Putting Lipstick on Pigs Meeting in Singapore

Narcissistic Donald Trump  wants to Receive a Nobel Peace Prize and Kim Jong-un wants to save his country from the horrendous sanctions that may have caused a man-made slaughter of calamitous proportions. But there is no way Mr. Kim will or should give up his Nuclear-Club membership. How will Mr. Trump put the Lipstick on this Pig?

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff Writer

DPRK State Media - Kim Jong-unPhoto:DPRK State Media – DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un with some of the “old guard” who are on their way OUT.

Kim Jong-un leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has just made many changes to his country’s military hierarchy. At least three top military officials got the axe in early June as Mr. Kim advances his modernization dream for the DPRK.

June 11, 2018 Vivian Balakrishnan with Kim Jong-un & Singaporean Education Minister Ong YeJune 11, 2018 – Vivian Balakrishnan with Kim Jong-un & Singaporean Education Minister Ong Ye in the City Nation of Singapore Jalan Jalan (Walking in the park) . Photo: Twitter@VivianBala

He is not the evil monster the West tries to paint him to be but he does have a government comprised of some creepy old-timers whose knee he bounced on as a kid. They have tried to harness him since 2010. These old goats have an obsession for early Soviet communism. Mr. Kim is at the other end of that spectrum in his desire to modernize the DPRK and bring it into the real world.

Kim must be fed up with the old dogs of the Kim Il-Sung era. These old Dukes of Death have maintained their power by creating illusions of imminent danger from a menacing enemy. Young Mr. Kim Jong-un grew up in this brainwashing regime, but he left and went to school in Europe until around 2000.

He shed much of the Stalinist concepts.  He thinks differently from the oldsters of Trump’s era. That’s why he is willing to make friends with the American President and while alert to the dangers, he doesn’t really care any longer for the opinions of the old men of the former totalitarian regime started by his grandfather. Kim Jong-un has made his own mark and is striking out on a new course for North Korea.

Below: The child Kim Jong-un at right, father Kim Jong Il at leftKim Jong-un with his father.
Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong hosts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Istana for bilateral meeting on June 10Yesterday: Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong hosts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Istana for bilateral meeting on June 10. Photo: Twitter@RSAC_Nurses

We have some concerns about Kim Jong-un. Mr. Kim, as a 4-star General in 2010, allegedly was in charge of torture camps and punishment gulags. This has not been confirmed but the source is reliable. Human rights abuses in the DPRK are legion.

Whereas Donald Trump has attacked Mr. Kim for allegedly building nuclear weapons at the expense of his people’s health and national budgets, the United States has done the same for longer and maybe worse. (Read Trump Administration Starves Children.)

But maybe the thing that is most worrisome is the episode of murdering his half-brother Kim Jong-nam using a VX-series  binary weapon in an attack that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in early 2017. Was that disgusting terrorist attack Mr. Kim’s doing? Is that a page from the Russian playbook? Was Russia involved? It stinks no matter what the case.

Mr. Kim attended at the International School of Berne in Switzerland. His father eventually pulled him out and sent him to Liebefeld-Steinhölzli public school in Koeniz.

Kim’s maternal aunt Ko Yong Suk lives in the United States. Her and her husband Ri Gang seem to be hardworking, well-balanced loving mentors of Mr. Kim. They run a small dry-cleaning business.

Somewhere between 1992 and 1996 through 2000, Mr. Kim attended a few schools in Switzerland and along with his brother Kim Jong Chol was cared for by Ko Yong Suk as official guardians.  In an interview with the Washington Post she describes a very nice young man living in a loving, caring family setting.

Mr. Kim seems to be well loved by his schoolmates like Marco Imhof and Joao Micaelo.

“He was a good friend,” Bern chef Joao Micaelo, who attended Liebefeld-Steinhölzli with Kim for two years, told The Daily Beast.

“He was surrounded by the best gadgets that the rest of us kids couldn’t afford – TVs, video recorder, a Sony PlayStation. He had a cook, a driver, a private tutor,”  reports one of his schoolmates.

They describe him as a good natured man with a gifted wit and a very competitive spirit.

Studying his past he comes across as a very spoiled boy. It’s hard to believe the man described with fondness by his aunt and friends as a despotic sociopath. What does seem apparent is that the old regime is still present and may have been riding roughshod over the young leader.

Mr. Kim is probably a very good leader for the DPRK people if he could just get rid of the long-toothed totalitarian bastards that control so much of the DPRK government and brutalize the population. There is a lot of evil in those smelly corridors of corrupt patriarchal relics who managed the Kim family’s affairs and built private empires and dynasties of their own for so many decades.

Before June 12 there will be many political and military career carcasses to dispose as one after another of the old guard gets the axe (maybe literally?) If not, Mr. Kim may not make it to the meeting, but that’s unlikely, Jong-un is on a roll.

Mr. Kim at the Singapore DPRK/USA Summit

Mr. Kim was born in 8 January 1984 whereas Mr, Trump was born 14 June 1946.  The nearly forty years age difference is very significant. The two men are from entirely different worlds.

Thirty-Four-year-old Kim Jong-un is becoming an adept and even brilliant statesman who now seems to care about the well-being of the DPRK people. He is vengeful toward his enemies and has a congenial manner and an ability to make lasting friends and relationships. That said, very few people outside the DPRK know him well. Many of the activities the world has seen during Mr. Kim’s time in office were begun before his time. The DPRK nuclear weapons programme was begun by his father. The most significant change from past directions and the first significant mark of the new leader, is Mr. Kim’s willingness to work with the US President, an extremely risky proposition.

