Philippines Soldiers Rape, / Plunder under Martial Law

Duterte Tells Troops to rape with impunity

What hypnotized you Rodrigo Duterte zealots & soldiers so that you don’t understand  “don’t rape”, “don’t murder”, “don’t pillage”, and “don’t plunder”? Are you morons* drawn to the charm of an intellectually dishonest snake (‘flattery is how a real snake charms its victim’ (Proverbs 7:21).73 262.)  or are you just the pugnacious section of 105 million people stampeding to stand beside a truculent psychopath for a selfie?

*IQ less than 70? “Moron describes a medical category of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability, as well as describing a type of criminal. How lacking is a person who commits a crime of uttering death threats from a personal profile, identified by valid email address and valid phone number, on a  wide-open public Social Media Platform like Facebook from which lazy law-enforcement obtains most of its personal data on suspects?

On our RINJ Facebook page these Duterte worshippers have tossed God out the window and vow to break all Ten Commandments in this predominantly Catholic country, the  Philippines.

It is a psychology puzzle and may be some kind of bizarre extension of self-flagellation induced by centuries of brutal oppression and occupation of the Philippines by Spain, United States, Japan and then the USA again.

Maybe this psychological ailment begs for a ruler who will flog and hurt the afflicted souls, even kill them as Duterte has been doing. Whatever it is called, it’s deviance at its rarest. Fortunately it only seems to afflict a small portion of the most repugnant part of the Philippines  population. But the result has been a series of human rights violations that do in fact, as Philippines despot Rodrigo Duterte promised, make Hitler look like a beginner.

Don't Rape. Don't pillage. Don't Plunder

Martial Law Soldiers Ignored Warning: “Don’t Rape”

If the two more outspoken complainants we have heard from decide to move forward, stand before a Court to give evidence and press charges, coupled with Duterte’s May 26 speech to AFP troops promising impunity for rape, RINJ would bring an action under several international statutes.

The initial goal of charging the Philippines with a war crime of rape of the Muslim women in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, The Philippines, is to firstly indict the alleged mass-murdering Rodrigo Duterte and several of his alleged criminal henchmen to stop this persistent crime.

Our Foundation would also seek life-imprisonment for individual offenders plus the Court-ordered disbandment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), a scurrilous organization known, not for being the protector of the Philippines people, but their worst enemy. Nothing is worse on this earth than a trusted soldier turning his weapons against his own people to rape and pillage.  It happens too often and the people of this planet are more and more shedding apathy and rallying to oppose this crime and these types of criminals.

Warning: Don't Rape. Don't pillage. Don't Plunder

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Philippines Armed Forces Occupiers Worse than Da’esh in Middle East

The AFP now behave exactly as the Da’esh did in Mosul Iraq for over three years as we watched from hidden medical clinics and treated the survivors. They smash down doors on people’s homes; bully the occupants; steal valuables; smash religious items; abuse innocent civilians; rape women and violate human rights in every imaginable way. They are not human but abominable traitors ransacking the human rights of the people they are hired to protect.

This is a country that needs protection from its government and its bullying armed forces.

Philippines soldiers in Marawi, Lanao del Sur have reduced the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to nothing more than raping, pillaging criminals led by a psychopath Despot and Generals who have lost their moral compass or worse, were never real officers but plundering thieves taking bribes from foreign actors with wrong-mindedness and scurrilous agendas, traitors to their own people in other words.

Since our article, Filipino Soldiers Who Rape will Get Life in Prison, published early in June, many persons from Mindanao have contacted The RINJ Foundation asking for help. Please contact us if you have suffered at the hands of Martial Law troops in Mindanao.

One complainant says she was beaten and raped for opposing the theft of her cash money, jewellery and what she and her family considered a sacred and valuable artifact handed down through generations of her people. The object can easily be identified and steps will be taken to alert possible buyers to the domestic criminality and attached international-law war crimes.

She says that heavily armed soldiers broke the lock on her door when she refused to open her home to the intruders (she had a baby in the house and feared for the infant’s safety). What happened next you don’t want to hear but the patient was seriously injured during the “search and seizure” of her valuables and then, pushed into a back room, beaten and raped by more than one soldier.

Needless to say, The RINJ Foundation Women are driven by fury to obtain justice for the survivors of Duterte’s raping, plundering thugs.