Netanyahu: Free Ahed Tamimi or Face Costly Shaming Lawsuit

The egregious conduct of certain  IDF occupation forces in the West Bank region against a Palestinian child violates every trust that has been given to Israel. This will not stand.

Israeli Soldiers Mimic Boco Harem & Daesh Conduct

The conduct of certain Israeli soldiers is such that several female soldiers RINJ has interviewed say they are shocked and ashamed that the Netanyahu government is sponsoring this attack on female children who have been trying to defend their rights during a home invasion without warrant. One corporal we spoke to suggests this is about the men attacking a female child for insulting a male ego of the man who shot one of the other children in her house.

ahed tamimi

Child, Ahed Tamimi & mother jailed without bail nor charges in Israel.

ahed tamimi Ahed being shoved around by guards at the jail.Ahed Tamini

Adding to the insult there have been allegations of sexual advances made against the child.Ahed Tamini

Ahed Tamimi is a 16 year old child who is held in abominable conditions in an Israeli jail without having been charged of any crime.

Israeli Occupation soldiers entered her home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh using force and scooped the child up, and after bullying her, shoved her in a vehicle and threw her into prison with adult offenders in the Ofer prison. Nabi Salih is a small Palestinian village in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate in the central West Bank, located 20 kilometers northwest of Ramallah. It has a population of 600.

This child has not committed a crime. She has acted in self defence by slapping a soldier in the face pursuant to numerous attacks on herself and her family including younger siblings. Her younger sibling was about to be assailed and she slapped a soldier and identified herself as her sibling’s protector. She has the right to do that.

Long ago, it was settled that resistance and even armed struggle against a colonial occupation force is not just recognised under international law but specifically endorsed.

In accordance with international humanitarian law, wars of national liberation have been expressly embraced, through the adoption of Additional Protocol I (Volume 1125) to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 (pdf), as a protected and essential right of occupied people everywhere.  – Stanley L. Cohen 

The child has been accused publicly of slapping a soldier who may have shot her 14 year old cousin in the face. It’s a trumped up allegation based on a smartphone video of the kid dressing down an Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) soldier.  The man in question apparently did not strike back and has been the subject of considerable ridicule for losing his appearance of “manliness”.

Meanwhile the Israeli government has scooped up her mother and several other family members for protesting the innocence of the child.

Prosecutorial officials have been stuck for weeks since mid December 2017 on what to charge the child.

Ahed Tamimi is now a poster child for the safety of women and children in state-occupied territories gained by military aggression. (Geneva Convention Additional Protocol volume-1125-i-17512-english)

ahed tamimiAngry kid now in adult prison after considerable abuse and hostility.

The RINJ Foundation is preparing a lawsuit in Tel Aviv  against the Israeli government on behalf of over 500,000 offended female RINJ members around the world. It’s time to get angry about the abuses of women and children wherever they occur.

Ahed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, posted on his Facebook page, “The IOF (Israeli Occupying Forces) raid my home and arrested my daughter Ahed Tamimi after the Israeli media attacks here after she stop the solder in front of our house when he shot child on his head …  they stole our phones, cameras, laptop computer, and search the house.”

“Fighting for the safety of women and children is not something we expected to be doing in Israel,” noted RINJ executive Katie Alsop who left Tokyo today to speak to a quorum of the RINJ board of directors meeting in a South East Asian city on Monday to put legal counsel in funds.

The RINJ Foundation Women demand that the Tamini family members (now some 4 or 5 are being held without charges or bail)  be released and compensated for their damages immediately.

RINJ legal teams are evaluating the success chances of an International Criminal Court action in the event a remedy is not found in country.

“Hopefully this is a locally inspired wrongdoing, and not an indication of systemic issues.”

But as of November 2017, Israel was holding over 6,000 Palestinians in its prisons, including over 300 children, and 59 women. Something is very wrong.


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