(5-12) Child Rape / Abortion Reality: Death

Abortion for child rape survivors?

  • Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to adults who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children.
  • When society allows the rape of small, ovulating children, abortion is on the table.
  • Yes, a baby is an “angel” and must not be murdered. But the patient’s right to life is the first concern

Be clear about this. We are not talking about teens. We are here, dealing with little children from age 5 to age 12. (The youngest child birth was to a five-year-old and often, 12-year-olds, if they are big kids, have successfully delivered full-term babies (but in very many cases, both die.)

Emotional lay-person argument: “Abortion is a crime because abortion is killing angels.”

In the minds of many medical practitioners, this emotional argument demonstrates the disingenuous logic paths lay-people use to say that a raped child must carry to term a  rapist’s baby. You feel the emotion but you shudder at what the speaker doesn’t know. Most often, both the pregnant child and her baby will die. Very often, that death is caused by a crude, non-medical abortion. Most often, child birth by a child is impossible and morbidly so.

This disingenuous emotional argument is why only a patient and their medical team can make this decision. Government politicians can spew wishy-washy political claptrap until the sky turns crimson, it will always be this way. (For example, the illegality of abortion has not deterred Filipino women from inducing unsafe abortion. It has only made it dangerous for them. Estimates in 2012 show that 610,000 women resorted to abortion, over 100,000 women were hospitalized and 3 women die every day due to unsafe abortion complications. (Rappler) Patriarchal, immoral, incompetent legislators have no business in women’s wombs–their role is to provide free contraceptives and good health care. Patients and their medical practitioners have every reason to do the right thing at the time. Only their decision counts.)

Most children age 9-11, MOST as in the upper 70s percentile, die before or at child birth. So, it’s a “triage” question: which life can you save? You will not be in the O/R or E/R when that call is made.

Murder is a crime. Thanks for the guidance. We knew that, however. Apparently the rapists among you did not give a damn.

We are sworn to fight vigorously for the life of our patients. Both patients where that is the case. No government laws are needed to rule the womb of the girl child.

A case-by-case medical decision. 

The inalienable universal human right to life lies with the raped child. She has the right to life. A rapist took that away.

A child can get pregnant once ovulation starts but that almost always happens in children who are too small to have sex and by far too small to have a child.

Abortion for child rape survivors?

What do you think? Should child rape survivors be allowed abortion?

Posted by The RINJ Foundation on Saturday, 29 July 2017

There are many cases of 12-year-old kids having children. That is true. But many die. Many die along with the baby. Too many die. On the other hand MOST 11-year-old children die giving or just before child birth.

Decisions like this cannot be emotionless but they cannot be made solely based on emotion or questions about who is God, Jesus or Muhammad or what the pope says; nor what a politician says.

The right to life of the female child is paramount. Her life is in peril. Serious peril. The violence of the rape and the undeniable danger to life of the child and the baby of the pregnancy comprise a clear threat to the child whom society was supposed to protect. Now that predicament is in the hands of a medical practitioner whose oath and loyalty is to the life of their patient(s) at hand. That’s the person who makes the decision. Not you.

Join us in a clinic in Asia or Africa and you will begin to know what we see. The children are under-nourished, tiny, and they deserve the right to life.

RINJ does not advance cavalier abortion as anything but killing.

The RINJ Foundation Women’s position is that any form of induced abortion for the sake of birth control comprises the murder of a child. The crime perpetrator is the government (or Church?) that failed to provide easy access to contraceptives.  In the Philippines for example, the Duterte government tries to make contraceptives accessible but the Catholic Church has scurrilously manipulated the Supreme Court to block certain contraceptives thus killing thousands of women. The Catholic Church has no moral high ground for manipulating reproductive rights nor women’s wombs.

Perpetrators who endanger lives by interfering between a patient and her doctor should face criminal charges. 

  1. Governments must make contraceptives freely available.
  2. Induced abortion for medical reasons is medical practice.
  3. Unless you are the attending practitioner or the patient, you have no say.

