Canadian NGO Urges Rethink Of Mosul Slaughter

As the pending invasion of Mosul Iraq approaches, The RINJ Foundation, a Canadian-based humanitarian NGO with workers in Iraq has released its sternest warning yet about the War On Terror’s continued cost in civilian lives.

The USA “War-on-Terror” (WOT) strategy is akin to executing all the dark-skinned kids in the foreign non-English-speaking elementary school because a grade three kid has head lice.

The “War-on-Terror” generally tends to marginalize people who are dark-skinned, don’t speak English and are not American. In fact Americans in the ‘War on Terror’ randomly kill people in that group without a thought: maybe 6 millions of them.

The USA-led Coalition against ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) will soon invade Mosul, Iraq to kill a criminal gang of 3500 thugs in a metropolitan city where an estimated 700,000 non-combatant civilians live at the core and another 350,000 live in the suburban and local villages. An estimated million middle-class civilians will be left homeless and 35 thousand or more will be killed or maimed if the showdown proceeds. Currently the city is under heavy bombardment and citizens are killed daily.

Until now the invasion method used against ISIS has literally destroyed the cities ISIS had occupied, leaving the real estate uninhabitable–like Kobane, Shingal, Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah and so on–and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians who have been tortured; beaten;  abandoned without food, water and other necessities; or shoved into overcrowded refugee camps, not properly supported because the United Nations is not being funded sufficiently or in the alternative the UN is allegedly not functioning sufficiently well enough to do the job.
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This coming Mosul invasion and the preliminary heavy bombing in the context of an astronomical cost of over *6 million lives in the American-styled “War on Terror” with no perceived gain (only “hell” as Tony Blair describes the outcome of his antics) needs to be stopped, re-examined and the leaders of the countries involved need to voluntarily re-strategize or be taken to task by the media and by their constituents, most of whom have been lied to (or deceived with bafflegab) for decades. (America says only 3 dozen civilians have been killed by US aircraft in Iraq and Syria but without a doubt bombers of Iraq, France as well as Canada at one time or another have together slaughtered hundreds of Mosul citizens. )

There are at most 3500 ISIS fighters and supporters in Mosul, Iraq where a population of some 700,000 initially supported ISIS’ arrival in June, 2014 because they hated the thugs America had installed in power after the armed incursion by America and Britain to oust Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Not much effort has been expended by the people of Mosul to get rid of the brutal gang members of the American-styled Islamic State (ISIS), an anarchistic crime organization which instead of dressing up with devil’s heads hijacking a hobby of riding venerable American motorcycles has instead hijacked a vulnerable religion steeped in 7th century bloodiness and padded its inventory of head chopping knives with modern American assault weapons.

The extensiveness of WOT human destruction that fueled anger & the ISIS membership drive is sufficient to demand a rethink of our leaders’ truthfulness and their failed strategies which they have repeated with no good result for decades.

In the 1990s hundreds of thousands of Muslims were butchered in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Serbs and others as the failure of the Western European Union and the uselessness of the United Nations’ UNPROFOR became apparent. The de facto ‘American-led’ North Atlantic Treaty Organization stepped in and eventually ended the conflict in the former Yugoslav republic but not before an unknown number in the hundreds of thousands of Muslims were murdered or raped and tortured by the Serbs and probably the Russians.

America really stepped up under its yester-year leadership.

After that, WOT sent us all to hell.

After the Cold War ended in 1989-1991 The United States killed 1.9 million Iraqis from 1991 through 2001, during the first U.S.-led Gulf War and the years of U.S. sanctions and the horrible Oil-for-Food Program imposed by the UN and exploited mercilessly by a certain few European nations which gouged the Iraqi people.

In 2001 came the attacks in New York, NY and Arlington, Virginia in the United States, led by extremists from Afghanistan, on September 11. (“9/11”). Some 3,000 innocent and unsuspecting civilians were killed in a horrible and terrifying manner.  The USA refused (and still does refuse) to hear any discussion that its own actions to that date, actions that killed at least 1.3 million people in the Middle East, may conceivably have led to the hatred that inspired (crazed) Salafi jihadist lunatics to kill themselves and hundreds of others each in suicide missions using American-built and operated passenger airliners in American skies and against Americans on American soil.

Following September 2001 the US-inspired and led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq began.

Since 2003 to date, over a million MORE Iraqis were killed by the U.S.-led intervention.

