Trump’s Political Coffin Nail: Rodrigo Duterte

31st ASEAN Conference 2017

The RINJ Foundation says Trumps political coffin nail is ASEAN-Trump-Duterte
American real estate tycoon and current US President Donald John Trump may have put a nail in his political coffin kibitzing with a mass murderer. Hanging out with Rodrigo #Duterte might make all the rumours floating about Trump being a rapist seem real.

Duterte has been brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC)  by Filipinos for mass murder of up to 14,000 persons among the urban poor in the Philippines.

Duterte is a candidate for a conviction of crimes against humanity under the ICC Rome Statute for his encouragement of the historically disgraced Philippines Armed Forces to rape Mindanao Muslim women during a period of Martial law since May 23, 2017.

Donald John Trump has encouraged Duterte’s unlawful conduct. Both Trump and Duterte are in their 70s and both have admitted to committing felonious criminal offences.

Trump brags about assaulting women by grabbing their genitals and Duterte says he has murdered numerous persons.

Join the fight for the safety of women and children by protesting these men as world leaders.