Obama – Abadi Mosul War Crimes Begin

The world is smaller; new laws apply to the globe; and small men can never again be abusers of massive numbers of ordinary citizens with impunity, says RINJ Foundation international lawyers.

International laws like the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court call for leaders to take responsibility for the war crimes of the armies they command (or co-command).

Barrack Obama and Haider al-Abadi will be called to account for a series of atrocities that has just begun and that they must stop immediately.

As Islamic State cowards flee from Mosul leaving behind their foreign fighters who have no place to go and therefore can only fight doggedly to the death, more cowards who torture Mosul children and abuse Mosul refugees are storming toward Mosul allegedly 100,000 strong, to take the place of the fleeing Daesh.

Leading the charge toward Mosul city are white British special operations mobile units and American special operations anti-mine, armoured gun platforms.

Iraqi soldiers follow in massive numbers and on three fronts a potpourri of Shiite, Iranian, local Christian and angry Iraqi Shia who have had a centuries-old hate on for the people of Mosul are getting ready to storm Mosul.

This must stop. No corridor for SAFE evacuation of civilians has been provided.

The leaders who brought on this premature attack of Mosul are Barack Obama and Haider al-Abadi despite resolute warnings and solid data foretelling the likelihood for a humanitarian catastrophe.

al-Abadi and Obama pushed ahead regardless of warnings from every direction with what now appears to be a bloody revenge attack against unarmed civilians of Mosul.

There are relatively no Daesh in the city proper of 600-900 thousand people being invaded by a claimed 100,000-man Army.

US and Iraqi Intelligence knows those details which they have alleged to be the facts.

Both Abadi and Obama seem to have launched on their own call, a messy slaughter of innocent civilians for personal and political gain of these men.

Knowingly these two men bring about the torture and death of Mosul citizens. Thus far only Iraqi soldiers have claimed to have tortured Moslawi children however the reports of abuses by Peshmerga operators are legion. There are no claims made against American or British soldiers up to the point of nightfall October 20.

The slaughter of 500,000 Iraqis by America from 2003 to 2011 has not been overlooked and the Baghdad-driven abuse of Moslawis from 2011 to 2014 has also not been overlooked.

This prior appearance of war-crime lends to the current allegations. The current slaughter of innocents in Mosul will not be overlooked. New international laws of the Rome Statute brings responsibility for war crimes to the leaders of the perpetrators.

al-Abadi and Obama will face accusations of war crime and are being warned to cease and desist the torture and abuse of Mosul citizens forthwith.