India Displays Great Hate for Females

Imagine a world wherein women and children are not to be found.

In Jharkhand, India two naughty boys gang-raped a sixteen-year-old girl and received a fine equivalent to $750 USD plus each are compelled to do 100 sit ups.

The town’s people formed a mob then proceeded to the rape survivor’s home, set her ablaze and killed her as punishment for reporting the crime.

That was at the end of April.

On Monday another child, a 17-year-old girl, was admitted to a local hospital with severe burns to 70% of her body says Shailendra Prasad Barnwal, the superintendent of police in Jharkhand’s Pakur district.

Her survival is unlikely in our medical experience. Her suffering is beyond any explanation possible using words. Burns covering more than fifty percent of the body are not usually survivable. The agony of the days of survival is beyond your comprehension.

Imagine a world wherein women and children are not to be found, Species extermination is the end game of misogyny.
Misogyny‘s end game is species extermination.

Overpopulation, religion, Incel, ISIS, Kuwait, Syria, and India comprise an enormous threat to the safety of women and children. These words are synonymous to violence toward women and children.

The patriarch seems to be addicted to raping children and women. With overpopulation approaching a critical state, the patriarch is murdering its women and children. Yes, a lot of this has to do with humankind’s  misogynistic religions like Catholicism, Islam, Hindi, and in fact all religions. Sikhs and Dianic Wiccans claim they are not misogynistic but that looks like superficially sweet window dressing.

The RINJ Foundation Women  have floated the idea of hosting or partnering for a UN conference on the Global Misogyny Crisis that is threatening the safety of women around the world.

India’s parliament has just approved the death penalty for rapists who have raped small children following the rape of an 8-month-old baby in January.

India’s religious populations are murdering any rape survivors who report the crime and allow rapists go free. Underscoring this conduct is a pervasive devaluing of women and children by the patriarchal India.