From Inside Mosul: Imprisoned by Abadi & Daesh

Update: On the 20th of October the Iraqi Prime Minister said that all efforts were being made to provide “humanitarian corridors” for Mosul citizens. From all observations it would seem that the invasion’s advance has been halted. A multi-nation ‘committee’ is meeting in Paris to discuss the humanitarian aspects of the “Mosul Liberation”. Meanwhile residents escaping from Mosul are being detained in internment camps south of Erbil and subjected to security screening.

If the people of Mosul tell their stories, the embarrassment ‘blowback’ in Iraq and across continents will be enormous.

Heads will roll if Mosul talks.

Maybe that is why the politically embattled Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi wants Moslawis imprisoned in the city of Mosul with Daesh?

Does Baghdad want to avoid having to face Moslawis telling their story:

  1. The brutality and abuses of Baghdad against Mosul following the 2011 withdrawal of American occupation and before the city was forced to become part of the Islamic State Caliphate in mid 2014;
  2. the lies about over-grown population to increase shares of oil money for the Baghdad-appointed city managers;
  3. the blackmail and extortion of citizens by (Shiite) army and police officials from 2011 to 2014;
  4. the American “advisors” left over from the American occupation of Mosul from 2003 until 2011 have not done their nation proud either;
  5. the abuses and the rape of women and children by authorities which set up and operated more checkpoints than Daesh ever did until recently; and
  6. the stupendous exaggerations of armed forces personnel and police so that Baghdad’s local Generals and Colonels could scoop $millions in over payments, sharing the spoils with cheque issuers in Baghdad.

Mosul is already a humanitarian disaster and the Coalition (with hundreds of $billion in bullets and bomb systems to expend)  know that to be true:

  • The United States seems to be stating it’s presence downwards in Iraq and has now apparently told CNN there are only 500 persons involved in the Mosul operation. (Last week the Pentagon’s story was that there are “Five thousand US military personnel in Iraq working on the Mosul operation”.) [We believe the USA has lost influence in Baghdad but has tried to avert the humanitarian disaster now in its incipient stages.]
  • France’s foreign minister is scrambling to put together an urgent international meeting for a stabilization plan for Mosul as the push to free the city from the Islamic State group advances and more civilians are being killed or turned back to the city to be killed later.
  • Last night the Iraqi PM Abadi’s troops turned back a group of families trying to escape from Mosul.
  • Ninety-Eight thousand men, armed to the teeth, are helping the Islamic State imprison Moslawis in Mosul just as the Islamic State has done for two years. They may all die here.

France’s Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault wants to gather more than 20 countries and international organisations to come up with a plan to protect civilians, distribute aid and address questions about governing areas newly liberated by the Islamic State group. France suspects the probability of an enormous humanitarian disaster?

Better late than never. Thanks, France, which has also lost so many innocent civilians to Islamist psychopaths it has maybe an esprit de corps with Mosul–feelings of loyalty, enthusiastic support, and devotion to a group among truly good people who have felt the evil incarnate of Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi.

Moslawis must be given a safe passage corridor from Mosul.

It is no less true for the denials, the United Nations and the nation of Iraq have categorically failed their humanitarian role in Mosul.  It is even possible that Abadi has a blood lust for the population of Mosul. What a rout!

The existing camps in northern Iraq are horrible for the people living there and there really is no more room for displaced persons. The UN says it can take in another 40 to a hundred thousand people if it can find space but that is not evident in the resources we inspected yesterday.

Moreover, the people of the Kurdish Region of Iraq that we talked to want mega-millions to buy or rent land to comprise an IDP Camp.

In any case, the humanitarian action to support the people of Mosul has not happened. That needs to change. It’s not too late but things must move fast. The UN needs money it does not have. Nation state members must open their collective wallets.

Read this hastily prepared response at the last minute:  Humanitarian_issues-mosul_17october2016

No matter what humanitarian resources, at some point, Moslawis living on the plains in makeshift tents will be better than getting slaughtered in Mosul.

If there really are 98,000 fighters attacking Mosul with good intentions, surely there are enough soldiers to provide escape corridors for those Moslawis who will at first sneak out and eventually flee en masse.


But the unofficial Baghdad attitude toward Moslawis is, ‘they get what they deserve’.

Are Moslawis the Constituents of Abadi or are they the enemy of his Iranian Masters?

Members of Abadi’s government in Baghdad say “you Moslawis let these people take over, so whatever happens to you is on you--stay put in Mosul until we kill all the Sunni Daesh among you”.

Confining Moslawis to Mosul was The Islamic State’s (IS) plan too. Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, the supreme Caliph of the Islamic State has decreed that Mosul should remain as a major city and its people must remain and do the work of Allah, living each day for the “God” of the Caliphate.


Humanitarian Help for Moslawis Came From The Religious Side of the Daesh House.

Some efforts were made by Daesh on its religious side to provide social assistance to people who had no work and no money (which is 75% of the population now.) Probably the leadership of Daesh hated this but often there was a need to apease the pious religious group or the terrorists would loose their ability to act as Muslim imposters.

That Muslim kindness has not vanished entirely but because of the air attacks on Mosul’s social welfare reserves it is not sufficient to meet the challenge of a deprived population.

Workers who have been hired by Daesh have fared better than most Moslawis, but not much better.

The start of every path to Mosul's current plight has these two men somewhere near the start.

Every path to Mosul’s current plight has these two men somewhere near the start.

Perhaps America appreciates that fact and that is why the Islamic State in Mosul was offered a chance to pack up its leadership and fighters and go battle the American arch-rival al-Assad’s forces in Syria.

