Events of G20 Week End

Early Sunday Updates:

    • “The world is undergoing a difficult moment as Trump pursues a vision at odds with the idea of collective action on trade and climate change,” said EU President Donald Tusk, today.
    • “Get me out of here,”  said TPTT as he dashed off stage insulting G20 host and Argentinian President, Mauricio Macri. Mr. Macri was left standing alone on stage with the event photographer waiting for TPTT to take a position beside Macri for the closing “Host-Photo Op”. Trump left with a flustered aide, who had been paused standing by the photographer, chasing after TPTT.
    • The two media “bad boys” nobody wants to be seen talking to unless they are obviously ranting at them,
      1. are Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and
      2. Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (MbS) the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent of Saudi Arabia plus deputy chairman of the Saudi military service council.
    • At the outset of the weekend, Mr. Putin arrived in the jazziest and most secure limo on planet Earth and without much delay gave MbS an ironic (and iconic)  “High Five” as if that was the first the last and the only time anyone would be talking to the two.
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      Mr. Putin’s Limousine shipped in advance to Buenos Aires. Photo Credit:
  • But the real bummer was TPTT who managed to cast a pall over the entire event with his fascist agenda. As he left he shot hard at Canada saying he was going to immediately withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement and then if the US Senate does not approve the just-signed USMCA agreement, the USA would not be trading with northern neighbour Canada.

Updates by Melissa Hemingway with files from Sharon Santiago – Feminine-Perspective Staff

USMCA Trilateral Trade Agreement between USA, Mexico and CanadaThe G20 Patriarchal “Family” Members, plus alleged-murderer of Jamal Khashoggi,  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MbS). The actual King of Saudi Arabia could not be present so his highness sent an alleged murderer and detainor of dozens of human rights defenders instead. Angela Merkel , Chancellor of Germany arrived too late for the “Family” plus MbS (whom Putin ill-advisedly highfived) picture-taking. Photo Credit: The G20 Argentina

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Feminine-Perspective MagazineSad News: WWII Veteran, former Reagan Vice President & 41st US President George Bush dies at 94.

As the G20 Summit got under way in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentine, the world heard some sad news.

Thinking about George H. Bush makes me remember the dad-loving boy that I am. When I met Mr. Bush I was excited seeing a man, bigger to me than his boss Ronald Reagan, who was to many boys like me, a real super hero. Condolences to the amazing Bush family. This man was a WWII veteran who fought alongside my dad. Nothing more needs to be said except, “Thank you”.  Never forgotten.

Angela Merkel and Theresa May Are The Token Ten of G20

Only ten percent of the G20 leaders are women.

Theresa May is making history with Brexit and Angela Merkel is making her own history for Germany as well as talking history as she remembered 41st President George Bush who played a significant role in the lives of many Germans when he steered German reunification.

Speaking to journalists in Buenos Aires Merkel said, “I mourn George Bush, the 41st president of the United States, as the chancellor of the German Federal Republic but also as a German who, without the results of his policies, would hardly be standing here… 

“During George Bush’s presidency, we experienced the strength and reliability of German-American friendship, and we will never forget this experience.” – Angela Merkel 

Trump’s Bluster Wears Down & Criminal Self is Exposed

Rumours about Donald Trump’s playbook as exposed Friday by his personal lawyer of ten years circulate at the G20. What it means, nobody knows. Impeachment to this patriarchal group, unless they think back to Watergate, means one hides the blue dress, get impeached for lying about the rag, and stay in office until the end of your term. The video below wherein the Rachel Maddow analysis of the story, is worth watching.

Analysis by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow digs into the nuances of recent events in US Special Investigator Mueller’s steady string of Court Convictions

New NAFTA Follows Trailer-Park-Trash Trump Rudeness

Canada and the United States at one point in time had an extraordinary relationship. That’s over, notes former Canadian ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna who was not pleased that Trump insulted all Canadians and continuously attacked the Canadian Prime Minister and threatened the country’s economic well being. Above that Trump attacked the gender of Canada’s principal minister in the deal and made numerous ride remarks about the Canadian negotiators.

Slamming a 300% tariff on Canadian Aircraft sold to US buyers and a 25% penalty on steel and aluminum from Canada may not even top the chart of  insults to Canadains. Canada was the United States number one customer nation.

Signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement - 2018 now known as the USMCA Trilateral Trade Agreement between USA, Mexico and CanadaLOOK: It is signed. The USMCA Trilateral Trade Agreement between USA, Mexico and Canada – Photo Credit: White House Photograph

Video: Signing of USMCA North American Trilateral Trade Bloc Accord