RINJ Proposal To UN Addresses UN Peacekeeper Rape Crisis

Fighting for the safety of women and children
A need for radical change follows France Court Decision last week not to prosecute UN Peacekeeper Child Rapists.

In a strongly worded consultative paper submitted to the UN Secretary General, a Canadian-based global humanitarian group of women fighting for the safety of women and children suggested a complete overhaul of the UN Peacekeeping regime.

The RINJ-UN Consultative Report follows last week’s decision of a France Court not to prosecute the accused rapists who served in the Central African Republic where children are especially vulnerable. Some of the rape survivors were pre-pubescent.

Citing numerous studies around the world on the effectiveness of women in the law enforcement role (UN Peacekeeping is all about policing the rules established in truce agreements), The RINJ Foundation wants UN commanded women soldiers to take over the Peacekeeping role.

Under the RINJ proposal, instead of the UN canvassing member states to get volunteer Peacekeepers for each mission, the UN would command its own standby women soldiers trained in treaty law enforcement with a significant focus on communication and non-confrontational dispute resolution.

The Document can be found at rinj.org/peacekeeping

According to several reports from rape survivors in Central African Republic (CAR), some of the 2000, French Peacekeepers there have been inserting their penises into little girl’s mouths, raping  them in exchange for food.

At the request of the UN Secretary General Canadian Justice Marie Deschamps conducted an extensive review of UN procedures and leveled 12 suggestions for procedural changes.

(Read the report Justice Marie Deschamps Independent Review Report Pdf Doc)

There have been hundreds of complaints alleging UN Peacekeeper soldiers’ rape of women and children but the cases in the CAR are especially shocking.

The world would have heard little of this issue had there not been a Whistleblower within the UN who leaked the complaint documents to France. The Whistleblower was promptly fired by the UN but a hearing later reinstated him.  His information related to the small percentile of cases that had been reported to the United Nations’ complaints department.  There were many more.

“This is not another one of your ‘boys will be boys’  situations,”  the RINJ scolded the UN, “this is a ‘sick bastards’ situation. Big changes must happen.”

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