Philippines Dark Fascism Hole-Leila de Lima at Bottom (in-depth)

[Updated>Filipina Senator Leila de Lima in custody in Manila

“Bye, bye!” De Lima headed for years in prison?

Read de Lima’s full statement at bottom of this in-depth article. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty must prevail but alas it does not. Leila de Lima will never get a fair trial and must therefore be acquitted.

Thirty innocent Filipinos per day have been murdered on Duterte’s instructions.

There is no nobler cause than stopping Duterte’s systematic murder of poor women, children and their families.

Two of RINJ ‘s 2016 Women Heroes are in big trouble as the (Republic?) of The Philippines sinks into a  fear-filled hole of fascist terror and political persecution.

RINJ exists in fascist Duterte’s world & in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s world & can see no difference in the two fascist styles: rule by fear and terror and either brutally kill or imprison opponents. Every day in the Philippines brings another Duterte-fear-drama. No beheadings yet but Duterte says, “I wish!”

  1. Senator Leila de Lima (pictured above waving ‘bye’) was jailed 24 Feb. 2017 by the misogynistic Duterte junta because a murderer, drug dealer, robber and a cutthroat, all convicted criminals, and all prisoners, and all expecting something for their testimony, say de Lima raised money for her election campaign through them who sold drugs into an infamous Bilibid prison; meanwhileLeni Robredo in big trouble
  2. Vice President Leni Robredo (pictured above looking soft-spoken and sincere) is facing a court challenge by Rodrigo Duterte’s choice for VP, Ferdinand Marcos (Bong Bong), son of the ousted Dictator Marcos, over Robredo’s narrow but real defeat of Marcos in the 2016 Vice-Presidential ballot. Robredo has told the country to trust the Supreme Court–the same Supreme Court that blocked a petition to stop the Hero-Burial of the disgraced, murdering, brutal Dictator Marcos in 2016.

Women Heroes in Big Trouble — As good as Destroyed by Duterte

Former Philippines Department of Justice (DoJ)  Secretary Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima is a Filipino lawyer, human rights activist and politician (Wikipedia).

Maria Leonor “Leni” Santo Tomas Robredo is a Filipino lawyer and social activist who is the 14th and current Vice President of the Philippines (Wikipedia).

Senator Leila de Lima is in serious trouble. She may not escape Duterte’s foolish minions’ malfeasance — and it’s minions she must worry about because there is no case as yet. None.

Why does this money case have no money?

Who is kidding who? If you want to make a case against a person for taking and using or laundering funds, you need a chain of possession of those funds. Where is the money?

Duterte needs to show that the money in the first place existed, how and why and where. Then he needs to prove the chain of possession of the funds including witnesses, bank records that unequivocally prove the ownership and possession of the money; and then if it is spent, prove that fact; or, in the alternative if the money is not spent, SEIZE THE MONEY as evidence. Where is the money Mr. Duterte? Where is your evidence?

Send de Lima home. There is no case. Everything about the case and the government is publicly crooked. In the absence of the possibility of a fair trial, the accused must be aquitted and the charges quashed. Do it.

In all the hearings and public statements there is nothing more than a bunch of minions parading dutifully the worst criminals in the Philippines, real droolers who tell an array of conflicting stories that amount toevidence of a fascist Duterte empire.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Counsels for AFP Philippine national police and Bureau of Corrections were present: we were informed that based on AFP’s confidential investigation the high-profile inmates detained in AFP Custodial and Detention Center continue to enjoy lavish Lifestyles for example use of electronic gadgets Smart television sets air conditioning units internet and cellular phones.” (Most poor people, many millions in fact, do not have these luxuries in the Philippines.)

“When pressed for comment elements of both PNP and Bucor invoked that they are  just following the express instruction of the Honorable Vitaliano N. Aguirre to allow the entry of the above enumerated Gadgets in return for the testimony they gave during the Congressional inquiry on the proliferation of drugs inside the new Bilibid prison.”

The video of the inmates’ testimony and the abusive questioner, looks like the section on “Why you should not base a case solely on unreliable witness evidence in an online ‘Evidence-101′”.