In March 2016, the American-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) documented some of these facts in a research paper saying that U.S. interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan killed some 2 million and that the number of deaths was actually closer to 4 million when tallying up the deaths of civilians caused by the U.S. in other countries, such as Syria and Yemen. That doesn’t include nearly 2 million killed as a consequence of sanctions and other punishments.

In Iraq, the United States and its allies also imposed “brutal sanctions” against the government of late President Saddam Hussein, causing the deaths of over 1.7 million Iraqi civilians, half of whom were children, the organization claimed, citing a United Nations report. The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the U.N. sanctions were chemicals and equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system which today is a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria including cholera. A secret U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document discovered by Professor Thomas Nagy of the School of Business at George Washington University amounted, he said, to ‘an early blueprint for genocide against the people of Iraq,’ ” wrote the PSR report.

In other words, according to the PSR, the United States *intentionally developed “a fully workable method to ‘fully degrade the water treatment system’ of an entire nation over a period of a decade.” The sanctions policy would create “the conditions for widespread disease, including full scale epidemics,” thus “liquidating a significant portion of the population of Iraq.”

Concomitantly to these *6 million (at least) losing their lives, across  the entire world violent extremists killed less than 3% of the number of people killed by the Americans in those three countries, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. WOT is a disaster.

U.S. WOT interventions in the Middle East have left not only millions of civilians dead, but also tens of millions displaced.

In Syria and Iraq an estimated 15.5 million people are displaced and that number will nearly double in the next year at the current rate. Most of these displacements are attributed to US-led bombing attacks on cities and initially by terrorist organizations created and backed by the United States, originally intended to achieve some form of US goals in the region.

Much like al-Qaeda, the Islamic State gang of thugs is a made-in-the-USA (originally armed and funded) insurgency instrument designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East to:
* overthrow Basher al-Assad in Damascus,

* counter Iran’s growing influence throughout the entire region, and

*  balance Russian influence in Syria.
It failed.

This idea of exploiting extremist surrogates to put non-American combatants on the front line is not a new trick. The CIA, according to ‘Global Research’, began resorting to extremists in the Middle East during the Cold War era.  Along this line, William Odom, a former U.S. National Security Agency director agreed in 2013 that the United States “has long used terrorism as a tactic to manipulate the political and strategic landscape” in targets of economic or strategic opportunity. In fact some years ago the former U.K. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook speaking to the British House of Commons soon after the 9/11 attacks in the United States said that the US Central Intelligence Agency had trained thousands of extremists and that Saudi Arabia had helped with funding, all in an effort to try and defeat the Russians in Afghanistan—witness the birth of both al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State.

Since early Fall 2015 former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has repeatedly said a contrite ‘sorry’ for the 2003 Iraq War and admitted he and President George Bush share  blame for the rise of the Islamic State and the ‘hell’ caused by his and George Bush’s decision to oust Saddam Hussein.

Meanwhile it was extraordinary when in mid-2016, President Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke out against armed regime changes as being some kind of scurrilous conduct at a time when global media carried the story of a Coup Hoax in Turkey wherein somebody as yet unnamed launched an alleged coup without arresting the sitting leader (Recep Erdogen) and without announcing or installing a replacement leader (hence a hoax). There was no coup but simultaneously there was no innocence in John Kerry’s office as the USA stick handled events south of the Turkish border where the US plots the overthrow of Syria’s President Basher al-Assad, and where the Islamic State was created with US funding to strengthen the Assad-opposition rebels’ storming of the Syrian government.

These same USA-led cavalier activities that kill civilian bystanders have had numerous adopter leaders and it is about time that they like Tony Blair, George Bush and the others with them who essentially lied to the world, were tried and thrown in jail.

U.S. President Obama may or may not have a clue about what is happening around the world. Foreign policy is not his strong suit. But it does not take a rocket scientist’s mind to figure out that the United States leadership and some of its cohorts in other governments are committing acts ordinarily deemed as severe crimes against humanity.

These leaders need to realize that they are busted and that many learned people are watching, people who can make a difference.

As the USA and world leaders plot to enter Mosul and kill 3500 members of a gang the USA created, our leaders need to realize that only the defence industrial base benefits from an ouster that misuses thousands of tons of explosives and 70,000 heavily armed militia fighters (militias that exist with weapons and mantras nearly identical to those of the Islamic State people they seek to kill).

What this ‘War on Terror’ has become must stop and so too must the unrelenting murder of noncombatant civilians.


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