Fix US/UN/North Korea At Peace Table. Start now.

End sanctions now. Start talking.

North Korea is not attacking anyone. It’s people are starving.

The women of The RINJ Foundation are in contact with sisters in North and South Korea and hear a common plea for humanitarianism and an end to hostilities. The North’s women are worried about their kids.

The Nortgh's women are worried about their children.

Our mutual understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the so-called current North Korean crisis is as follows in the simplest of terms.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • North Korea is a nuclear nation. Campaigning about that being unacceptable is mute. North Korea has the right to its own self-determination and is engaged in no treaty that limits its rights. Apparently it does not want to be bossed around by the UN on its self-defence preparations.
  • North Korea operates a complex yet enormous military force for its own protection.
  • North Korea would benefit from bilateral relations with its neighbour South Korea and the current border restrictions are obviating trade and human relations. This needs to be fixed eventually.
  • The peasants of North Korea are great in number and among the nicest, hardest working people in the world. They are in trouble and the world needs to care.
  • North Korea and the United States are belligerents in an ongoing war that looks like unmitigated bullying by the thirteen times larger United States. That abuse of North Korea must end. The two warring parties must stand down and come to the negotiating table with no preconditions.
  • North Korea’s type of government is its own business. The people of North Korea have the right to self determination but the global community has forced the country into a situation wherein its people have no choice but the Kim family dynasty because every single day there is another crisis of international proportions which keeps the controversial Kim’s in control.
  • North Korea says it is committed to non-proliferation.
  • North Korea says it seeks normalized relations with the United States and the global community and an end to the hostilities begun in 1950.
  • North Korea’s record on human rights is deplorable and the world has no influence because of a lack of relationships at any level. It’s only friends also have deplorable records on human rights. North Korea needs to listen and hear the world’s advice on human rights. Open the doors.
  • Talks between the belligerents must start but cannot go unsupervised.
  • Numerous goodwill offers of assistance in these talks have come from as many as a dozen nations. Choose now.

Worried about the children.

Twelve Points to Explain the North Korean Crisis

  1. Still in a war with the United States since 1953 the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) believes it must have a strong military.
  2. Since the 1960s “strong military” means a nuclear armed force.
  3. Having a strong military strong enough to oppose the United States is expensive.
  4. The North Koreans firmly believe the USA will eventually destroy their country. The US has done very little to assuage this concern. Of late US President Trump has done nothing but convince the nation that it faces clear and present danger of annihilation which basically is what the people of North Korea already believe.)
  5. In order for a government in this situation to keep its people safe the population will need to make sacrifices. (Those sacrifices should be made at all levels of society but they are not. The elite of North Korea live lavishly extravagant lives.)
  6. Knowing this the international community has ganged up on this one country and by imposing brutal economic sanctions has been starving and killing the North Korean people.
  7. Currently some 35% of North Korea’s babies suffer extreme malnutrition.
  8. Most North Koreans do not eat three meals a day. Many do not average one meal a day.
  9. Misconduct of the United States and the United nations is nothing new but in the case of the decade-long cruelty to the people of North Korea the malfeasance of the two entities is proving to be beyond cruelty.
  10. No matter how much you hear the USA/UN echos about it all being the fault of the Kim Dynasty, it is a conspiracy of lies passed down by many generations. The oppression of the North Korean people has been done by the USA/UN conspiracy. This needs to end.
  11. That the United Nations organization on one hand holds out to be a grossly underfunded humanitarian organization bent on peace and human development and on the other hand it forms public policy on the basis of its need for funds. Therein lies the conflict.
  12. The UN may not be serving human development but only the interests of its largest benefactor. It’s largest benefactor’s leadership may have inherited some misconceptions about North Korea and need to relearn that situation.

Due Diligence is Needed.

Global war is not acceptable nor is its threat.

The United States is the largest contributor to the UN paying nearly 25% of its bills. Annually that number is somewhere around $8 billion US dollars. Other countries do need to pay their share. Perhaps they already are doing that. But if the United states wants to leave the UN it will be no better nor worse off. Let the United States leave. This recurring  childish threat is a statement of the members’ value intellectually. The money will come from other places.

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization tasked to promote international co-operation and to create and maintain international order. If it fails in that it either redefines itself or ceases to exist. Choose.

Who Contributes What to UN Peacekeeping (2017)

  • United States (28.47%)
  • China (10.25%)
  • Japan (9.68%)
  • Germany (6.39%)
  • France (6.28%)
  • United Kingdom (5.77%)
  • Russian Federation (3.99%)
  • Italy (3.75%)

Clearly the UN Secretary General is in a terrible corner as have been his predecessors.  Sometimes it comes down to doing the right thing at the time. Follow your heart. You can’t always predict the outcome but doing the right  thing at the time leaves no real regret you can’t live with. In the past many Secretaries General have made the mistake of ignoring that advice and hortible crimes have been committed.

The United States has not succeeded in finding a peace and harmony with North Korea after it carpet bombed 30% of that country’s civilian population to death in 1953. The abuse of North Korea is becoming less acceptable to the international community. The United States must change its tone.
The continued belligerence and the US failure to make a peace is a beacon to the world pointing to considerable malfeasance. The benefits of fixing this problem outweigh the cost.

Please, United States and United Nations, uncomplicate and fix this problem of your creation, immediately, with civility.


Offering Condolences: Our sincere condolences go out to the families of people harmed or killed in the recent catastrophic failure of military tunnels near Punggye-ri. Please be careful and above all stay safe.

Wanted: Peace at last.

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