Pleading the Rights of Millions in the Philippines

Fighting for the safety of women and children.

Message to Filipinos who Elected a Rapist & Murderer President and a Plea to the World for help.

We are many of your nurses, doctors and medical emergency service workers. Our members get our data from the hospital pathology teams and from the morgues. We know that Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the slaughter of more than 14,000 Filipinos during his political career because we heard him give the order and we counted the deceased for whom hundreds of thousands of loved ones now cry in mourning.
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Only a psychopath would turn on his own people and murder the poorest.

Kids who smoked a joint are the nation’s children, students who once inhaled a burning dried leaf oft used to help cancer patients & troubled souls. Stop the murdering of our children.

People addicted to amphetamines are health care patients. Stop murdering them and bring them to the hospital! They are abusing quasi-pharmaceuticals because the health care system has failed them along with government’s failure to generate functioning infrastructure and legitimate employment.

Drug traffickers are criminals who must be arrested and brought to trial. AND if we did that to all drug traffickers probably half the politicians in the Philippines would be in jail including Rodrigo Duterte. That would concomitantly incarcerate many doing plunder, graft, payola, murder, extortion, embezzlement, and treason.

We urge all Filipinos here and around the world plus the United Nations and the International Criminal Court; we ask all Nation-State members of the United Nations; we ask everyone; to help poor, bewildered, hard working but betrayed folks of the Philippines solve this problem. We don’t know how. Help us, please.

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