This seems like the work of arrogant, power-drunk miscreants who believe they have impunity for any kind of malfeasance including manufacturing witnesses from the major-crime range of the national prison. Where’s the money? Where are the documents supporting a chain of possession, control or ownership?


The Justice Secretary minion whom Duterte has appointed for attacking his enemies including Senator de Lima is apparently in his daydreams inventing clandestine attacks on his safety and alleged bribes of his criminal witnesses who allegedly turned down the bribes favoring someone elses’ promises. This did not likely happen in any measure.

Aguirre’s stories seem as authentic as a three peso note. Something is very wrong. He may hold the record for a Philippine justice chief with the most number of ‘unsubstantiated’ public pronouncements at a given time, says Philippines journal, Rappler. You know the addage,”If it looks like a fish; smells like a fish; swims like a fish; it probably is a fish. The case against de Lima is as fishy as a Newfoundland dory.

In an interview with radio dzMM on Friday, February 24, Aguirre broke the story that Lalaine’s car was attacked in Makati. Lalaine is the wife of Noel Martinez, one of the inmates who testified against Senator Leila de Lima in the House probe into the New Bilibid Prison drug trade when De Lima was justice chief.

Noel is among the 8 inmates transferred to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Custodial Center from the NBP before they testified at the congressional inquiry. They reportedly received perks there in exchange for their cooperation with the justice department on the De Lima cases. (read also: FACT CHECK: Did Aguirre reward inmates who testified against De Lima?)

de Lima was wrongly taken prisoner by Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte who puppet-mastered the current Philippines Department of Justice Secretary for the dirty work. Duterte has been credibly diagnosed in the late 1990s as a psychopath with some malignant tendencies. Among them are his rages and severe hatred for women. Be wary, Senator.

De Lima campaigned for many years against Rodrigo Duterte’s murders (“extra-judicial killings”) in Davao City as Mayor and across the country as President. She has been a raucous pain in Duterte’s side. His supporters are all the misogynist men in the Philippines who are the people who actually do vote while the women are out of the country earning and sending money home to their men who are often raping the kids.(Cynical? No, anecdotal. It’s what we see and what we know in rape clinics.)

RINJ claims full and unfettered freedom in the exercise of its functions.

de Lima went to jail on drug-related charges brought by a Duterte appointee based on evidence provided by criminals in a jail controlled by the Duterte Junta leaders: Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and former Davao City cop, Death Squad Recruiter and current  Philippines National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald Dela Rosa (PNP July 1, 2016 – present.)

Suspicious Witnesses In The Political Forum


Duterte’s House of Representatives Witnesses put up by Aguirre to Explain Drugs in Bilibid

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II requested the House panel, led by Oriental Mindoro 2nd District Representative Reynaldo Umali, to give immunity to the witnesses.

Duterte pal, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, granted immunity to 12 witnesses, 9 of whom are National Bureau of Prisons inmates.

  1. Nonilo Arile, convicted of kidnapping and murder
  2. Joel Capones, “Bilibid 19” member
  3. Peter Co, “Bilibid 19” member, convicted for drugs
  4. Herbert Colanggo, “Bilibid 19” member; convicted for robbery
  5. Jojo Baligad, “Bilibid 19” member, convicted for murder
  6. Engelberto Durano, former police officer 3 convictions illegal drugs
  7. Rodolfo Magleo, former police chief inspector; convicted for kidnapping
  8. Noel Martinez, “Bilibid 19” member; convicted for kidnapping
  9. Jaime Patcho, convicted for kidnapping
  10. Jaybee Sebastian, convicted for kidnapping and carnapping
  11. Vicente Sy, “Bilibid 19” member
  12. Hans Anton Tan, convicted for murder
  13. Froilan Trestiza, convicted for kidnapping
  14. Jovencio Ablen Jr, National Bureao of Investigation (NBI) intelligence agent
  15. Reynante Diaz, Colanggo’s talent manager
  16. Jesusa Francisco, former Department of Justice employee
  17. Rafael Ragos, NBI director and former officer-in-charge of the Bureau of Corrections says on several occasions he delivered P5 million from the New Bilibid Prison to then-Secretary Leila De Lima, Justice Secretary according to statements by Vitaliano Aguirre who spoke on behalf of Ragos to media.