Mr. Kim is not going to throw his nuclear weapons program in a smelter, any time soon. There is a realistic fear among North Koreans that the United States is a brutal enemy that will attack their country. They know that the U.S. in the early 50s slaughtered one third of the North Korean population using ruthless carpet bombing against civilians and civilian infrastructure. The country long sought respect in the world and felt that joining the nuclear club was one way of achieving that result.

Kim Jong-un’s keeping his nuclear project at the status-quo will prevent another war. Unless America wants to lose a 36-million population city or something along those lines… Do Not Attack the DPRK.

The DPRK leader has in the past said he seeks global denuclearization and as a nuclear-club member wants a seat at the table of de-weaponizing the globe’s nuclear technology.

The DPRK has endured many sacrifices in order to create their deterrence to US attack. They were correct to do that. In doing so the DPRK may indeed have a ticket to the Grand Ball with any nation on earth.

Consequently North Koreans have starved in order to build a weapon system that is relevant to the threat and gives them the ability to defend their country.

Thousands of DPRK women and childen die because of US and UNSC SanctionsThousands of DPRK women and children die because of US and UNSC Sanctions. We must fight for the safety of women and children. The UN Office of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) has not received near half its required modest budget for humanitarian aid to the survivors in North Korea and kids are starving to death.

The historical moral bankruptcy of the UN Security Council (UNSC) has lead to the suffering of millions of children and their families in North Korea as well as thousands of  deaths. The United States since 2006 has bullied UNSC members forcing them to levy horribly crippling sanctions that prevent food and medicine to the ordinary peasants of the DPRK. Our members there describe a catastrophe that nobody is talking about.

Russia and Switzerland paid a large share of the 30% of budget raised in 2017. The shortfall was around 70 million USD.

The US has not contributed to humanitarian aid for North Korea in ten years.

The immorality lies in the fact that while the UN Security Council claims it does not intend to hurt the people of the DPRK  it has committed an act of war against the DPRK by creating a naval blockade and while it shuts down food and medicine to 25 million people; and while it instructs the UN Secretary General to make sure the various UN humanitarian relief units are providing for the basic needs of the people, it refuses to provide the funding needed to say for example, allow UNICEF to feed the children and give them their routine vaccinations. The UNSC, driven by the US with its bullying, extortion and threats, is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

The world thinks Donald Trump is a really bad pig. He stinks.

Donald Trump is a person of bad character. He for example is a misogynist who has been accused by women of committing various sexual violence crimes. Clearly he cheats on his wives. His wife likely has a good idea what is the character of the man . She will not likely ever tell us, nor should she if that is her preference and what it takes to maintain her dignity.

Sixty thousand mental health practitioners in the United States signed a statement that includes the following:

 “We, the undersigned mental health professionals, believe in our professional judgment that Donald Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States. And we respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.’”

The people who wrote the book, The Dangerous Case of  Donald Trump, don’t seem angry. The seem genuinely frightened.

Donald Trump lacks empathy. It is essential to lack empathy in order to gleefully tear children away from their families.

The WORST TERROR a child can experience is being taken from their parents.The WORST TERROR a child can experience is being taken from their parents. – Jim Carrey. Photo: Twitter Tweet on Jim Carrey’s profile. Click the image to see the original.(Carrey is a famous Canadian Actor, Artist, Musician)

Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party by default. He has no task master but his own bizarre whims. Without batting an eye Trump also insulted, attacked and enraged all of America’s best friends. Trump has

    • defaulted the Iran Nuclear-ban Treaty;
    • pulled out of the Paris treaty for climate control;
    • blocked the US borders in a cruel and defiant manner using racist and religious criteria;
    • issued belligerent tariffs against steel and aluminum imports (“for national security reasons”) preparing US manufacturing for war with an attempt at bolstering domestic war-manufacturing output;
    • conducted cruel confiscations of migrant children and looked the other way as DHS rapes and beats children, all of  which is intended to scare away migrants of which there will be millions as the US Nuclear War gains momentum; and
    • the USA Border is gradually closing to all immigrants because following war’s beginning vollies there will be hundreds of millions of displaced persons and millions of sick migrants.

Surrounded by Generals since he became POTUS, the scurrilous liar is preparing for global war he will start.

Sanctions are killing Children and their Families in North KoreaSanctions are killing Children and their Families in North Korea

Putting the Lipstick on the Pigs

The two men who are guilty of depraved indifference toward the horrible condition of the DPRK population will meet in the city-state of  Singapore on June 12.

Nobel Prize winning anti-nuclear campaign group ICAN has offered to pay for the cost of the historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump, including the hotel bill for the impoverished state’s leader.( See Reuters)

Trump will create a fully choreographed show with Hollywood-treatment Videos and some embarrassingly unappealing awkward handshakes and ‘bro-mancing’.

If after a few meetings Trump etches out a plan for long drawn out denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula he may walk away a hero.

  1. Mr. Kim won’t give up the DPRK’s nuclear weapons. Mr. Kim has said he favours global denuclearization & wants in on that discussion. Let’s embrace Mr. Kim on that basis.

  2. Above all; the horrible sanctions starving DPR Koreans must be dropped forever. Then we go along with Trump’s Nobel Prize.


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