The Slaughter of Mosul Citizens Has Begun in Earnest

In Mosul, the Iraqi Gold Special Forces men have been ordered to keep families inside their homes.

The Iraqi military fears a mass exodus of civilians for which they do not have the resources nor the desire to help. People are restricted on the eastern boundaries of Mosul proper, at gunpoint.

From Inside Mosul

Homes are exploded by Daesh artillery, plus the distant Iraqi Army and nearby Special Forces lob artillery shells & artillery rockets into Gogjali and 4 eastern suburbs of Mosul killing civilians randomly in groups of 3 to 15, the occupants of two-story homes in Sada, Quds, al-Karama and Baaweza.

Numerous houses containing many women and children have been hit by artillery shells and bombs.

Several Mosul underground resistance fighters have been killed by the so-called “liberation” army comprised of Iraqi, Iranian, British and American soldiers and various militias, police and random Islamic gangs.

Civilians Confined to Mosul  by Sunni & Shia Killers: Daesh & Iraq

The government has ordered residents to stay inside, fearing a mass rush from the city which is still home to more than three-quarters of a million people.

The Islamic State has been slaughtering locals at random. The civilians from large towns and villages have been rounded up and ferried constantly in buses and trucks to Mosul and then in some cases sent from al-Alil to TalAfar .

We hear stories of atrocities committed by the Iraqi military which is now about 20 kilometres  from the outskirt villages of Mosul.

We are convinced the Iraqi leadership prefers the Mosul Sunnis dead. Everything indicates that. They have begun blaming Daesh. And no one is allowed to leave Mosul. That is being foiled by a massive effort to get people out to the north west. Clearly Iraq’s PM Abadi is furious.

The British, American and Iraqi special forces battle the Takfiri on the south east side of Mosul, barely into the city. The Iraqi special forces are in the lead with the media thus making sure that the 24,000 members of the Iraqi Army far behind in the action are not seen slaughtering Moslawis.

The Iraqi military is largely managed by Tehran and every single day is telling lies to the American-led coalition as well as the world. For example, there are Shia militia making sorties into the western part of Mosul killing citizens or torturing them and leaving them to think they were attacked by Daesh.

American and other ‘Coalition’ aircraft are dropping bombs here and there possibly by using a broken Ouija board. (They also monitor drone cameras from computer rooms and offices in South West Asia.) The only targets which are exclusively Daesh are deep underground in secret bunkers. Daesh take hostages everywhere they go, even to the toilets.

People do come out to the local markets and I mean the ones in their neighbourhood. You have to imagine that the market is often just a row of stalls improvised in a damaged area. In bombed out streets, somebody finds a table and an overhang, pulls the pieces together and by 7 am they are selling their tomatoes and doing a little cooking for people to buy. How would you like to pay 4000 dinars for a small tomato?

The Iraqi Gold battalion  members in al-Bakr are a welcome sight but the neighbourhoods where they are telling people to stay in their homes are unsafe places to be. People need to be allowed to leave Mosul. At times the noise from the fighting is deafening and the air is full of particles that choke a throat.

Exasperating Experiences in Mosul Are Normal

As a nurse, dealing with loss is something we had to teach many patients for the past 29 months. There is no comprehensive list of things we can train for that matches what we have had to deal with. The sadness is very real and deep. It lives behind our eyes. The trans-formative impact on our lives may be far- reaching. Finding a voice to the sadness is always sudden and comes through another person’s experience until one can face their own suppressed tears.

Holding a white flag and sneaking out of the alleyway we three women were told to get back in our homes or be shot.

We had hoped to score cleaner water than the non-potable slop that was in the tank at the patient’s home.

Facing the guns wielded by men with Halloween masks, the two of us who were well-armed must have thought, “Ick! Why bother?”. There was no time for water.

We returned to our waiting fourth team-mate to the home we were visiting and delivered the premature baby. 30 Weeks.

Sadly the baby did not survive.

The very brave husband had travelled 7 kilometres through hell to tell us about his wife’s all-night pain, the blood, the fear: he came to fetch us.

It took a very long time to get to her. Yes. We were unable to say, “No”. Could you?

We saved the hemorrhaging patient. We lectured the couple to wait a year and have another baby. Just don’t be here.

We can’t say what we did next until this is all over.

Daesh read this too. Mostly scum bags.