It’s Over For ISIS in Mosul – Victory for USA/Abadi Thank You

The Private Security Team

The RINJ Foundation engages a private security team to protect practitioners and patients at RINJ clinics. This is common practice.

RINJ is fortunate to have an extraordinary team capable of helping patients in a variety of ways including security, first response emergency medical transport and triage help where there have been community man-made and natural disasters.
The following has been published on the Security Team’s Mosul Web Site as of March 10, 2017.

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March 10, 2017

It’s Over In Mosul.
Victory to Abadi
and Americans.
Thank you.

  1. Mosul is now a more dangerous city than ever.
  2. Clean-up is underway.
  3. Get out.
  • Do not drink water you do not know its source.
  • Read how to treat water-borne illness. For health care workers too!
  • Contact your MuR Street Captain.
  • Make a plan to leave and head south to a UN Camp in LARGE GROUPS ONLY. Don’t go alone.
  • Keep your family together. (Men will be detained.) Try and wait while that takes place for questions but you may become separated. Don’t panic.
  • Your destination is First Iraqi Govt. Checkpoint then go where you are told.
  • There are  Nineveh, Duhok or Erbil camps. You will be told which one at checkpoints.
  • WARNING: Men will be detained and questioned. Be polite. It’s OK. Be open and honest. You are not Daesh. You did nothing wrong. Your government was Islamic State since June 2014 and you did what it took to survive. You win. Stay out of  the politics. STFU
  • If you know where a Daesh is hiding, that will be the first thing you will tell any Iraqi Soldier you meet.
  • Do not speak with non-uniformed men. Half are Daesh, others are roving looters.
  • Stick to main roads in large groups.
  • Carry white flags. You are being watched from above.
  • No celebratory gunfire. Do not have a weapon.
  • Do not be an idiot and carry any kind of  weapon, carry your sick and wounded. Try and get to the Iron Bridge.
  • Help each other.
  • Your lives are in grave danger.  Daesh plan a scorched-earth. That means suicide attacks to destroy everything in Mosul, especially you.
  • Men must carry ID but make sure women and children keep their own on their person as you will be separated. Come home when the all-clear is sounded at your camp where you are going.
  • MuR (Mosul Underground Resistance) is officially disbanded. May God always be with you all.
  • If you have any questions or need info you may email [email protected]

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