Once again, on foreign policy, Trump is right. (Editorial)

CNN has been calling out Donald Trump for not roasting Moscow over the detainment of Ukrainian war vessels and crew.  The CNN article also cuts Trump for saying that Russia should be added to the G7 to make the G8. But it’s a good idea.

Editorial by Melissa Hemingway  Feminine Perspective Magazine, Senior Staff Writer

Trump is not a seasoned politician and doesn’t walk to the same beat as the other males in Washington DC’s halls of power. Businessmen tend to be inclusive. Make a friend: make a deal. Trump brought nuclear weapons and ballistic missile tests of North Korea to a full halt by being inclusive. Commendable.

Britain’s foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt was spewing rhubarbs at Moscow seemingly minutes after the Kerch Strait event without having a two-sided briefing on what happened, fully.

Mr. Hunt must be furious at Trump and the House of Saud for screwing up numerous plans for a ceasefire in Yemen and has a lot on his mind. But he should have checked for complete details on the Kerch Strait affair instead of counting on the old anti-Russia script to work.

This Kerch Strait drama went on for much of the day Sunday. The Russian Coast Guard lost its patience around 4:00 pm local time. The Ukrainians were pulled over by waterway cops–the Russian Coast guard because they acted like jackasses in armed artillery gunships. They had no right to behave the way they did. I watched the video and listened to audio from the VHF communications and was appalled.  It’s about time somebody stood strong against lunatics playing with their war toys and endangering civilians, especially on the water which for passengers can be spooky enough as it is, especially if one cannot swim well. The Coast Guard caught the offenders.

I have seen Russian soldiers do this in Syria: step out and say to an offensive man being a jerk,  “Hey, this must stop. You will otherwise hurt somebody.” I swear I have seen this. If the showoff doesn’t chill out and stop tossing grenades like a baseball around the bakery and fruit stalls that big Russian is going to pick him up and throw him away. I have seen that. People appreciate this mindedness. Patient soldiers walking around with size 12 boots but who protect ordinary people. It should be that way.

It’s not often that CNN gets it wrong but in this instance, CNN is blowing hard on geriatric anti-Soviet American propaganda without a thought of looking at both sides of the story.

Not everything Russia does is wrong. Far from it.

Not everything Trump does is wrong. Far from it.

Trump is  a misogynistic so-and-so and he should cough up compensation for the families of children killed in Yemen on 9 August, but I can’t let that guide my every thing.

It was not unlawful conduct. Russia and the Crimea are reunited and that’s that. It won’t change.

Trump should not be railing against Russia. Russia clearly said that it has proof of a deliberate political antagonism designed to change events in Kiev where the Ukraine President has dramatically declared Martial Law and faces declining polls and an upcoming election. For all CNN knows, Vladimir Putin may already have spoken to Trump by phone and shared quietly and discreetly what details he knows.

It was a Ukraine transgression that set the Kerch Strait incident in motion.  It’s over. It went on for hours.  It checks out that Russia had cause to take action. So Russia acted like the school principal in the area and put an end to horseplay with weapons systems in the civilian waterways.

Press Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Crimea/TASSYany Kapu tug boat,  Photo Credit: Press Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Crimea/TASS

Russia Annexed Crimea and So America Hates Russia. Again.

I want to extend my condolences to CNN for the fire that burned up all its history books. Crimea has always been a part of Russian territory.

The breakup of the Soviet Union was harsh.  Russia was alone and had to fend for itself. It’s people endured many years of communism. In Russia’s mainland and in Crimea there are many families split by geography but no longer by political boundaries.

So Russia annexed the Crimea and now it has that burden of taking care of the people. It seems to be handling it well. Russia is nearing completion of an enormous bridge that connects Crimea to the mainland of Russia. That is quite an achievement.

And for ordinary people, what Russia did, annexing Crimea, was magnificent. Geography is no longer an impediment to split families, nor are political boundaries. No wonder Russians have loved Vladimir Putin.

I don’t. I think a  Russian lady should run Russia. Maybe she will after next year. She announced last week. But that’s another article.

In the Kerch Strait incident some hot-head Ukrainians were screwing around in brand new artillery boats, one of which was only commissioned in July, and went joy riding through commercial shipping lines in disputed regions of Russian waters where I might have been traveling along in ferry thinking all is well.

When hotheads act irresponsibly with state-owned weapons systems as these hotheads unquestionably did, then police action must be taken. And it was.

I do not want my next boat trip from Odessa interrupted by those lunatics. And that’s what they are.

Escorting them on their way back to the Ukraine in their boats with the gun breaches open and the ammunition confiscated might be a good idea, but it is Moscow’s call.

In any event, I hope these punks never act this irresponsibly again and that the Ukraine will kick them out of the Navy.

Thank you, Russia.