List of Criminal Witnesses Headed For De Lima Trial

Duterte’s Court Witnesses Against de Lima

  • Nonilo Arile, convicted for kidnapping and murder.
  • Joel Capones, “Bilibid 19” member.
  • Peter Co, “Bilibid 19” member, convicted for drugs.
  • Herbert Colanggo, “Bilibid 19” member; convicted for robbery.
  • Jojo Baligad, “Bilibid 19” member, convicted for murder.

These criminals, presented aswitnesses” by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II claim that Senator de Lima is some kind of drug money recipient.

Duterte Critic Taken into Custody

Speaking to journalists minutes before armed police in flak jackets detained her, Senator Leila de Lima insisted she was innocent of the drug trafficking charges that could see her jailed for life.

Money from the sale of Marijuana and diet/ADHD pills which are the drugs of choice for mentally ill, poverty-stricken Filipinos and loathed by higher echelon Fentanyl-addict Duterte, smuggled into the Bilibid prison, somehow found its way to the campaign coffers of de Lima, this motly crew say. Even though they have been segregated into another prison the inmate-workers have a totally different account of these men’s chatter on the matter.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II asked Filipinos to infer from remarks that de Lima offered a PH100 million bribe for the “boys” to share if they alter their testimony but these excited fellows are trying to figure out if they could do both adduce their evidence and then recant so they may receive both the reward of some luxuriates and maybe eventual freedom and a Presidential Pardon, PLUS the PH20 million apiece. (Ed. “Please forgive us for printing this crazy ‘story’ from a couple of inmates working in the kitchen/commissary who wanted to illustrate the probability of Aguirre’s stories of bribes being outright lies.  But maybe crazy fits reality since Aguirre is the laughing stock of the planet after telling a few whoppers in the USA about “extra-judicial killings” being a complete mystery to Manila and accusing the S. Korean Embassy of being a lot of Mafia criminals who killed South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo”).

The behaviour is not merely hypocrisy it’s a personality disorder and a predisposition to pathological fibbing stemming from an obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.

We know this type because we work with rape survivors and prosecute their assailants.  Rape is all about power and control.

One of the problems in appointing minions who will do whatever you ask, Mr. Duterte, is that they are weak people who cannot earn good favour on their own merits so they must lower the moral bar and perform uncharacteristic malfeasance that drives them ‘bonkers’.

We wish minion Aguirre better mental health and an immediate retirement into exile. At some point the rule of law will be an ICC  warrant with his name on it.

Heads of Justice Departments who abuse their authority are in fact among the worst of malignant offenders, somewhat like a school teacher who abuses their command and control over others who are powerless, rapes the babies under his care, and demands impunity.


One of the most vile humans to have ever lived. Self-Confessed Murderer Rodrigo Duterte

RINJ wants Duterte jailed for endangering women and children but why does de Lima challenge the President?

Duterte says children killed in Philippines drug war are ‘collateral damage’ —The Guardian

‘With the policeman and the M16, it’s one burst, brrrr, and [he] hits 1,000 people there,’ explains Philippines fascist president. “Kids are Collateral damage…”


Duterte appointees do his dirty work

Appointed by Duterte to throttle his opponents (Fascism): At left is Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and former Davao City cop, Death Squad Recruiter and current  Philippines National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa (July 1, 2016 – present)

Says Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation, “Part of our agony is seeing patients murdered. Some rape survivors and many little babies have been slaughtered in the systematic attack on the poor, the weak and the ill.”

Rosanna Murdered by Duterte Reuters

Above: 17-year-old Rosana, murdered by Duterte.

‘With the policeman and the M16, it’s one burst, brrrr, and [he] hits 1,000 people there,’ explains Philippines fascist President Duterte. “Kids are Collateral damage…”

His daughter was murdered by Duterte Sobbing man’s lovely daughter was murdered by one of Duterte’s death squads.

This is his little girl’s Barbie Doll. Can you see the Dad crying his heart out, above? This keeps happening to Filipinos.

Rosana's Barbie Doll found near her left outstretched arm Rosana's Barbie doll in evidence bag

Above is the little girl’s Barbie Doll in an evidence bag. If you have a little daughter or son you will understand RINJ passion for the protection of woman and children from the extreme violence of men like Rodrigo Duterte.

