Global Calm urged to hear Russia Complaint Vs Ukraine

Two Gurza-M-Class Ukrainian Naval Vessels entered Russian Commercial shipping lanes says the Russian Federation. That has happened before but with prior notice and approval. This information comes directly from both sides. The Russian Federation side however explicitly claims that the vessels were not given prior authorization, were not expected, hence an egregious violation of international law of the seas occurred. Moreover, says the Russian Federation, the vessels were first turned back already and then later resumed their attack. (When naval vessels are warned away by sentry vessels from sovereign shipping lanes, any unauthorized reentry into the lanes by the warships comprises a de facto naval attack.)

by Micheal John Writer | Editor  Micheal has covered defence & foreign affairs in Russia & Europe for numerous Canadian magazines & weeklies since the latter-1980s.

There  were two transgressions, the latest being 16:00 GMT on November 25 at which time the Russian Federation seized the vessels plus an accompanying tug boat. 

The Berdyansk (Hull 01024) Ukrainian Navy artillery gunship, the BK-03 Nikopol (Hull 01028) artillery gunship and the Yany Kapu tug boat are claimed to have been illegally in commercial shipping waters. From the photographs it is apparent that the vessels were where the Russian statements claim them to be.

The West Gets Ready To Gang-up on Russia in Coming Hours

The United Nations Security Council will meet in roughly nine hours to discuss tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Contacts in several areas of this matter who are very close to the information say this smells ‘as fishy as a Nova Scotia fishing wharf’.

Did America put the Ukraine up to this Provocation?

The Russian side says that it can prove deliberate provocation.

This naval incident already smacks of American interference inasmuch as the conduct of the United States has been setting up controversies and friction in exactly the same way elsewhere in the world.

At the recent Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte warned the United States to stop inflaming matters because the Philippines was being put in danger in the event of war.

China is already in possession of the South China Sea”, said Pres. Duterte.  “It’s now in their hands,” the President said.  “So why do you have to create frictions… China is there. That’s a reality, and America and everybody should realise that they are there.”