'End Child Sex Trade' 5th Campaign Starts Now

No matter who you are, there is no greater person than the one who stoops down to help a child. – RINJ

June 21, 2017 Cebu City, Philippines — The RINJ Foundation’s 5th Annual Campaign Against Child Sex Slavery was launched today in the heart of the global sex trade, in the middle of the South China Seas’ Circle of Child Sex Traders. Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and so on …

The RINJ Foundation - End Child Sex Trade here and around the world

In the past years a team of “watchers” has been assembled around the world. These volunteers, 99% women, spend many day time hours at what we call “Stranger-Danger” areas. Those areas include parks, schools, play areas, summer fairs, Ferris Wheels, and you name it. These volunteers know their own areas and where criminals have operated in the past. They are trained to watch out for offenders who would steal children and they will also in some cases watch for unattended children and try to notify authorities if a parent cannot be found. Speaking figuratively, our volunteers carry imaging equipment and wear running shoes. They will catch wrongdoers and hand their evidence to police who typically attend in minutes from the time of the cell phone call.

Some volunteers in the field text their information to a support volunteer who is already on the phone to police or is in fact sitting at the police station.

Police services around the world have assisted our volunteers and typically respond quickly and without reservation.

Thank you, officers, for fighting to protect children and their families from the sinister child sex trade.

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At night, specialized volunteers focus on older children and look at areas we know to be child sex trade pornography locations. Like for example, Cebu City in the Philippines. We have lists of probable sites where internet computer servers exist in what are called data centres or server farms. Sometimes “guests” come from far away to meet children. They won’t get away with that any longer.

Child prostitution makes many people angry. We understand that. We also know that these situations are delicate and dangerous. It is always better to let law enforcement do their jobs. We remind volunteers when you see a youthful person on the street selling his or her body, call police. You can use the emergency 911 services but in your area it is best to have the exact crime-reporting call centre or emergency number already programmed into your smartphone. Please take a photo or video of what you see. Make good notes. Be safe. Thank you.

Don't buy a kid. we play rough to end the child sex trade.

In large cities, like Houston Texas, a new group is forming to deal a little more harshly with night-time street prostitution where little children are involved. Always in the shadow is a pimp. Doesn’t that make you angry? Maybe you would like to join the team? Contact Us

Another kid in trouble. Somewhere behind her is a male pimp who has her terrified into doing what he wants her to do. Another kid in trouble. Somewhere behind her is a male pimp who has her terrified so much that this child is doing what he wants her to do.

Don't buy a kid. End Child Sex Trade


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