RINJ Responds to Duterte Threats and Duterte Trolls

Criminals need to face the rule of law, not a murderer.RINJ RESPONDS TO DUTERTE TROLLS & DUTERTE THREATS
It is a mistaken assumption to say that we seek a replacement leader in the Philippines. We condemn the ‘Rape Culture’ and crimes of this man. Because they are crimes against humanity that endanger women and children we seek to indict, convict and imprison the accused. Why would we care who Filipinos elect to government.

The Office of your President should be a respected executive branch of government. Today that office hosts a tyrannical murderer who violates international law. Criminals need to face the rule of law, not be killed by a murderer. Duterte is guilty of breaching that civility as well as others.

Many of you Duterte Trolls worship Duterte like Hell’s Angels members worship Sonny Barger or Mafia hoods worship their Dons. Maybe you watched ‘Hollywood’s’ Sons of Anarchy and then went looking for ‘Tiggz’ to make him president. You got Duterte, a sloppy wannabe Tig Tragar.

Who else then?

Your Filipino president is an elected executive manager of the government and country but it is your legislative representatives who should be creating legislation that benefits the people of the country– not just legislation that benefits and protects themselves and their friends (dynasty?).

Your Filipino President Duterte has openly instructed the public to murder civilians they suspect are amphetamine or marijuana users.

Duterte has told the AFP Army to rape the women of Mindanao and he has murdered more than 50 children. What’s to like?  Duterte has sold out large pieces of Philippines sovereignty to China and is being accused of mass murder (EJK – Extra Judicial Killings) in the International Criminal Court. If just half the allegations are proven true this pariah is a soulless monster.

Duterte has been accused by critics within the government of amassing enormous wealth from fraud against the people of the Philippines.

Above all Duterte has encouraged the rape culture of the Philippines and has endangered and directly or indirectly caused the rape of millions of Filipino kids and women; fermented the decay of Filipino’s enjoyment of life in the Philippines; downgraded the safety of women and children;  and spreading a culture of death and violence across the islands.

We are not just unhappy with Rodrigo Duterte’s conduct, we actively seek this man’s trial for the crimes he is accused of committing, including those crimes for which he has defiantly admitted guilt and claimed impunity.

Duterte has been warned by RINJ in writing and publicly through all reasonable channels. The United Nations has cautioned the Philippines President and so has the International Criminal Court. (ICC) Duterte defies all law and continues his violent rampage. Probably his presidency is well past redemption. Ending the killing spree, however, would be a good step in the right direction. A 5 year reprieve or redemption could be found in a rule of law solution to the Philippines’ problems but unless the murders stop, Duterte is going to be indicted. Count on it happening.

Corruption & Pervasive Poverty are Caused by Kleptocratic Mindset and an Elitist Contempt for the Poor

The kleptocrats who stole their wealth from Filipinos these last many decades belong to elitist dynasties that both fear and despise the “have-not” poor. They support Duterte’s populist fake “drug war” approach of murdering the less fortunate and claim that the poor are the substance abusers of the nation.

Ironically the same group the elitists accuse of buying drugs has no money for drugs but the truly dangerous opiates, psychedelics  and barbiturates are the party favourites of the elite .

The Philippines government is so corrupt that radical legislative solutions are needed to clear the books of the ruling-party favouritism for wealth distribution. Duterte has suggested a Revolutionary government. Aquino did that but she then reinstated all the dynasty-based political hacks. Maybe a revolutionary government is a possible solution. Not many will like the appearance of democracy going out the window but in truth, the Republic of the Philippines is not a democracy in reality, only in its past claims.

Duterte has forced an authoritarian regime with executive and legislative powers but he has abused those powers instead of using them to make constructive change.

Duterte is a clinically-diagnosed psychopath and as such has all the charm of the worst psychopathic snakes known in history. Seldom does a psychopath make a good leader–sometimes, but seldom.

This man is killing your country. He is also giving its carcass away to China. The world is likely to intervene on both scores eventually so get over it and get to work cleaning house.

Instead of using your paltry drug-use issue as a cause for murdering political opponents post election, move in a singular direction toward the rule of law. For some reason a country that claims to be Christian has thrown out all ten commandments. That’s because you have a leader who epitomizes your worst sins.

You are all worshiping the psychopath “Tiggy” in ‘Sons of anarchy’.

The Republic of the Philippines is now a country of one city run by the people in the city to the exclusion of the people of the country. Duterte has taken it a step further. Instead of altering government and legislation so that it benefits the people he singles out things about the people that are motherhood issues and kills the people for those issues. He creates an imaginary evil for people to use as a rally point in his favour hence controlling people through fear.

This is part of the Filipino heritage. They are an oppressed people always ruled by someone else.. Even by choice you send all your women away to be the slaves in other people’s kitchen as maids or nannies.

You are just dying to be ruled by someone.

China sees that for example and may take your country away from you. That could be an improvement. Maybe not.
Being consumed with murdering drug users shows the world that the Philippines is a nation of very gullible, desperate, hopeless individuals.

A good leader is needed. None in sight.

Any good leader would need to fight the dynasties of a very corrupt system in order to clean up and change legislation to allow the distribution of wealth down to the provinces….
In the alternative, watch who shows potential as an opponent of Duterte. Good people will raise objections and try to solve the problems. Maybe there is someone there.

Cleaning up is not something done by a magic bullet. Revolutionary government will be corrupted by the same people who have corrupted your current Authoritarian government.
You have one leader after another who has used unlimited sources of stolen funds (stolen from the public purse) to win elections..

You speak about us women with contempt but you should remember that we do not march around with uniforms or shoulder badges. We are an enormous membership group with members in every aspect of humanity. We know what is going on because we have millions of informants in the bedrooms of every patriarchal decision maker on earth.

Duterte has committed criminal acts that no humanitarian organization can ignore. Murdering the public may be acceptable to you because it has been going on for centuries, but now it is 2017 and the world is a smaller quasi-borderless community.

If he lives long enough we will put Despot Duterte into prison for crimes against humanity. That would be fair justice.
Duterte will be missed to a degree smaller than the hole that is made by a drop of water being removed from the ocean. The country then needs to heal and govern itself.