Duterte Invited ISIS + USA to War in Philippines

Now he must say, “YANKEE GO HOME”.

Is this what you want for the Philippines, Mr. Duterte?

Mr. Duterte. Is this what you want for the Philippines?

Look what American Bombing Did in Mosul, Iraq

Americans Bombed Mosul Iraq and many other cities to rubble to kill a few ISIS and many thousands of Muslim citizens.

In Mosul Iraq, the Islamic State (ISIS) forces killed more than 45% of the Iraqi soldiers who entered the city of Mosul to evict the Islamic State which had begun taking over on June 6, 2014 and by June 14th owned and controlled the second largest city in the country.

While Iraqi troops were slaughtered in the thousands by ISIS, the United States, using aerial platforms from B52s to drones dropped more than 40,000 tons of rockets, bombs and other ordnance and helped kill over 45,000 innocent Iraqi civilians in a few months–remote controlled innocent deaths–without risking American military lives.

As the USA bombed and helped kill over 45,000 Iraqi civilians in Mosul it also laid the jewel city of the Middle East to rubble and ruin. The city west of the Tigris River is uninhabitable for its 700,000 evacuated people.

This happened mostly under a “Dove” US President, but now a “Wolf” is at the helm and American Imperialism is growing worse.

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) General Staff Can’t Live Without USA $$

Truthfully ISIS has been disbanded, it’s leadership killed and while we like former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s description of “ISIS” as ‘NonIslamic Nonstate’, we are looking for a new incarnation of ‘ISIS’ we call “Daesh2.0”. ISIS has already morphed but its final structure is under development by these criminals in several camps-de-guerre in the Middle East. It is currently a more dangerous organization than ever before as it is completely unpredictable but capable of untold violence.

The United States has five major, growing military bases in the Philippines, a matter of trust. But this creeping presence driven by 2 billion US dollars in the pockets of certain Filipinos is not regulated by the Philippines President. Yes, he looks like a fool who despite his admiration for AFP serving men and women, he is lied to daily by the AFP general staff which is buried in the US Military Industrial Complex’s myriad of graft and payola and has been for decades.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte did not know that the United States was behind the recent war between ISIS and the Philippines which started in Marawi when the United States wanted Isnilon Hapilon captured at a rather inconvenient time, in the midst of a political battle between Malacanang and twelve million Muslims in Mindanao whose lives have been oppressed by past governments, a wrong Duterte admirably set out to correct.

It was a big mistake inviting ISIS to the Philippines to Distract Impeachment Efforts & ICC Mass Murder Charges

Rodrigo Duterte is stuck in a moment he cannot get out of–the moment he told Filipinos to get a gun and start killing drug users and pushers themselves. They have killed over 14,000 by now and those weren’t all druggies. That 14,000 includes witnesses to Barangay Captain’s drug, extortion, graft and corruption crimes; rape complainants; ordinary little children who were killed to punish parents who were alleged “rats”; Duterte political opponents; journalists; and anybody that Duterte Death Squad members did not like.

Duterte faces a bevy of nuisances like a series of charges of Mass Murder before the International Criminal Court (ICC); Impeachment attempts; criticism (something Duterte hates with a passion and threatens to kill his critics [sometimes he does]); and daily criticism from humanitarian groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and The RINJ Foundation.

President Duterte needed a distraction. Martial Law works.

Duterte taunted the Maute brothers, a group bent on fighting for the rights of the oppressed Muslims of The Philippines. The Maute brothers threatened to invade Marawi and Duterte said, “Go ahead. I don’t care.”.

The Mautes were getting ready to do that when the USA helped the President create his diversion.

On May 23 after the misadventure of attacking angry Islamist militants to try and arrest FBI Most Wanted Isnilon Hapilon, the Maute Brothers’ gang and a few supporters of other radical groups raged through Marawi and stumbled through a sloppy copy of an ISIS attack in Iraq or or Syria, flags and black cloths and all. Their drama has been a beacon to every wannabe Jihadist and all the survivors of the ISIS bloodbath in the Middle Wast.

Duterte declared Martial Law on May 23, something he had toyed with since becoming president less than a year prior on July 1, 2016. He taunted ISIS when really the Maute brothers, as he knew, were the enemy.

The 200 militants slaughtered nearly a hundred AFP soldiers in the first raid and the subsequent skirmishes, all motivated by the American Forces and US Agents in Mindanao (Duterte did not know that.).

Nothing, but nothing would motivate a recruitment campaign for ISIS more than this misstep.

After Killing A dozen Cities in the Middle East the USA is now Bombing Filipinos

The greatest threat to women and children in the Philippines is now BOTH Duterte and Trump.

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Duterte needs to practice in the mirror first and then tell Trump, “YANKEE, GO HOME!”