RINJ Red Lines 2017 - Rodrigo Duterte

The RINJ Foundation has asked the International Criminal Court to indict Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte under the Rome Statute to which the Philippines is signatory. RINJ has also pleaded with Duterte to resign. Duterte’s response was, “Bullshit”.

 Little Girl Murdered by Duterte. 


Dancia Garcia murdered by Duterte Murdered by Duterte.

de Lima Released a Statement Before being carted off to Jail.

What we have feared has come. My arrest is an appalling sign of the return of a power-hungry, morally bankrupt and abusive government.

As we expected, the Department of Justice filed criminal cases against me based on manufactured stories accusing me of involvement in the drug trade.

According to the mastermind of the filing of cases against me — none other than President Rodrigo Duterte: “She has to face the music. It took months to develop the case.”

They really have such nerve, all of them! Of course it would take you this long to manufacture lies against me! There must be so much Fentanyl in Mr Duterte’s brain, for him to have the gall to boast of the testimonies of their witnesses who are convicted drug lords, and whose statements contradict each other.

Liars! Hypocrites!

As reward for testifying against me, this administration, through the Department of Justice restored the privileges of these inmates — the very same privileges that I put an end to during my term as the Secretary of Justice.

Their revolting plan: convicted criminals become state witnesses so they can be exonerated from their crimes. They are not the heroes that this administration is forcing us to believe.

Where else in the world have you seen drug lords turned into state witnesses? All they have ever done is to follow the badly-written script of this administration to pin me down with baseless accusations for their personal gain.

From the very beginning, we have seen the brand of injustice his regime is pushing for. As they continue to malign and persecute me, meanwhile, Mr Vitaliano Aguirre of the DOJ coddled prisoners in exchange for their testimonies, and Solicitor General Jose Calida sought the acquittal of the convicted kidnapper and indicted mastermind of pork barrel scandal.

From the very beginning, I knew that this regime would not seek true justice. The filing of criminal cases against me is only the fulfillment of Mr Duterte’s fixation for revenge against me, because of my investigation of the Davao Death Squad when I was then the Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights.

The Filipino people know your style, Mr President. To put the rule of law in your hands, silence your critics, and destroy those who will go against your caprices.

Actually, this should no longer surprise us. If the President supported a policy of killing the poor and drug offenders, what is then stopping him from doing whatever comes into his head: absolve big time drug lords, acquit a kidnapper and queen of pork barrel scandal, fabricate stories and plant evidence against his critics, which he admitted he used to do when he was a fiscal, and continue killing the poor with impunity.

We all know now that every action of the President has no clear basis. He does it on a whim. Not because it is right or wrong, but because he can do it, and we are letting him. This is impunity. Whatever he does, he is confident that he is free from any punishment.

This all started when he discovered as Mayor of Davao City that he could kill people without accountability. Truth is, even though he has killed over 1,000 in Davao and over 7,000 throughout the Philippines with his death squads and rogue police, he has yet to pay for it under the law.

But perhaps now he can be made accountable for his horrible crime against humanity.

Recently, the President’s right-hand man in the Davao Death Squad, police officer Arturo Lascañas, finally revealed himself. Just like his former comrade, Edgar Matobato, he too made a public confession about the killings they carried out in Davao City upon the orders of President Duterte himself. He, together with police officer Sanson ‘Sonny’ Buenaventura, are the brains and hands of President Duterte in any of the Davao Death Squad operations.

With the revelation of Lascañas, there is no more doubt that our President is a murderer and a sociopathic serial killer. This is also the reason why we are experiencing all the madness in government under this regime that is being led by the number one criminal in the entire Philippines, if not in the whole world, none other than President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Let’s not ask anymore how come there seems to be a reunion of questionable characters under the Duterte regime-from the Marcoses, to Arroyo, and up to Napoles, together with their lawyers and operators. Also, there are the main enforcers of President Duterte’s orders Secretary Aguirre and SolGen Calida who are among the abusive and arrogant officials in our government. Let’s no longer ask why, during the Duterte regime, all the criminals, the corrupt, the savages, and those with evil souls have returned and are thriving.