Induced abortion is very wrong as a form of birth control. But in triage, one saves the lives that can be saved. Many patients die in triage scenarios like bomb blasts and Boko Harem attacks on whole villages in Chad; ISIS or Assad mass murders and their attacks on communities in Syria. We save the lives that can be saved.

Raped children, we typically see within 72 hours of this heinous  crime and do our utmost best to use a pharmacological solution to avoid pregnancy.

If a child presents as pregnant we have teams that usually find or help find the rapist and put them to prison. We simultaneously evaluate the patient’s health and safety over time. We evaluate the fetus development. We intervene if failure of either life is imminent.

With pregnant children you are always talking about a C-Section unless it is an exceptional child with an adult body–rare but that can go smoothly. C-sections on kids don’t always go well. Opening up a child and finding sepsis from esophagus to small bowel and a dead baby is not uncommon. It’s open, close and move to the next patient and avoid the sadness. Both are lost. Nobody knows the number of dead children-with-child. But the anecdotal evidence is shocking like a pile driver to the gut.

If the child and parents do not wish to risk the life of the rape survivor, the induced abortion is only done if the risk is assessed as real. Save the life that can be saved.

Rarely do we perform induced abortions–usually nature has begun that process when we see trauma patients–like the kid who got pregnant and then weeks later an Iraqi soldier called an air strike on her home because a sniper was on the roof. We had to help nature expel the damaged fetus and do intestinal re-sectioning to keep the girl alive. Sad. War only brings sadness. Death only brings sadness. Abortion is death.

There was another similar case where some lunatic put a gun barrel in the child’s vagina and pulled the trigger. We spent hours doing a range of stabilizing surgeries and then shipped the child clandestinely to a European hospital. The baby did not go with her. The child patient did survive. Sad case.

You will never know the emotions involved in these decisions related to children nor in these trauma cases impacting all ages. You will never make those decisions. If you are a medical practitioner you will make your own some day.

Rape is never without severe trauma.

Rapists are willing to commit any violent act and most do (over 90%) with impunity.

We are vehemently opposed to “abortion” as defined in popular lay person vernacular. We favour government-provided free contraceptives. We are most opposed to “abortion laws” which probably kill more people than wars do. The global patriarchal governance slaughters humans by tampering with women’s wombs.

Teen Pregnancy: Key facts

  • About 16 million girls aged 15 to 19 and some 1 million girls under 15 give birth every year—most in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second cause of death for 15-19 year-old girls globally.
  • Every year, some 3 million girls aged 15 to 19 undergo unsafe abortions.
  • Babies born to adolescent mothers face a substantially higher risk of dying than those born to women aged 20 to 24.

Reproductive Rights

  • Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to families who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children.
  • Close examination of mass deaths in the world suggests government’s are doing an awful job of protecting children and their families. It is completely disingenuous for violent men to be arguing that abortion is violence toward children. Notwithstanding that observation the RINJ Foundation suggests that an abuse of this or any medical procedure bringing harm to a person could constitute a crime in your jurisdiction. All life is precious. ‘Don’t use abortion as a method of birth control’, is our warning, worth repeating.
  • Families must have easy access to valid and safe contraceptives as well as safe and validated health care for them and their children.
  • The global maternal death rate at childbirth is horrifying. The same is true of infant mortality. Children born into severe poverty are not surviving. The alleviation of this problem lies partly in the global goals of human development. Family planning is one of the tools for poverty’s mitigation and elimination.
  • Maintaining a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 is a valid goal for family planning educators. Earth has limits on what number of human occupants it can support. Approaching 9 billion world population the TFR must maintain somewhere around 2.1 barring any catastrophic events.
  • Family planning and reproductive rights belong to each and every family. Governments must be asked to provide free of charge, safe, modern contraceptives.

Caring for children and their families is something the people of Earth need to relearn.


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