Abortion Law Is Dangerous

  1. Induced Abortion is a decision of Doctor/Patient, not legislators.
  2. Induced Abortion used as birth control is frivolous murder.
  3. Law saying, “No Abortion” can kill both patients.
  4. All governments must provide health care.
  5. Government must provide contraception.
  6. Any Induced Abortion law is dangerous.
  7. Doctors save the lives they can save.
  8. No statutes on abortion are needed.
  9. Trust Doctors and let them do their jobs.
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Trigger warning: you may find some data here or linked from here disturbing as it relates to the topic of abortion.

Nurse Amanda: Should Child Rape Survivors be allowed an abortion?

Share your opinion freely. Think in a practical context. If you have questions please ask.

RINJ has actually helped save both baby and child especially where there is a family member who wants to adopt the baby.

This is a very tough issue and all I am saying is that The RINJ Foundation believe in providing support to fight for the safety of all women and children. That includes their babies. Any day you can save a life is a good day we tell each other.

Our position on abortion is typical of medical workers who are exposed to real world situations in high population poor countries.
That means that we don’t believe in legislating any medical procedure and that doctors and nurses must save the lives they can save.

When the West talks about abortion it usually sounds like using abortion as a form of birth control. Why don’t governments provide free contraception instead?

Recently in the context of a broad narrative on dismemberment abortion in Alabama, legislators threw up the arms and voted against all abortions. When you hear the kind of lobbying they were faced with it’s easy to understand what made them ‘crazy’ enough to interfere between patients and doctors.

Women’s Choices do not include using abortion as a form of birth control.

Patients need to learn about wise choices for coitus and other pleasures of life that have huge responsibilities attached. The first stop is the doctor’s office to learn generally what if any risks preclude the patient from having children.

Desensitizing the death of children.

Shift your value for human life backwards in time to when lives mattered. The current swing toward impunity for random and mass killing must be checked because it has reached the children.

Babies’ lives are now endangered by immoral and unhealthy attitudes. Americans have become far too desensitized to killing. In fact North Americans are complicit in the murders of millions in the past twenty years. It’s getting worse.

North American ships, missiles, rockets, bombs and death are everywhere and threatening everyone; stealing babies from mom’s arms and dropping bombs on babies has led to the wide open narrative of dismemberment late-term abortions.

I mean let’s try and save baby if we can. That OK?

What you do with your body is your business of course. Like throwing your body off a bridge or under a bus? Having unprotected sex when you cannot possibly have a baby?

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Nurse Amanda


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