Trump Agrees DPRK Folks Special & Ivanka Denies Dad is Bad. What a weekend.

We just came through a weekend to remember.

War drumbeats are softening.

Attending the World Assembly for Women last Friday as a US Presidential 13-day tour of Asia started, US Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump told a half-empty conference room that equal participation in traditionally male-dominated sectors of our economy is a goal women of the world must reach  for.  More people should have attended. It was good.
Trump is the daughter of current President of the United States (POTUS) Donald John Trump.  Her father arrived in Tokyo on Sunday and while he continued his rants against North Korea he said two things of great encouragement. The RINJ Foundation Women see a light of hope in the darkness of nuclear brinkmanship. Read on.

US Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump speaks out against sexual harassment

Ivanka Trump told the half-empty room that, “all too often, our workplace culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect. This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated.”

Her speech included light references to what we feel is a marginalization of women by categorizing differently those women who have children and stay at home to care for them; those women who are working but also care for children at home; those that have no children and work; and also childless women who don’t work. It’s almost endless how men feel they must explain the category that a woman falls into. It is demeaning conduct.

Men are not described as “working men”, noted Ivanka.

Her speech included several references to the epic problems of respect for women in the workplace and harassment of women in the workplace.

It is unfortunate that more people did not attend Ms. Trump’s speech. Her message was good; something the world needs to hear.

Ms. Ivanka Trump has our empathy. It is not uncommon for a woman to know that she has a sexist pig in the family–someone who you were born to love but who marginalize your gender (misogyny). Some days, just hearing anecdotes makes it seem all women are in that same boat. Having a senior citizen in the family so old that he was likely rallying against suffragette women, one that claims he is able to drag women around by their “pussies”, makes Ms. Trump pretty much like the rest of us women in that respect. We should listen to her. She is likely an expert observer of sexual harassment despite her denial along with the rest of the Trump White House that all women alleging Trump’s sexual misconduct are liars.

Donald John Trump with Japan PM Abe on November 6.

Donald Trump Now Has Our Ears

Mr. Trump agreed with The RINJ Foundation Women’s constant pleas to POTUS and the Secretary General of the UN that the “people of  North Korea are GREAT” but they live under the thumb of a horribly repressive regime where democracy and human rights are as non-existent as they are in China, Cambodia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), *Thailand, and  *Philippines.

*Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been forced into exile by a military junta that has been consolidating its power. Thailand’s conservative establishment refuses to allow the people to choose their own government. It will sometimes allow elections but then overturns the vote if it doesn’t like the result. A series of junta manipulations against the popular Shinawatra  drove her from office.

**Philippines current despotic leader insists that illegal drug use should be solved by killing users, a process that is also slaughtering ordinary women and children and increasing the already high incidence of rape and general lawlessness in the Philippines.

Mr. Trump Says He Will Talk To Mr. Kim

This is the second best news yet coming from the POTUS. These men, Kim and Trump must talk. And  yes, the people of North Korea are wonderful folks who have withstood horrible abuses under the Kim regime.

These two warring, crazy-talkers Trump and Kim have brought the world to the brink of WWIII for which there will be no forgiveness.  Between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim their outlandish dialogue has promised the deaths of millions. What is the difference between these men and for example, the ghouls leading the crisis of Myanmar’s Muslim minority community, the Rohingya? Women are sick of the verbal and physical violence of angry, greedy men who believe in nothing but themselves.

Yes, the Violent Men Should Meet Face-to-Face

Mass violence by word or deed is not acceptable and is grounds for America to impeach its President. In the United States, early estimates suggest that some 40% of the population suffers a form of depression and moreover, that affliction is spreading around the world. This coupled to extreme dialogues of violence from our world leaders is a recipe for global disaster.

The USA and North Korea have been at war since 1950. The last act of the United States in North Korea was to slaughter 30% of that nation’s peasant population by carpet bombing the fields and irrigation dams and dropping more munitions than what were used in all of world war II. America had this enormous stockpile of weapons to unload so they put that on the people to satisfy the cash-hungry war machinery that was suffering the end of the WWII weapons sales panacea. The death toll has been estimated by America as 30% of the North Korean civilian population.

America owes a humble approach to the North Korean crisis, not jingoism.

United Nations May be Judged with Scorn by Future Historians

Since the end of 1950s hostilities the United Nations has been repeatedly corralled into wrongful moves that have made the global community co-conspirators in the Kim dynasty’s cruelty to the North Korean people.

Sanctions against North Korea impeding the flow of food and medicines to the 25 million ordinary people  must stop. It doesn’t matter who Trump blames, there is no excuse for a bully nation doing what has been done to the people of North Korea.

There can be no forgiveness for this conduct. Future historians will not be kind to the United Nations Security Council for this unlawful conduct.

Mr. Kim’s Brain is filled with Wrong Ideas

For a man who was educated in Europe, Mr. Kim Jong-un is so far out of touch with the humans of planet Earth, he actually seems like an alien.

Mr. Kim’s approval of drooling idiots using VX-series chemical weapons to murder Kim Jong-un’s brother Jong-Nam steps out past science fiction into the genre of extreme global terrorist lunacy.  Yeah, he must stop or be stopped.

North Korea probably has as much as 5,000 tons of advanced VX-series deliverable chemical agents and unfathomable quantities of  Tabin, Sarin and other nerve agents plus numerous other potentially morbid chemical warfare agents.

Because of Jong-Nam’s murder the world knows what we know, that Mr. Kim is warped enough to use doses of WMD to randomly kill people he doesn’t like. Bizarre. He has been killing people all his life. To him it is like your willingness to eat breakfast, almost a non-event, his murders are that common.

Mr. Kim has no welcome on this planet for his conduct.

If someone were to make a video game lining up Pyongyang’s evil bastards against a wall and allowing North Korean peasants to have a turn at the hand-controller firing squad… The point is that you are wrong if you think the Korean people are behind Mr. Kim’s violent tirades. The North Korean people are hostages and the world is hurting them.

Start Talking

About North Korea’s pursuit of Nuclear Weapons, the United States and the DPRK are still, officially, at war. The US has nuclear weapons and is a threat to North Korea. That country seeks to balance the equation by arming itself to the point of deterrence against an overwhelming strike from the US.  Nobody should find that hard to understand in all intellectual honesty. (Trump’s ill-advised, arrogant and stupid threat to again ‘totally destroy’ the people of North Korea was a stupid failure to know American history in North Korea and brought us all to the brink of human-annihilation. Such is the risk of electing an incompetent to the office of POTUS. The office of the President will never again be held in the same high esteem as was the case in the past.)

Mr. Kim needs to talk to people outside his apparently lunatic circle of devastatingly cruel power-crazed thugs who cling to power as descendants of Kim Jong-il’s regime–dingbat’s father. Probably Donald John Trump would not be a therapist’s first choice. But talk they must because despite who they are they are the leaders of two countries at war with each other for a very long time. The world is sick of their pooping all over the planet. We have other very serious crises to solve. Sit down and talk this out.

Like Trump’s stupidity it is not hard to grow tired of Mr. Kim’s cruelty toward his people. Our members in North Korea are growing in number as loathing for Kim, fear and awareness spread. Sporadic communications are becoming more revealing. The people of North Korea are truly remarkable to have withstood the Kim dynasty’s absolute rule by cruelty.  About that matter the US President is absolutely correct. Mr. Trump  and Mr. Kim need to talk at length and solve their quibbles.

The global community must stop hurting the people of North Korea.


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