RINJ's 'Young Feminists' Attack US Misogynist Politicians

RINJ-Teens Protesting Misogynists

Often favouring a voice of calm reason befitting a Civil Society NGO the Women of The RINJ Foundation once in a while blast out what the RINJ-Teen feminists would like to say.

A RINJ Teen Twitter Post responds to US President Donald Trump’s unequivocal support for an Alabama Senate-candidate (Roy Moore) who has been accused of sexing a 14-year-old sometime ago in his past. Meanwhile dozens of people have said they endured pretty much the same treatment when they were ‘kids’.

Fight for the safety of women & children in America.

Donald Trump himself has faced many allegations over the years wherein he has been accused of rape and sexual misconduct of other types. Trump has often been tied to the misconduct of a certain convicted sex offender billionaire who uses young girls to lure investors to his financial investment brokerages. That’s an ongoing investigation by many concerned entities including The RINJ Foundation

And when American public policy makers are this misogynistic, we stop being polite.

Dozens of complainants & the disdain with which they are treated are all that is needed for the court of public opinion to say “No” to misogyny at the ballot box. Teen girls are not play things. Public policy must be good for all ages, all genders, not just rich Republican men. Why can’t America choose good F/M candidates instead of sexist pigs.