[The RINJ Foundation was first drawn to Syria in 2012 after al-Assad’s fighters began murdering children and raping women en masse. A closer look revealed that among all of the evil men in the region, Bashar al-Assad takes the cake. Then and now you can add a side-kick named Putin. Hence, right or wrong, there is no quibble with Daesh quashing the reign of terror emanating from Damascus. That would be an ironic twist of male culture: evil fighting evil–no good guys.]

(There is no limit to what evil men will do, men who believe in nothing but aggression, power and control. Many Daesh took the offer. That may have saved lives (thanks to America) which Abadi will now take with his overzealous clobbering of Mosul.)


Moslawis made compulsory trades with Daesh.

  • It is the biggest employer in the city.
  • It has a monopoly on survival.
  • You suck in your disgust and man the shovels counting the minutes until you get some dinars, near worthless in this inflated economy.

Deals with Daesh made by Moslawis were to feed themselves and preserve life.

Some people have accepted lashes and beatings in exchange for staying alive after being caught with a camera, cell phone or SIM chip. Or sending an email on the internet that might seem critical of the Caliphate..

Some deals with Daesh included digging trenches in exchange for not being beheaded.

Daesh usually keep those  promises and that way entice others to seek alternative sentencing from Sharia courts, and the shovels are manned and work gets done. It depends what the accuser wants or needs.

In 2015 Daesh launched a campaign to clean up the city. The Caliphate hired many young people to clean streets and plant flowers and bushes. That was before the bombs began to fall in greater number destroying so much of what was once loved about Mosul, including its children.

It Is Time

…Time to really help Moslawis. Let Mosul’s people leave By Creating Safe Passage Corridors

Daesh did not lie about the slaughtered civilians. One is too many. The bombs are killing or injuring the people of Mosul. Who cares? Nobody outside Mosul seems to care. Moslawis are dogs. Another dead puppy.

Women and girls have accepted the reality of being raped and kept their mouths shut in exchange for not being sold, not being taken prisoner indefinitely or to avoid being murdered. That is not much different to what was happening following the American withdrawal in 2011, but ten times worse than the Shiites.

Men and even moms watching their babies starve have taken any kind of work they can get. Some are even reluctant ‘soldiers’ now.

Shiite Iraq wants those Moslawis dead. That’s disgustingly unfair, unhumanitarian and is leading the world to witness Abadi’s mass murder.

The Peshmerga suspect everyone of being a Daesh spy. In Iraq, though, everyone is a spy for their own gain if the opportunity arises. There is nothing good to be loyal to.

Many people escaping from Mosul in the past two years have been badly mistreated.

In Iraq the economy has an impact on how people perceive Moslawis. There is so little of anything to go around in Iraq that another million competitors for jobs, food, clean water, shelter are not welcome.

The Iraqi economy is so terrible and with over three million displaced people owing to war and and poverty the disparity between the haves and the have-nots is huge.

The aloof, wine-drinking partiers, locals and foreigners in Erbil, Iraq do not care one iota about the children being sold away to Shia Militias seeking child soldiers or bought and sold for darker purposes in the Internally Displaced Person camps within a few kilometres of a luxurious life made from the proceeds of war.

The cash from the sale of women and children and the belongings of Moslawis has probably touched every hand that has fed and drunk in the nicer places of Erbil not far from churches packed with Christians who escaped hell in Mosul.

There is a certain distance like a great void between the desperate people and those who exploit them.

IS has done its utmost best to prevent families from leaving Mosul.

Daesh let people go away to school or work and to go forth and do the business of Mosul elsewhere in the world when a bond was posted including chattel agreements on the lives of their loved ones.

Besides the official passes, many Daesh fighters set up a business with Kurdish people to sell safe passage out of Mosul to Moslawis.

Kurds and Iraqis come in and out of the city to make business with Daesh and buy Yezidi girls plus make deals on stolen loot.

Last night some scared, ordinary families were sent back into Mosul by soldiers.

The Daesh have put those three families in a building above a bank not far from the entrance to the Mosul University on the south side of the University boulevard. It has been a hive of activity up until Daesh moved many of its operations underground in it’s deep bunkers connected to a tunnel network and where al-Baghdadi has probably been living and working since mid-summer this year.

Most aid groups claim that humanitarian action has been needed in Mosul for 28 months. Despite the collection of news releases that says the US-forces now amount to around 10,000 in the region, CNN says there are only 500 Americans here and when challenged says the information comes from the US government sources.

But that same same source must have apparently said there are 98,000 troops attacking Mosul including a magical expansion for 24,000 to 54,000 of the Iraqi Divisions and the growth of Peshmerga Forces to 40,000 strong. Additionally the propaganda machine says there are 15,000 mixed militiamen.  It did not mention the Iranian Division near Sulaymaniyah, nor the hard-core Shiite Militia at the Mosul Damn and not the friendly Turks near Bashiqa.

Despite those alarming sectarian truths the story about only “Sunni and Peshmerga” attacking Mosul is an outright lie and the people of Mosul must be allowed to leave. Tomorrow.

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Side Bar
Did you ever think that at some point the people of the world might get fed up with the lies, deceit and the inhumane exploitation of constituents by evil patriarchs believing in nothing but greed, power and control? 

Is it possible that world populations are electing incompetent, wild, anti-establishment loonies for that very reason? Think about Trump, Hillary, Duterte, Putin, Erdogan … a collection of real clowns with no alliances to the established patriarchs, just lone wolves with crazy, off-beat ideas.  What do you think? Will Abadi and Iran get away with a slaughter of civilians in Mosul?