Digital Tech Rape Survivors Help Line Launched

Global Digital “Rape Survivor Help Line”

Choices = WhatsApp – SMS – Video – Talk

11 May 2016 — Manila, Philippines: The RINJ Foundation announced today that it’s “Rape Survivor Help Line” has gone digital. Switching from its Bell Telephone Company line (416-483-9279) to a digital line provided by Rogers subsidiary, Mobilicity, (647-739-9279), The RINJ Foundation provides help services to the globe.


Currently the help desk is located in The Republic of The Philippines and is available in multiple languages although English and French are the primary choices. Callers are passed to a helpdesk member in another country if that suits the language requirements of the caller.

“On-Duty Rotation” of the system will shift around the world as the usage increases and the system expands.

Basic instructions for users:

The RINJ “Rape Survivor Help Line”. Type ‘’ into your phone’s browser. Remember: “” It is a HELP (talk) LINE. Directions pop up. You won’t dial a number. You can ‘click-to-call’. Somebody is here for you: WhatsApp or Txt or Phone (+1)6477399279. Step-by-step guide for survivors of rape. Call 911 or local emergency services number. Go to a safe place if able– read more at — The RINJ Foundation

The RINJ Foundation - Rape Survivors Help Line Team The RINJ Foundation – Rape Survivors Digital Help Line Team