White House Generals Prepare for Nuclear War

Hawkish John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor, has argued for a preemptive strike on North Korea in response to its nuclear-weapons program.

“John Bolton strongly supported every war the US has fought, believes there should be no limits how US fights it’s wars, and strongly supports starting new regime change wars with Iran and nuclear-armed N. Korea,” Foreign Policy columnist Micah Zenko said on Twitter. “Terrifying.”

Brutal tariffs against steel and aluminum imports are the latest emergency measures to push up US domestic production for war manufacturing. US Borders are closing. Radical deterrence of child-confiscation at the border is not just cruel it is strategic. The US will cause millions of displaced persons becoming a massive migration to which its borders will be closed. Trump believes in his defencive anti-missile system.

Trump’s USA-DPRK policy had war as the only fallback. The DPRK fight is shadow boxing. The war is with China which Trump’s Generals say is winnable despite or because of China ownership of South China Sea. Using algorithms that date back to the 1990’s with population now  over 7.6 billion, it’s possible to project over 800,000,000 lives lost in Asia and North America by the time the fallout dissipates.

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Today we are warning mothers around the world to prepare for global nuclear war.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff Writer

We can show you how to prepare a survival safe room & keep it stocked with essentials. We know with certainty that the USA, Russia & China are preparing for nuclear war. Do your best planning now for your children & family’s safety in the aftermath of nuclear war.

You will not survive actual nuclear bombing attacks of your area but if you are not killed in the initial attack, be prepared starting now for the safety of you and your children. Read this sensible guideline for creating a reasonably stocked war or natural disaster safe place for your children and other family members.

The United Nations has been reaching for denuclearization of the world but there are still 22,000 nuclear weapons. Read the nuclear-weapon-free zones, nuclear-weapon-free status and nuclear-weapon-free geographical regions NWFZ PDF.

Recipe for War

Donald Trump likes to pull the wings off flies, hurt small animals, and annoy people, is the conjecture of some 27 American psychiatrists who co-wrote a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.


China is getting ready for war. It worries about American imperialism and the cold reality that America is behaving very belligerently under Russia’s preferred US President. China has militarily taken over the South China Sea. China prepares for a heavy trade war against the US and is more than willing to play dirty.


When Putin stops laughing at Trump, he will stand back and let China and the USA destroy each other. Russia will emerge as the rescuer of mankind and new global superpower. Of course that means being the caretaker for a long-lasting nuclear winter.


The United States has poked Iran in the eye. Iran, claims Israel’s Netanyahu, has been hiding its nuclear weapons capability in Tehran, under the ground.

Iran has infested the Middle East with toxic religious emotions against the so-called ‘West’.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s resilient leader, is a wily coyote who doesn’t really care if Trump puffs himself up and explodes with his tweeting iPhone.

Mr. Kim is more likely to smear VX war chemicals on Trump’s hands than toss his nuclear weapons in the smelter.

Mr. Kim has been told that he will be like Gadaffi which means once Jong-un gives up his nuclear program he will be killed and the DPRK will roll into anarchy like Libya has done. Trump and his people have not exactly lured Mr. Kim into submission but instead have poisoned the minds of 25 million DPRK civilians and starved many thousands of women and children to death by bullying the UN Security Council into shutting down the food and medicine supplies to the DPRK. Trump will likely have attacked the DPRK before the year ends.


In May 2018 China Launched its first homebuilt Aircraft Carrier.
China's new Aircraft Carrier is the second in its fleetJapan Times Photo New Chinese home built Aircraft Carrier in Service May 2018 is the second in its fleet.

One of China’s largest shipbuilders has revealed plans to speed up the development of China’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Two Xian Y-7s on the apron at Mischief Reef, on the Philippines Continental Shelf January 6, 2018. Photo provided by The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In May 2018 China based H6 Nuclear Payload Bombers on Woody Island (Spratly Island Group) in the South China Sea with a sortie range of 500NM (1000 Total)

If you live in South East Asia you should follow this guideline which gives women and children a project that will be to your benefit if there is war or not. If you follow the guideline you will pick the safest place or create a safe place within your own means. You will then plan to keep an extra supply of food and utensils you will need to allow you to stay inside your pre-planned safe room for a minimum of 14 days. This plan can save your lives if there is a natural disaster, or a man-made catastrophe. Follow this link.

H6 Nuclear payload BomberPhoto: Official Release from Beijing

The United States has been attempting to keep South China Sea lanes open by sailing naval destroyers and cruisers in its face, but not without serious challenges from the Chinese including the scrambling of fighter jets. China also has the South China sea effectively covered with surface to air missile capability plus anti-shipping cruise missile capability amid a high-low-high  anti-shipping missiles.

US and CHina are facing off in the South CHina SeaClick to read.

Trump’s War Preparations Began When He Took Office

Were you surprised when George Bush went to war in 2003 to allegedly make a regime change but in the end to kill a million Iraqis?

Don’t be surprised when the United States goes to war against China, Iran and the DPRK. We warned you.

The nasty old man in the White House, who has no conscience and apparently is a few bricks short owing to incipient alzheimer’s disease, does things for the sake of being cruel. He does not care about the children he is seizing at the borders from shocked and brokenhearted parents. Trump would not have any empathy for the millions of lives he has already disrupted. He does not care about you.

Trump has taken over the Republican Party by default. He has no task master but his own bizarre whims. Trump also:

    • defaulted the Iran Treaty;
    • pulled out of the Paris treaty for climate control;
    • blocked the US borders in a cruel and defiant manner using religious criteria;
    • issued belligerent tariffs against steel and aluminum imports (“for national security reasons”) preparing US manufacturing for war by bolstering domestic output;
    • conducted cruel confiscations of migrant children and looked the other way as DHS rapes and beats children, all of  which is intended to scare away migrants of which there will be millions as the US Nuclear War gains momentum; and
    • the USA Border is gradually closing to all immigrants.

Surrounded by Generals since he became POTUS, the sociopath US President is preparing for global war he will start.

Numerous behaviors of other countries tell us that war is brewing and we are not the only people who know that to be true. Let’s leave that for later.

Trump’s fight with DPRK is shadow boxing. The US war is with North Korea’s ally China which now controls trillions of dollars of trade by ‘owning’ the South China Sea. China also has been preparing extensively for war. If Trump so much as sets off a firecracker in the DPRK, China will be all over US Forces in the region like flies to a cow’s bum which is how billions of people likely think of Trump.

The Generals

Below: General John Kelly, Chief of Staff Department of Homeland Security Photo

General Kelly

Below: Secretary of Defense James Mattis – DOD Photo

James N. Mattis, the 26th Secretary of Defense, poses for his official portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, Jan 25, 2017. (U.S. Army photo by Monica King/Released)


Below: The Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump

Photo by Gage_SkidmoreCommander in Chief

Mothers, prepare for Nuclear War. (In Depth)

This is a step by step disaster planner that may help you survive the aftermath of a nuclear war. It is intended for the average civilian who survives initial nuclear blasts. Read.

Prepare for nuclear war