I speak before you with honor and integrity as my only defense. As former Human Rights Chairperson and Justice Secretary, I can look everyone straight in the eye and say: My track record as a public servant has never been tarnished by any wrongdoing, except until now based on manufactured lies. I have never used and will never use my position for my personal interest.

I am innocent. I have never betrayed and I will never betray the trust of my country and the Filipino people.

Clearly, this administration has evil and dangerous plans: to make an example of me to intimidate, silence, and destroy anyone who dares challenge them; to draw public attention away from the government’s abuses and failures; and to cover up their most murderous war on drugs. In the past 7 months, the death toll of this war has exceeded the number of deaths recorded during the 14 years of Martial Law and the Marcos regime.

This fight is not mine alone. This fight is our fight for the victims of government’s failed war on drugs, especially for 7-year-old Saniño Butucan of Cebu, 5-year-olds Danica May Garcia of Pangasinan and Francisco Manosca of Pasay City, and 4-year-old Althea Fhem Barbon of Negros Oriental. Perpetrators of these hideous crimes have no conscience; even worse than them are those in power who allow these to happen.

From all these violence, killings and crooked governance of the Duterte regime, clearly, I am not the Public Enemy No. 1 here, but this regime which has no respect for basic human rights, especially the right to life.

Since the start of his term, Mr Duterte has brought in the entire machinery of the State to silence me, and to destroy my person, credibility and honor as a woman. If they can do this to a sitting Senator, what is stopping this administration from doing the same to ordinary Filipinos?

If they think that by jailing me, I will turn my back on my principles, they are mistaken. Instead, they have encouraged me more to pursue truth and justice.

I have long prepared myself to be a political prisoner of this regime. Rest assured that I will answer all the accusations against me in the proper time and venue. To the best of my ability, I will fulfill my duties as Senator of the Republic. Even in prison, even as I continue to be persecuted by this government, for as long as I live, I will continue fighting the good fight up to my very last breath.

To Mr Duterte: Stop the killings now! Stop harassing me, stop this madness! Instead, the Filipino people are begging for your undivided attention to address the myriad problems our country face.

I call on the members of the Fourth Estate to guard our fragile democracy against attempts to curtail our rights and freedom, and against the return of dictatorship.

I urge people of conscience everywhere: Please pray for the Philippines. I ask you to remain vigilant and continue to fight, so that true justice and respect for human rights prevail. Let us not allow this administration to continue violating our Constitution, disrespecting our laws, and taking the lives of our countrymen.

I am hopeful that we will not remain silent in the face of the daily killings taking place in our midst, the flagrant violations of our fundamental rights, and the deliberate efforts to poison our minds, and that of our children.

Let us fight for our rights, let us fight for justice, let us fight for democracy.


Possible Conclusions

  1. Political prisoners in the Philippines remain as such for decades. They just rot away in prisons. Senator de Lima may spend a lifetime in prison, not for any crime but due to the fascist takeover of the Philippines if it continues along Duterte’s plan. Power corrupts absolutely. The corrupt megalomaniacs holding power may cling. The Senator may survive until a better day as long as de Lima remains alive in prison which will not be long if she uses what she learns ‘inside’ against Duterte. Most likely she will be isolated and safe.
    Duterte, the man de Lima went up against for years, is a confessed murderer who hates women. In Manila’s halls of power there is an air of hatred for women.There is no chance for de Lima’s fair trial. Most trials in the Philippines take from five to fifteen years.
  2. Vice President Leni Robredo may well lose her Vice-Presidency in a corrupted Court decision. She needs to fight, not pray.
  3. Ferdinand Marcos will assume the Vice Presidency to the loud cheers of foolish Filipinos (who foolishly elected a murdering psychopath to their Presidency).
  4. Duterte will expire or resign. He will need time to prepare his defence in the International Criminal Court (ICC). (Duterte will soon be ‘popped’ by police at an airport on an ICC Warrant).
  5. “Bong Bong” Ferdinand Marcos will assume the Presidency of the Philippines as the heir apparently promised by Duterte.
  6. Any combination of the foregoing but with Bong Bong Marcos appointed to the Cabinet (DILG: Department of the Interior and Local Government) in charge of the death squads and more if he fails to unseat Robredo by using the corrupt court that put his father in a heroe’s grave.

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