Kidnapping China Princess Meng is War Declaration

Comment: Meng Wanzhou’s Human Rights Violation Case

The Meng Wanzhou Human Rights Case: A road to war is the Kidnapping of one’s enemies’ women

Meng Wanzhou awaits until Monday (10 December) to hear the outcome of a bail condition proposal made by her lawyers on Friday to the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Photo Credit: Huawei Technologies, art by Rosa Feminine Perspective Magazine.

Editorial by Editor and Staff, Feminine Perspective Magazine

Meng Wanzhou has been accused by American men of doing business better than they can do their business. Meng Wanzhou is innocent of any crime. This could go on for years achieving the goal of hurting Huawei Technologies. Meng Wanzhou was kidnapped from a connecting flight to Mexico at YVR Airport on 1 December and is held in Vancouver BC as a prisoner of Trump’s warfare against China.

America’s unwarranted lawfare attack on this iconic woman, Sabrina (Wanzhou) Meng , is an aggressive rebuke of all exceptional women leaders in the boardroom. Additionally this kidnap is another event in a series of monotonous attacks on China because China’s coveted technology is leading the world in many areas, far ahead of the USA.

Ordered by the USA without evidence, Canadian RCMP, condemned by Parliament as a sexist Canadian institution with the most horrible gender-based violence record, arrested the female face of Huawei Technologies. Unless the Liberal government removes women’s right to vote, it is soon to be walloped at the polls unless the racist hatred for China has oozed like Trump slime across the 49th parallel, north into Canada.

Canada’s PM presents this weekend as a colluding stooge aiming to help Trump quash Huawei’s (China) perceived 5G-technology lead over QualComm (USA), achieved largely by a woman’s leadership. This move betrays Canadian Universities and corporations which benefit from $billions in Huawei loans, grants and collaborative risk sharing 5G infrastructure development.

Trudeau’s answers to questions project arrogance and presumptiveness.

Kidnapping a cherished leader from China, an enemy in Trump’s warfare to divert impeachment, is scurrilous abuse of process. (If China did this to Canada, the country would be apoplectic.)

Malfeasance against China endangers Canadians’ future and irreversibly rebukes Trudeau integrity.

That Trump and Trudeau are afraid of Ms. Meng and her brilliant mind is a statement about who these misogynistic men are, not about Sabrina Meng.

Meng Wanzhou (Sabrina Meng) Deputy Chair, CFO Huawei

Meng Wanzhou holds a master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Ms. Meng joined Huawei in 1993 and has held the positions of Director of the International Accounting Dept, CFO of Huawei Hong Kong, and President of the Accounting Mgmt Dept. Ms. Meng now serves as CFO of Huawei and Deputy Chairwoman of the Board. Source: About Huawei

Kidnapping China Princess Meng Wanzhou is a War DeclarationThis attack on Ms. Meng is not a legitimate, lawful act, it is a crime committed against women in Donald Trump’s warfare.