Donald Trump VS Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian human rights groups have been given one more chapter to append  to their 700-page communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), alleging that high-level Israeli officials have been complicit in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Add Donald Trump as complicit in these crimes.

Both Israel and the United States are under examination by the ICC but we refer to the cases of Ahed Tamimi and her mother Nariman Tamimi from Nabi Salih, a small village located about 20 kilometers northwest of Ramallah in the West Bank. These cases are currently unfolding.

Ahed is not the bully.

Four things have seriously damaged return of human rights of Palestinians at this point in the new Millennium, despite the heroic child activist Ahed Tamimi:

Recent events that have harmed the Ahed Tamimi case and provide impunity for Israel's campaign against women and childrenA malignant bully, Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States by the ‘American Bully’ faction is a primary cause of the recent inflaming of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. This is the bunch that cheered for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Iraq for no good reason. They got their wish. Then in 2016 they rallied from under rocks and bridges and from inside trailer parks across America to vote for a man who in a television reality”fuck-you“-TV-series resembled all their ‘establishment-payback’ dreams to make them feel like the powerful psychopath-killer Jax Teller of the “Sons of Anarchy” instead of just being the hopeless, massive 50 million, anarchistic, impoverished red-necks of America. (“Trump has been a bully since childhood, and his thousands of vicious tweets make him perhaps the most prolific cyber bully in history,” John Gartner, USAToday.)

Recent events that have harmed the Ahed Tamimi case and provide impunity for Israel's campaign against women and childrenBassem Tamimi, Ahed Tamimi’s father who has enlisted children–his children–to a resistance campaign against the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian territory. This looks awful to everyone. If you don’t know why you dislike the stench of this look at the video of the child in civilian clothes physically fighting with an Israeli Occupation Forces soldier to drive him off her front yard.
We note that the child Ahed Tamimi has been a “handful” for any parent and perhaps the father said to himself, ‘if she is  going to be an activist, I may as well teach her the best way to proceed as an activist’, but here’s the pinch: he turned her into a child soldier.  Wake up on that pinch. The RINJ Foundation Women are no stranger to armed resistance but the ground rules for enlistment are the same as those for military enlistment: recruits must be adults. Ahed Tamimi is not an adult; she is a minor child; and she is a girl. This is infuriating; that adults in a sophisticated nation like Palestine and like Israel are messing with their kids in their fights–both sides should make you apoplectic. The conduct of both sides has the color of wrong.

Recent events that have harmed the Ahed Tamimi case and provide impunity for Israel's campaign against women and childrenThe Tammi’s are Arab Muslims and as such are the target of Israeli and American hatred for no good reason. America and Israel together invented pure racist bigotry. America and Israel are both making war on Arab Muslims of Palestine. Despite this child’s obvious heroism,  if Ahed Tamimi had walked on water, Americans including Trump would find wrong and mutter, “The brat can’t even swim!”

Recent events that have harmed the Ahed Tamimi case and provide impunity for Israel's campaign against women and childrenTolerance for mass death and prolific abuse of women and children under occupation has increased after the mass murders in Iraq by the United States and the Islamic State. Israel is targeting women and children in Palestine for retribution against men who plan and conduct peaceful demonstrations against the Trump decision to oppose a Palestinian state and move the Israeli seat of government to Jerusalem where the US will relocate its embassy. Needless to say, Palestinians are opposed to this radical and disruptive change in US policy and have been demonstrating very peacefully, which should be encouraged, not tortured. It is worth noting that the vast majority of countries in the world are with Palestine on this issue and the UN General Assembly passed a resolution with an overwhelming “Yes” vote to demand the US rescind the decision.

Ahed Tamimi and her mother are in a military jail without bail.

That too is wrong. Persons who allege to speak for the Israeli government imply that the government is fearful the child may slap the face of another soldier hence she must be kept in jail indefinitely so that she can’t slap any more faces of invading soldiers at her home. It’s more about a pervasive misogyny and even racism than anything else. The once victimized Jews are now the oppressors like an abused child that becomes an abuser as an adult.

Israel Must Cease its Targeting of Women and Kids for Reprisals against Peaceful Demonstrations

The nation state of Israel has absolute power over the Palestinians since 1967. In recent years, if not for longer, it has come to abuse its power over the Palestinians systemically and with an apparent air of impunity.

Friends of Israel must warn the State that it has gone too far in targeting women and children for abuse.

Israel Believes it has Impunity, Supported by Trump, for its War Crimes against Women and Children. But both are being investigated for serious war crimes by the ICC.

Israel has become a very sick country since Donald Trump announced that the entirety of Jerusalem would become the capital of Israel and the US would move its embassy there.

To many people the #AhedTamimi case is heartbreaking. The RINJ Foundation Women cannot possibly support Israel when it attacks the safety of women and children in the West Bank.

Israel has been given a false sense of impunity for human rights violations by the slanted news reporting from the United States that borders on racist and Donald Trump’s disastrous interference in the Palestine/Israel conflict.

Ahed Tamimi‘s family has known only a life of ethnic cleansing (to put it mildly), checkpoints, detentions, house demolitions,  identity papers, intimidation, humiliation and violence. Ahed is part of the second generation of Palestinians to live under brutal Israeli occupation.

A 14 Year Old Kid was Shot in the Face – so a Millennial Girl Kicked The Hornets Nest

Last month, sixteen year old Ahed Tamimi slapped and kicked an Israeli Occupation Forces soldier who was on her property. She was upset her cousin was in a coma. Today the Israeli government is trying to lock this kid in a prison for her entire life.

Shortly before this event, family member Mohammed Tamimi was shot at close range in the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank on Friday, according to witnesses. Ahed was overwhelmed with grief.

Upsetting Ahed Tamimi, a IOF soldier shot 14 year old Mohammed Tamimi in the face

The 14-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Tamimi, was placed into a medically-induced coma after Israeli soldiers shot him in the face with a rubber bullet during a protest against a US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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