RINJ Nurses VIDEO Counters ISIS Video

A nurse’s video from inside the Islamic State contradicts a popular ISIS video saying “NO! Don’t Join the jihad.”

Medical staffers who treat women hurt by Daesh say they are responding to an ISIS Video (Islamic State). In an ISIS video released mid-August (2016) a female (a first for ISIS) attempts to lure girls. Seems like she wants girls to leave their homes and become ISIS jihadists. Probably she wants them to book a flight tomorrow to Syria or Iraq.

Especially relevant is the pretty surroundings of the ISIS video. Also it doesn’t show the mess made by ISIS blowing up churches, mosques, libraries, women’s clothing stores, and kids schools  for fun. In addition the ISIS video portrays a land of good and plenty but the truth is, it’s a war and folks are starving, perishing from thirst, or suffering from poisoned water.

The Islamic State is nothing but power hungry gangs of men. They believe in nothing but money. They beckon women to hell. Don’t come here, sister.  The video made by a kidnapped sister is fake. She probably has never been here. ISIS is HELL for women!” — Katie Alsop (RSAC Project Mgr. – IRAQ)

Challenging the ISIS Video RSAC Nurses Without Borders Speak Out From Inside The Islamic State Caliphate

The RINJ Foundation Nurses Without Borders working in the Nineveh Governorate of the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) say, “don’t join Daesh”.

“Daesh women are now blowing themselves up. Therefore they can’t be happy. Opposite what the ISIS video says, Daesh needs more suicide bombers to commit suicide and murder, hence the video,” said Katie Alsop of  The RINJ Foundation in Iraq. “If you want a better life, JOIN US, and ignore the ISIS video”, she added.

The women in Mosul, Iraq have repeatedly warned others not to come near the self-proclaimed “Caliphate”.

Join us in challenging evil men who enslave women.

The Nurses’ Video is here.

The ISIS video woman implores girls to flock to Syria and Iraq yet thousands of Yazidi women from Northern Iraq suffered torture, rape and other sexual abuse by Daesh. They talk about brutality against Daesh wives. Especially relevant, these women say they are evidence of how ISIL treat women, hence you won’t see their truth in an ISIS video aimed at recruiting girls.

Life inside the Islamic State is living hell.

While terrified women lured  by these Islamic State monsters are strangling each other and killing themselves to escape their life of abuse, rape and torture, the ISIS video talks of an easy life. Madness. Yet this diabolical game for getting more suicide bombers is not shared in the ISIS video either. Nevertheless it is no secret and a war crime that ISIS creates circumstances that compel the suicides of women. Seems like ‘jihad’ is not a good place for you  girls.

The children of Mosul are becoming ‘monsters’. So many small children lost their conscience. This is a consequence of  26 months of exposure to bloody brutality inflicted on their friends and family. In addition, kids have witnessed shootings, beheading, stoning, crucifixions, floggings, knifing, and hand amputations.

Some small children have been taught to kill with live training against persons ISIS have sentenced to death. Many have been sent to Al-Raqqah in Syria for advanced militia training. Child soldiers in Iraq and Syria are commonplace and evidence of ISIS  crime against humanity (United Nations).

Most noteworthy about the Daesh morality, here is a kid learning how to chop off heads. Kids practice first on toys and then cut off at least one human head as part of their training in Raqqah, Syria. Is this something any woman could agree to for their child? 
Kid being taught to chop heads.

Instead of joining Daesh as the ISIS video asks you to do, help get rid of this crime infestation. Furthermore, join our revolution of women to taking control of our lives and bodies. Watch this video. And now watch this video to learn what real women want in their lives.

“If you want a better life, JOIN US, and ignore the ISIS video.”

(Katie Alsop)