USA provided bomb and target data for Yemen school bus attack. OpEd

These men are responsible for the slaughter of dozens of children in Yemen.The names of pilots and conspirators who bombed a Dahyan market in northern Sa’ada and within the market a school bus in Sa’ada’s Majz district killing most of the children have yet to be released despite FP‘s  repeated requests for that information.  Read:  Convention-on-the-Rights-of-a-Child  Photo credit: Art by Feminine-Perspective images are Wiki-Commons.

If you have information regarding the names of persons actually conducting this bombing attack, please share with us. In the alternative, the accused before the ICC will be the men you see above. Take this seriously.

A News Commentary by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

August-9-2018 MK82 Bomb Yemen Ahmed Abdul KareemSa’ana boy holds up fin from US Mk82 500 Pound ‘Dumb Bomb’ (seems to be Lockheed-Martin) or gravity fin-guided bomb dropped on a school bus by Saudi Arabia on August 9. Funerals for 40 children were held yesterday. Photo Credit: Ahmed Abdul Kareem.

Since Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen, backed by the United States, human rights violations have become a daily event and the country has become the world’s worst human rights and humanitarian fiasco. (The average person in Yemen is starving to death.)

The US-backed invasion by the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition is about religious fundamentalism and has introduced a whole new spectrum of violence to ordinary non-combatant  citizens, children in particular say RINJ Foundation Women investigators in Yemen.

More importantly to some Civil Society observers in Yemen, the government of the United States is directing this lopsided war and selling many billions of dollars in munitions and warfare technology and equipment to Saudi Arabia.

The United States has provided full military C4ISR (cyber, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence and reconnaissance ) to the Joint Saudi/UAE Command.

The London Times reported yesterday that a three-star US General is headed to Riyadh to conduct an investigation.

Feminine-Perspective observers have been to the funeral of 51 civilians and seen the American Mk82 500 pound (222 kg) bomb fragments. RINJ nurses have attended the injured and reported on their condition. Sources within the Coalition’s integrated target acquisition, tracking and prosecution have shared what they can safely. This did happen and most people we talk to in the Middle East, say that particularly because of the inflamed relationship between Iran and  Donald Trump, the attack on last Thursday was deliberate. Over 9,000 civilians have already been killed in Yemen in exactly this manner.

Before witnessing America hold babies and children of migrant mothers as leverage to drive away migrants fleeing from persecution in Central America, this would seem unthinkable: Saudi and Yemeni women both tell us that this was a deliberate attack against Houthi civilians in an attempt to demoralize civilians and install a Mohammed bin Salman choice as Yemen’s leader. Read the backgrounder.

Feminine-Perspective has learned from a source within the structure of C4ISR providers that the target was selected by the USA and the strike was carried out by Saudi Arabia in unison with the SA/UAE joint operational elements. That may or may not be confirmed but this has been the normal flow of events for at least four years. The source is credible.

Britain, France and America are selling high tech and basic munitions to the attackers of Yemen. America is also providing target acquisition and tracking from space.

This is prosecuteable as a war crime under several conventions but also as a crime against humanity in violation of the Rome Statute, which America and Saudi  aggressively disregard. The RINJ Foundation has put the ICC on notice.

America and Saudi are killing babies. This was the last straw. Trouble is in the wind for the criminal minds who cause these crimes.

Read a short background on the Yemen Civil War.

Saudi Arabia with a significant number of its supporting nations invaded Yemen to attack the uprising there of the Houthti population.  A grass roots rebellion of the ordinary people of Yemen against a tyrannical, corrupt former government that operated for its own dynasty’s benefit for three decades has come up against the might American military. It seems absurd.

Saudi killing the children comes as little surprise since more than 60% of Yemeni deaths have been civilians killed as the result of Saudi-led air strikes, the UN said in January of this year. But the alarming reality is that last Thursday’s attack took place far from any front lines.

Attack presents as premeditated murder, a crime against humanity as defined by several global statutes. If this happened in your country, what would you do?

This was a school bus. 45 Children killed plus dozens injured from Saudi Air Strike in Yemen Market – Photo Credit: 9 August Screen Capture from local Saana TV

Civil society is demanding that  hostilities end based on the UN plan: UN-Humanitarian-Response-Plan-January-to-December-2018.

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With Files from Sharon SantiagoWith files from The RINJ Foundation nurses, Yemen.