twenty five million people of the DPRK.  The value of their lives to Mr. Kim is zero.

Did the people sent to the UN  Security Council representing you and me feel the same disdain as Mr. Kim or did they just forget about the 25 million real North Koreans?

The Status of Women in the DPRK

Women play an important role in DPRK society, politics, and economics. More than a few have escaped North Korea to tell their life’s story with caution so as not to endanger family left behind.

Many women have found ways to communicate more or less freely with the outside world. But North Korea has far too many secrets for us to really understand the complicated DPRK spectacle. We suspect that there are no monsters, only very poor, sad, tired millions. Sad.

The parliament of North Korea is comprised of 17% women and the general labour force is roughly 50/50 male/female. The latter does not apply to the charmed jobs which like the rest of the world are male dominated, but Communist Party women with a Party lineage can rise to high status in the DPRK.

The DPRK government’s official position is that the nation is fully gender equal.

If that were true Kim Yo-jong, Mr. Kim’s 4-years younger sister might have taken the helm long ago (Mr. Kim is a sick man.)

Also, the military and industrial complexes would be comprised in the boardrooms of 50% female seats. That is not the case. There are none. North Korea is a rampantly sexist nation.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineOk, so where are the women?

Pyongyang’s claim of being a gender-equal nation doesn’t mean much anyway in a country where people have such enormous restrictions on their rights. Sad.

Today ordinary women in the provinces of the DPRK fear for the safety of their families. They are proud but angry that their condition is so fragile. They are hungry. Some are starving. They don’t really like Mr. Kim. He is not nice to real Koreans. They hurt. They are losing hope. They will not fight you or stand behind those who do. They are frightened all the time.

Their brainwashed men cannot care for their families. In Korean tradition, that is a humiliation that some say is the motivation of suicide fighters. Mr. Kim exploits the desperation of the poor and blames the “imperialist West”. Sad.

North Korean Civilians were once thought of as “Savages” and Massacred in the millions By American Carpet Bombing

The end of the 1950-1953 Korean war did not go well. America had slaughtered some 30% of the North’s civilian population. The war had to end but how? Ceasefire. Canada tried to broker a treatised end to hostilities but the US resented Canada’s liberal-humanitarian ways (Lester B. Pearson) and kyboshed every effort. That war has consequently never ended.

The last deed of war was a crime against humanity by the United States. It was despicable conduct and a deliberate assault on the peasants of North Korea for which the United States should have been called to task. Leaders should have been hung. This crime was on a par with the crime of Nazi Germany slaughtering 20 million Russians many months prior. You must try and understand the anger and the pain of the North Korean people. This is not Korean propaganda, it’s the cold truth that people are afraid to say. Lester Pearson must be rolling in his grave.

North Koreans are very nice people IN BIG TROUBLE

In most of Asia there is a two-class system: the poor and the elite, the latter being a tiny percentage of the whole.

Consequently it is not surprising to see that in the DPRK there are the concentration camp workers (200,000); there are the poor (25,000,000); and then there are the elite (200,000 to a million including bureacrats, industrialists and families of senior military people.) That is cynically described in generalities, but fair.

Pyongyang under the Kim regime lies about everything with unabated fibs or huge facades that are outlandish (including years of parades with giant cardboard-fake missiles).

Carboard Missiles or real ones?

The disparity between the poor and the elite in the DPRK is a quantum immeasurable. The elite have beautiful ski, beach and golf playgrounds, and the poor have a scant meal a day or less. The poor don’t have bathrooms. They don’t go to Starbucks. They eat worm sometimes. They eat a lot of grass like cows do. They work endlessly. Most of what they produce is taken from them. Those that speak out are killed or sent to concentration camps as far as we know.

In the past six years, just like all over Asia, North Korea has a grey economy of street and night markets where phony currency, documents and fake merchandise are turned into coin. It has enhanced the economy of the poor to some extent. Otherwise, because of sanctions imposed since 2006 against the DPRK and the Kim dynasty, life sucks for millions of people who are very nice.

the grey market

Mr. Kim makes certain the elite party members are very well cared for and kept in luxury. The elite of the DPRK live in the magical city of Pyongyang, an extraordinary set of facades that any Hollywood set designer would drool over. These privileged are required to be worshipers of Mr. Kim’s leadership and unwavering adherents to the Communist Party. If not, they are killed or (rarely) sent to a concentration camp.

Don’t look too hard down your nose and get cross-eyed. This is exactly the conduct we are seeing elsewhere in Asia as in Myanmar, India, Turkey, Iran and the Philippines Republic not to mention several nations in Africa. The elite live in the major centres and are required to enhance the status of an authoritarian government while the poor are exploited mercilessly.

Children farmers?Looks like Exploitation of children farm workers but not sure. Poor Children Collecting food. It's ordinary grass.

Many Peasants eat grass to live.

The DPRK leader, Mr. Kim and his close family plus a few ultra elite live in a maze of underground mansions and tunnels somewhere in North Korea.

This very small few elitists, clinging to their fancy golf clubs and despising the sunburnt peasant farmers with their missing teeth are now jeopardizing the lives of 25 million ordinary peasants. And you are helping these Stockholm Syndromed bigots. Did you know that?

Starving 25M Civilians because they have a Cockroach Leader is not Just

There is no justice in North Korea but that does not give the rest of the world the right to be unjust.

The United Nations Secretary General has bravely spoken in favour of nuclear disarmament at a time when somebody has to speak out about the obvious. If there is a preponderance of nuclear nations the odds increase that some lunatic is going to threaten their use or crazily start hitting the buttons of real  global nuclear war. You can clearly see two lunatics doing exactly that: the sexist pig in the Whitehouse and the Cockroach in Pyongyang. Got it? Dotard and RocketMan as they call each other.

Past sins and rude rhetoric are not solved with violence. Direct dialogue is needed. We the people need to keep the sexist pigs and the cockroaches out of public office but that is a whole other problem. Giving them nuclear weapons was suicidal. We the people are fools hooked on the fantasy of Hollywood and video games so badly we can’t see reality?

Be joyful and believe that it is not too late to wake up.


So why is the world beating to death with sanctions on food and oil the poor, sad, unsupported people of Korea. Why?

Is it because America has lost sight of the ideals that gave it birth? America’s sins of the past are not acknowledged but is the world looking down or away in shame over North Korea?

The past can’t be forgotten nor forgiven without dialogue and eventual understanding.

Don’t kill North Koreans. Feed our fellow humans and help them get back on their feet and bring about a democratic change. Authoritarianism has been tried. There have been no benevolent dictators since Tito and there never will be.

If the people then decide cockroaches don’t belong in the house they can exile a few, but don’t kill one civilian to get to that point.



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Do not harm a hair on her pretty head.

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